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How To Influence Others To Become A Great Interior Designer?

Mayur Gori - April 13, 2020 - 0 comments

How to influence others to be a great interior designer?

Influence – Influencing others is not a job or a task. It is an art that is less developed and more earned through trust. Yes! This is an only art form that is earned and not learnt. Others will get influenced through you and not by you. Because It’s not about manipulating others choices, likes & dislikes, or their actions. But, it is about making them realize about what is good for them and what isn’t. And with the only intent of keeping it clear through your eyes which they are not able to see yet.

Influencing others is a very difficult thing to attain in life. It needs perseverance and consistency. When you do what you say and then when you do what you mean, people will start believing in you. Because, actions always speaks louder than words.

So how to influence others to pursue or dare to dream big and be great? How to influence others to listen to what you have to say and implement that in their lives? Simple! “Set an example.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could even influence one person in your entire lifetime? Wouldn’t you want that to happen to you and for you? We hope Yes, That is why you’re here. Right? So let’s begin.

1. Influence Yourself First And Then Others.

Influencing others is not something that can be done overnight. It’s a process which starts first with you. To influence others you must work on yourself day in and day out. Stick to your ultimate goal even when the situation demands you to go off-track. Push yourself harder in those situations. Those are the times which will help you have that leap of faith, that kick and motivation to go on.

2. Have A Vision And Determination To Turn It Into Reality.

Everything what we see today in this world, have first started with a vision. If you don’t have a vision of what you want, you may never get to what you want. Because if you can visualize it you can definitely have it. If you let a Ship sail without its sailor then the chances of that ship reaching to a destination is very remote. Rest only after you reach the finish line or else the tortoise may win the race.

3. Say What You Mean And Do What You Say.

A-world-pays-you-for-what-you-do-and-not-for-what-you-know. GPD Interior Designing. Influence Others

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The quote itself says everything. Having a dream is good but not acting on that dream is a sin. Make sure to be level with your goal and be consistent in it. Your determination will decide whether you reach your goal in time or never.

4. Lead A Team Not The Crowd.

If your employees do not like the organization then your clients will never like your company too. Have staffs who believes in your vision as you do. Have people around you who’d fan your flames, who’d feed your hunger. Take care of those people and lead them towards your vision. They will take you to places.

A-man-who-wants-to-lead-the-orchestra-must-turn-his-back-on-the-crowd.-Max-Lucado. Influence Others. GPD Interior Design

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5. Stay Truthful Even When You Cannot.

The journey towards your vision, the efforts you have been making to achieve that vision and turning that into reality will have a lot of other consequences, distraction along the way. But, don’t worry! Because, once a wise man said.

if-you-find-a-path-with-no-obstacles-it-probably-doesnt-lead-anywhere.-frank-a.-clark. GPD. Influence others

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Developing all these qualities will make you a leader, a person who’s made of honor, discipline and etiquette. People always look up to leaders and then follow their path. With implementation of those traits not just in your life but in your professional career will definitely influence people to follow you and have a desire to be great.

Feel free to comment or you can ask questions if you have any.

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