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Design Principles – 7 Magic Design Principles You Must Follow While Designing.

Mayur Gori - January 15, 2020 - 3 comments

7 Magic Design Principles You Must Follow While Designing.

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What are principles? (I am not talking about the textbook definition. Duh!) Let me ask you again. What are your Design Principles? To me basic idea or rule that explains or controls how something happens or works.) All the creative people have their own sets of principles which they follow to work, and get their desired results. Some work at the quiet nights in silence, away from the hustle-bustle and when the world is fast asleep or some are the early birds, who start their work when the world is still sleeping. Isn’t it?

But I’d say, that is just a choice rather. Sometimes working at specific hours might get you results, and sometimes they won’t. But that doesn’t even matter, because what matters is the results. Following these 7 magical principles of design will clearly deliver a message to your audience.

We at Green Pen Decor – GPD, follow these 7 design principles which helps us reach our maximum potential, and we’d like to take you through those 7 magic principles of design. We call them our 7 Wonders.

Let’s begin then . . .

#1 → Great Design Begins With A Better Story:

Telling your story might be easy as you think, but telling your client’s story with the touch of your design is something difficult to do, but not impossible. Hence we’ve always emphasized on it in all of our projects. We think all the great designers do the same. And, that is why we’re called designers. Isn’t it?

Designing your client’s life story not with words, but just pure design, and telling their story through your vision is pretty delightful. I read a beautiful quote somewhere which said “An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author.” So be the author of the story about that room, about that space you’re beginning to design and make sure it is a best seller.

#2 → Step Out Of The Shadow:

Human beings have been blessed by divine with a wonderful liberty, that is they get to choose what they want to be. So when you have such a freedom, why live in a shadow? Instead of doing things out side of the box, its time you stop limiting yourself inside a box. Break free, and explore.

Try new things, create a design which will make you wonder. You have your script ready, now it’s time to put that into play. Up your game and own it.

#3 → Creativity Doesn’t Just Advance, Because The Technology Did:

We all know that technology has almost taken over every aspects of our lives, and made our lives easy. But One mustn’t forget the essence of the relationship between art, and an artist. Spend a little on a good stationary (A book, A pencil, color markers.) Make them your best buds! They will never disappoint you, and you can always refer them when in need for an inspiration.

You can also rely on them as they will never run out of batteries. You will never have to be concerned about them plugging in also. Also you get to do some creativity with every page as you please, and they are easy to carry and light in weight.

#4 → Creating Something New Is The Only Idea.

Being a creative person is more like a responsibility than just being creative. The responsibility of being a problem solver. Copying something and making few adjustments into what has already been created is not called the creation.

Hence, being a creative person the only goal we must have is to keep inventing, and creating new things which also challenges our skills, and demands more out of us. “As we evolve our design should, too.” By doing so we do justice not just to ourselves, but to our profession as well.

#5 → Life Is Art, Live Yours In Color:

When you design try being mindful of the colors as well. Because, colors add life into a non-living thing. Colors say a lot about the creation, and the creator too. Often people judge you by the preferences of your colors. Don’t be afraid to try new colors, go bold, but not crazy. You’d be surprised to see how a single color can change the entire feel of your design.

#6 → De-clutter Your Mind, And Not Just Your Desk:

“If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign? “
— Albert Einstein

We are not saying that de-cluttering your desk is not a good habit. But, we must first de-clutter our minds to get the best out of us. Designing requires an empty mind, and clear thoughts. So learn the art of mindfulness, and for that one of the best, and popular method is to practice meditation.

Before starting with your design give your mind some peace for at least 15minutes, and it will enhance the capacity of your creative brain. A clear and focused mind can produce wonders for us.

#7 → Your Designs Are Your Poems Without Words.

Designers have their own personal language. The language of expressing themselves through their designs. When you design, make sure it tells a story so ridiculously understanding, that even if there were to use words it would be an insult to that design.

We all get our share of pages to write in our life’s book and to make it look even more attractive we can fill those pages not just with words, but with our creative designs. Use those pages thoughtfully, and fill them with all your best you can give to that particular project.

So take your pen & paper, step out of that box you have been living in, to paint your poem with the intent of creating something worthwhile. Have faith, and it will give you a set of new identity which will de-clutter all your worries and makes your life meaningful and satisfying.

If you have any suggestion to make or any other principles which have helped you evolve as a designer, then please do write in to us. We at Green Pen Decor – GPD always believe in learning and growing together.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Designing.

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