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Client Perception About An Interior Designer.

Mayur Gori - August 19, 2020 - 1 comment

What Do Clients Think Of Interior Designers. Any Guesses?

What do client think of interior designers. GPD. Home Decor.

Isn’t it funny how a person’s entire personality changes from person to person? Forget about a person, every professional experiences this same from client to client.

Today, allow me to reveal some of the client’s perspective about an Interior Designer, which I have experienced throughout my Interior Design Journey.

Excited already. . . ?

I have been an interior Designer now for about 6 years. You can imagine how many clients I have dealt with already. But don’t worry I am not gonna bore you with a lengthy list of all the clients. To be honest many of them had a common perception about us interior designers, and not a good one. . . 

So the list is quite small. Let me brief you a little bit first. 

  1. They Are Trustworthy vs No! They Are Not
  2. They Know Nothing vs They Know What They’re Doing
  3. They Are Just A Contractor vs They Are The Designer 
  4. They Don’t Need To Work Hard vs They Work Pretty Hard
  5. They Are Always Free vs They Meet Only On Appointments


A. They Are Trustworthy vs No! They Are Not

Where money gets involved, trust is always on the stake. And I am talking about pretty huge money. Redoing a house or a commercial space isn’t cheap. I mean you are playing with someone’s hard earned money which they might be saving since forever to get their dream space designed.

When money this huge is involved trust is the major factor. I have been with client who will not trust you even with a penny, and I don’t blame them. It is their hard earned money and it’s difficult to just let it go. You build trust brick by brick.

I have designed for clients who have utter faith in you and will trust you blindly. Trust me I have had the utmost pleasure working with such clients as it makes things easy. But there is always a silver lining. If you cross that then there would be no second chance given to you. Because. . .

When trust is broken, nothing really is able to mend it.  


B. They Know Nothing vs They Know What They’re Doing

This is funny and ironic at the same time. This one reminds me of one specific client, and it was a nightmare. I am no quitter, but this project forced me to be one. Client of this project still haunts me.

You know how there are people who knows everything yet they hire you, and then they start interfering so much into your work that it makes you want to scream hard “WHY? WHY ME?”

I understand that you wanted a designer to design your space, and you hired one. But now when you have hired one let him work for it. If you will constantly be on his A#*, chances are that he will run away. And for the good.

I never believe in praying. I believe more in working, and getting what you want. But this one makes me pray and pray hard that not even my enemy should have client with this illness. 

But there are people who hire you so that they know that hiring a professional will make things easy. They provide you with their requirement and their taste, and now they know it is up to you to deliver. This kind of projects always turn wonderful.

Because “Faith over fear, that’s what gets us through.”


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C. They Are Just A Contractor vs They Are The Designer

Being an Interior Designer you must have a knowledge about everything that goes into building an interior space. But does that make us a contractor?

Some people do not understand the concept of interior designer. Even a layman would know the difference between a contractor and an interior designer. No big deal. But for some it is a very big deal. I mean how difficult would it be to figure out?

People who understands the difference between an interior designer and a contractor are the people who respects every profession. 


D. They Don’t Need To Work Hard vs They Work Pretty Hard

This you may have often heard if you are an interior designer. Designers never have to work hard. Draw few lines here and there and job done. A Myth! 

To tell you the truth, there goes lot more than just few lines here and there to make an interior space a working and functional space. Interior Designers job is no less than any athlete. What you see on the screen is just 5% of what actually goes behind it.

The rest 95% is what you never see. An interior designer have to manage drawings, design, client relationship, delivery schedule of the materials and products, project deadline and so on so forth.

Interior Designing is a marathon, not a sprint.


E. They Are Always Free vs They Meet Only On Appointments

Scenario 1

Client : I called you last night, you didn’t answer.

Interior Designer : Oh! I am sorry I missed your call. (I forgot that I have a life too.) 

Scenario 2

Client : I am sorry for disturbing you at this hour. Can we talk on call for a bit if possible?

Interior Designer : Hey! You don’t have to be sorry. Can we discuss this first thing in the morning if it isn’t urgent?

Client :  Sure. No problem. Good night.

Interior Designer :  Thank you. Good night to you too. Tc!

Need I say more? I mean you guys can judge which conversation sounded fair and square to you. Isn’t it? We may think creative people are night owls, but that doesn’t mean we can disturb them at any time. It is always good to ask before you force yourself onto someone.


These are few of the common experiences that I have encountered throughout my Interior Design journey. If anything that pops up in your head about your experience with client and you would like to share with us and the world please feel free to comment below or you can contact us and we can talk there as well. 🙂


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