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About Us

“Design does not require any language to describe it, design itself is a language.”

- Green Pen Decor


The word GREEN floats an array of pictures before us ranging from nature, freshness, to liveliness and prosperity and the list goes on. We intend to add one more feeling to it and that is “youthfulness.”


We at Green Pen Decor always try to create and innovate designs that are fresh and youthful. By youthful we mean that we work with the intent of making our clients think not about how old they are but how young they can be. Stepping into the Space should make them feel young from within.


We as a team started our journey back in 2013. We happily accepted our first project and since then we’re working every day on our skills, talent and a goal that is to design spaces that are innovative and young. We believe Creation is magical and creating A space to live in is like helping a person to make his dream come to life. We don’t look at spaces as just empty boxes. We are of the opinion that those empty boxes are opportunities, Opportunities to create wonders. It’s like pouring life into something non-living.


Design is no good without a purpose. A purposeful design gives the feeling of fulfillment. We as a team never took designing as work or a job, we look at designing as an opportunity to explore & get enlightened. Every project, every client and every person at Green Pen Decor teaches us many things because we are always willing. We at Green Pen Decor are always in search of clients who are willing to make a difference. A difference in their life and as well as in the world. For us, designing is like a religion. A religion which has only one god that is “creativity.” Because every creator is the creation itself.

/Our Process

02. How we work

Hard work is a two way street. You get back exactly what you put in.

Thoughts, Ideasand Implementation

We have one or maybe more meetings with clients so that we get to know their ideas
and requirements for their space. This helps us to get the thoughts of design up and running and can help us implement those thoughts matching with the idea or requirement of our clients.

Design, Visualisation
and Crate

This process includes 3D – design of the objects and the space or visualization to help our clients have more clarity on the end result of their space. This is fun and eye-opener process for clients as well as for us.

Recommendations, Improvisation
and Presentation

Once 3-D modelling of the space is finalized after all corrections and suggestions made by clients, our designers make recommendations to improvise the feeling of the space and then the final presentation is presented to our clients.

Material Selection

All the possible materials which can be used in the project are specified in the list at the time of on-going project. Equipment’s, decorative, upholstery, finishing products are put down in the list and given to our clients for better understanding of their space.

Supervision, Execution
and Completion

Our work does not just end there. After providing all the drawings, list of materials during the time of construction of the work we even keep our supervision on all the aspects. From quality, quantity, delivery of furniture’s & materials to timely completion of the project.

/Why Us?

03. What makes Green Pen Decor different?

We Listen

All the experiences we’ve gained over the years are only because we listen to our clients. We focus more on their needs and requirements.


Being into a design industry we focus not just on the services we provide but all the assistance our clients require. That is the support (our back bone) we always willing to provide.

Commitment to excellence

Providing drawings to our clients is not what we look for but explaining them and making them fall in love with the process is what kind of excellence we acquire.


Being concerned about client’s choice, likes & dislikes is the sole motto of our company and working in accordance to that is what concerns us more.

We are happy when you are!

Happy clients are the best marketing strategy one can have and we always adapt that strategy.

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04. Our Clients

We wanted someone that would be honest and helpful but not pushy and we definitely found all in team GPD. They were very helpful and honest with their suggestions and answering all of our questions. They did take their own time and helped us every step of the way. Definitely recommending.

— Mr. & Mrs. Nanda

Team GPD did a great job of helping us develop our dream home. Our house was somewhat unique to us and they recognized that and helped us create this wonderful home that we now live in. Truly obliged.

— Mr. & Mrs. Pravin

Team GPD have designed and decorated each and every room in our house. They find the balance of being stylish while still being practical for the way you live.

— Mehta's

Art has many names but maker has the same ``An Artist.`` It was an utmost pleasure working and knowing the team of Green Pen Decor. Our studio would not have been this amazing if it wasn't done by team GPD.

— Darsh Chandra