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Change Your Relationship, Save Time And Energy. Know How?

Mayur Gori - May 8, 2020 - 0 comments

Save Time, Energy And Your Rapport With Your Client. Know How?

Change-you-relationship-with-your-client-and-save-time-and-energy. GPD. Interior Designing

Being into this industry for almost more than half a decade, I have shared my journey with a lot of other Interior Designers and designers across other fields as well. Most of the time I have heard them complaining and whining about their clients. And those complaints would go something like these. They keep change(ing) my designs, they keep giving me suggestions, who are the designer here? Who knows better about my job, then me? It feels that they think they have bought me and not my services, how many options do I have to give them? They don’t like anything, Blah and blah! And the list goes on and on and on.

To be very honest I was also one of the whining one few years back. So I am not judging them or their clients. It is About the way how you want it to be. Yes! I ain’t effing with you. A very wise man once said;
Be the change. GPD. Interior Designing. Quote
I was reading books and articles on how to stay motivated and several times I came across this phrase and it kinda took me completely off guard. And I started to think. Eventually I realized that it is “ME” who needs to change few things, instead of whining. Which will lead to changing my current situation completely. I started to list them down and committed myself to make necessary change(s).
To my surprise! Thing literally started to change in my favor and fate starting to move my way. And with those changes I earned lot of other things as well. Trust, faith, respect and freedom. Freedom from many things. Worry, anxiety & complaints to be on top of that list.
Now you might have started to wondering, what was those change(s) which helped me lead such a happy and balanced work life and gave me peace in my personal life too. Right? Have patience for now as that is one thing that I changed in me. Everything will be revealed soon if you follow.
The very first thing on that list is helping others. Why? Because, when you help others that will get deposited in your account. It’s a credit in your account. Reach one, teach one. When you open your arms to help others, others will also open their arms to help you. So, I have been doing this since and I am writing this To continue that tradition to help all of you who seek help like me and want to grow and close the door to that complain store.
Let’s begin then.

→ Make A List Of All The Complaints You Have:

By making a list of all the complaints you have from your clients you had or you have, will tell you a secret pattern you might be following in regards to which you’re facing all those problems. I am reminding you again, that nobody is going to judge you for this. This is between you and yourself. Listing them all down on paper will highlight the hidden cause of all those problems. Trust me this will help you get to the core of the cause pretty soon.

Note Down That Hidden Cause:

Once you will find that core reason of all those problems, you will be left with one and only major cause in your hand. You will then have to work only on the core reason instead of working on all the problems. This will automatically save you lot of time. To give you an example when I was listing down all my complaints I found out my secret problematic pattern and that was I had a habit of being dependent on my sharp memory which wasn’t so sharp. And because of that I used to forget things which led to mess and that mess created chaos for me.

Find Out The Best Way To Tackle:

Now when you have found the core reason of all the chaos you are in, you have to do something to rectify/change. So that you will stop creating anymore for yourself. Right? I had my reason and I had to find a solution to get rid of that problem. So, I turned toward my intelligence and this time it worked miraculously. I bought a diary and a pen. Yes! that is all I needed. After that day I started to note down each and every tiny detail into the diary with date, time and place. Now I just don’t remember things but I have evidence of them happening. I could now literally go back in time and check anything or refer anything, whenever I want.
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First You Work, So That Your Plan Works Too:

I have only heard elder people talking about time and the essence of time. But to be honest, never really understood their point of direction. As they say you only realize after you experience. And there it was. Everything right in front of my eyes. I soon realized that it wasn’t the clock which was ticking away, it was my life and opportunities. To make something work you must work towards it or for it. Keeping this thought in mind and faith in my actions, I started not just to lay out plans but a special plan for how those plans will work. If you don’t change anything then nothing will change. Just go for it and trust your gut.

Consistency Is Power:


What do you think about people who reach their highest? How did they get there? I will tell you how. There is no rocket science to it. It’s their dedication which was led by the passion and that passion kept that flame of burning desire alive. It’s not about doing all at once. It is about doing small things each day with no excuses of situation or circumstances. If you be consistent in something, you become better each day. That is why they say “Practice makes man perfect.” Nothing will work if we aren’t willing to be consistent.

Let us know about your approach towards your own battle of fighting the bad in you. I know we all have a dark side. But, that doesn’t make us a bad person. But, not dealing with it makes us bad.

Keep Fighting, Keep Inspiring.

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