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Color Scheme – An Integral Part Of Interior Designing.

Mayur Gori - August 21, 2020 - 1 comment

Color Scheme – An Integral Part Of Interior Designing.

Color Schemes. Interior Designing. home Decor. GPD

Color Scheme. An Integral Part Of Interior Designing.

Have you ever wondered how our life would be without colors? I did, and it is no GOOD. But have you ever wondered, what would it be if all the colors came to life together? I know I know many of you would say it would be amazing, and mesmerizing, but trust me it won’t. 

It won’t be anything more than just a chaos. Not a beautiful sight to see. 

That’s when we step in. Who are we? We are “ARTISTS.” What do we do? We make the ugliest things look beautiful. No! Certainly not with our charm, but simply with our skills

Out of those many skills, one is called “COLOR SCHEMES” and today we are going to talk about just that. Let’s keep discussion over the other skills for some other time. As I mentioned we are an artists, and no storytellers. 

What are these color schemes, and why are they come into picture?

Color schemes are palettes created through combination of basic twelve colors from the color wheel. (Shown in figure below) They are not specific to only Interior Designing, but they can be used from fine arts to graphic designing too. By pairing these colors you can create endless color palettes of your own to use anywhere. 

All the colors have different objects and effects on our mood, depending upon their tones and shades. That is why there is a different subject called color theory and color psychology. 

color wheel. color palette. interior designing. home Decor. GPD

Picture Source : UX Collective

Any colors that creates an ambience which makes it good to look at, can become a color scheme in itself. Basic color scheme can be start with any two colors or its hues. But there are color palettes that uses more than two colors too. Let’s discover then. . .


If you are new to Interior Designing, and you really don’t want to spoil your early opportunity, then I’d suggest you to go for this color schemes. There is nothing wrong in playing safe. If playing safe saves you from losing your face, then safe is the safe bet to take. Isn’t it? You can still make the interior space look ridiculously amazing even using this color palette as you can see below. 

Monochromatic Color Scheme. Interior design. Home Decor. Color Theory.

Monochromatic Color Scheme.



Explaining this color palette would be a sheer waste of time. The name says it all. Take any two complimenting colors, mix and match their tones and shades. Take the best pick and just go for it. This one is too a bit simpler color palette, and in my opinion the best one too. This color scheme gives you enough choices to choose from, and yet makes it kinda easy for you to execute. All you have to do is compliment the colors with each other. 

Complementary Color Scheme. Interior design. Home Decor. Color Theory.

Complementary Color Scheme



Complications begin from here, and so does some challenges. As harmonious as it seems with whether out of warm or cool spectrum, it can ruin the flow of the area if not used mindfully. Try not to use this color palette if you are in doubt even one percent. You will save a lot of things other than just money. But if you can use it well, then kudos to you. It is more like nature inspired color palette. 

Analogous Color Schemes. Interior design. Home Decor. Color Theory.

Analogous Color Scheme





This one is a pickle. Use any one color as your main and use the others for only accent purpose. This is how you will get the balance in your interior space. It’s going to be vibrant, bold and definitely an eye candy. There is no rocket science to use this color scheme, but this will require some trial and error for sure. Be thoughtful of all the aspects (furniture, fabric, upholstery) before introducing this color palette. Do your thorough research and then go for it. 

Triadic Color Palette. Interior design. Home Decor. Color Theory.

Triadic Color Scheme



This color scheme is more like a puzzle solving. You choose one color and then you choose colors of the either side of the complementary color of the first color that you chose. Told you. Puzzeling! You need a taste for this color scheme or else this would turn out a disaster, and you won’t see it coming too. If you are bold enough to try this, then I must congratulate you. 

Split - Contemporary Color Palette. Interior design. Home Decor. Color Theory.

Split – Contemporary Color Scheme



I call it a confused color palette. By using four colors, out of that two complimenting its respected color on the wheel mostly combines warm and cool colors together. Sometimes it gets difficult to recognise which color is the dominating one. But when you use this color palette, it will definitely turn out on the richer side. As per the requirement of the space you must decide which one color would dominate the most. It can be warm or cool. 

Rectangle (Tetradic) Color Palette. Interior Design. Home Decor. Color Theory. GPD

Rectangle (Tetradic) Color Scheme

It is time now that you take your paint brushes out and put on your painting cloths. Remember to take a before and after picture of your space and share with us and with the world. Do share your experience of using any of the above color palette with it too. One more thing that you must consider is the mess. Take precautions so that even if you spill color here and there you save the headache of washing them later.

Go for it and paint your imagination.

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