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CoronaVirus And Interior Designing – Freedom May Have Lost But An Opportunity Is Knocking On The Door.

Mayur Gori - March 30, 2020 - 2 comments

As we all know that CoronaVirus a.k.a Covid – 19 has taken over almost the entire planet. Even all the super powers are suffering. People have been asked to stay indoors & Within the four walls of their homes. Countries and States borders have been Lock-Down. But this pandemic has forced companies and people to Work From Home #WFH. We may think that our freedom of choice has taken away from us because of this CoronaVirus. But if you look at the other way, then we have been blessed with this opportunity in disguise to reflect on things that we kept postponing all this while.

We’ve been all searching for such opportunity our whole life. Where we have time for ourselves. Time where we’re going to take care of our own self. And somewhere we even knew that this opportunity may never come. So we kept postponing things onto tomorrow and tomorrow and then maybe Some DAY! I agree that this will lead to “a global recession of a magnitude that has not been experienced before” but I even agree on this that it will eventually allow humanity to reset its values. Like they say “Every worst situation that occurs, brings right lesson with it.” Now it depends on us whether we want to learn the lesson or we want to turn our back to it.

Now you may wonder what CoronaVirus or any of this has to do with Interior Design? Isn’t it? Like I mentioned earlier CoronaVirus has impacted on a global scale. Nobody has been spared or overlooked. We may call ourselves the creative ones but like others we are too have been asked to stay home and work from home #WFH. But as we all know that it is kind of impossible to do the kind of work we do from home. Correct? But, we cannot turn our backs towards this opportunity to reset our values.

How can we use this opportunity work from home #WFH for our personal as well as for our Interior Design business growth effectively? Well there are several ways we can use this opportunity to our benefits, but we would discuss here few of them and the most important ones.

1. Set specific Goals ( What needs to be done? )

You’ve been always complaining that you are not getting time to set goals for you and for your creative business. And most of the time you felt that you are on autopilot. Guess what? Because of CoronaVirus You have been rewarded with this time off to work on those empty promises that you’ve been making to yourself. So take your pen and diary or a journal and get on with it.

  • Make a list of goals and plan of action for each goal.
  • Specify them first and then prioritize.
  • Do not forget to mention time period and deadlines for each goal.
  • Make sure to keep them visible all the time.

2. Make a “Thankful/Grateful” List.

This is the perfect time to be grateful in life. Perfect time to be alive. Take this opportunity and remind your loved ones, your clients that how grateful and thankful you’re to them. What made you what you’re today and how important it was for you that they contributed in it. Let them know how you value their contribution in your life. Do not forget to send them all a thankful note. It will change the way you approach your life completely after that. Be there any CrornaVirus or Any kind of virus.

3. Review your plan and make changes if needed.

If you have made any plans for this year then as we know they may have gone wasted because of CoronaVirus. Review them and make changes. All of your plans may have gone into vain but its not too late either. You can make new ones and provide a plan of action. How you are willing to change the whole approach towards your future plan and how you’re planning to take over the design industry matters in the end. Go for it!

4. Make a weekly and monthly calendar.

Make a calendar which mentions the weekly and monthly task that needs to be taken care of. For now it could be weekly as we do not know the situation about CoronaVirus spread and how it will turn out or how soon it will come to its normal pace. Though we hope it does soon enough and we will prepare for that as well with the monthly calendar. Make sure you prioritize each day with certain task. For example, Monday is for writing down my experience and make sure to write them nicely. So that on Tuesday, you can upload that content which you wrote on Monday. This is how you can prioritize your days, weeks and months.

5. Update your online presence.

You have lots and lots of time free now. Try to use it and put it to good use. You may have that extra time to spend on social media. Why not use it to your own benefit? Assign each day for different types of social media platforms and make sure to upload cream content. You have time to research as well. So research before posting any content. Which social media platform benefits in which way. Make sure to follow those guidelines and take most advantage out of your content.

6. Create a Morning Routine

Morning. Haha!🙂 If you’re anything like me then you may also spend most of your night where you are wide awake like an owl. Do you? To justify this behavior I even tag along a story of me being an artist and artists are little crazy and they can only work at nights. Beat that! Its time we give this story a little rest as day or night nothing quite makes any difference today. All thanks to CoronaVirus. Lets take this opportunity and start a morning routine which helps us in many ways. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

7. Work on your Mental health.

In this fast pace life we keep working on our financial status and we ignore to look after our physical and mental health. Physical still gets taken care as we travel, walk or we can choose to eat healthy food. But what about mental health? There is no food which helps you keep your mental self healthy. Are there? Lets promise to work on our mental health too. Take at least 15 to 30 minutes to sit down in a quiet place. Close your eyes and just breath without stressing about anything in your life. (Even this CoronaVirus) I know you can do it.

Focus On You’re Breathing // I know that this is a *typical* thing people encourage you to do when you’re stressed out. As cliché as it sounds, taking time to focus on breathing properly, can help you stay grounded, instead of growing more anxious and overwhelmed. Something that’s been helping me when I really feel the stress adding up is to take deep breaths in and out. I’ll count to 5 each way and take at least 10 of them. It’s something very simple and takes less than a minute to do, but it can work wonders.

8. Organize your personal and work life.

Organization. Gosh! This one does not associate with people who are into creative industry. Forget about it being a personal or work skill, but for us the word organize does not even exist in our dictionary. Am I right? Whether we like it or not but its as much necessary as the work we do. Organization is essential part of any profession and in life of any professional. at the end of the day it gives a sense of fulfillment and relaxation. It relives lot of unnecessary stress. Even WHO and other leaders around the wrold suggests that we focus on organizing our life. (Mentally, Physically or on a work front.)

9. Make A Self Care Kit.

Self-care is something that is always going to be huge on my heart and that’s why I continue to share about it here. Not only do I want to always be growing in self-care but I also want to encourage you to be doing the same.

One of the neatest things about self-care is that it can be unique to everyone. What might work for you in finding peace might not work for someone else. I think that’s so cool, though. We all have little things that make us feel calm, centered, and whole. I want to encourage you to try to think outside of the box when creating your self-care box. Try to include items from each dimension of self-care, if possible. But, of course, it’s totally okay if your box focuses more heavily on one dimension. 🙂

    • Face Wash
    • Dry Brush
    • Cozy Sweater/PJ’s
    • Lotion/Hand Cream
    • Favorite fragrance & perfume.
    • Spa or a bathing kit.
    • Note Cards
    • Letters From Friends
    • Call A Friend
    • Plan A Coffee Date
    • Shut Your Phone Off
    • A Book On Self-Improvement Or Mindfulness
    • Puzzle
    • Coloring Book
    • Listen To A Podcast
I should even share the self care kit to fight CoronaVirus. Shoul I? Just kidding.

10. List your “should have” and make it into “I will.”

Don’t “Should” Yourself // I should have, I should have, I should have… sound familiar? If you’re somewhat of a perfectionist like me, you probably struggle with “should-ing” yourself quite often. The thing with focusing on what you think you should have done is that it only ever leaves you feeling shame and it prevents you from moving onward in a positive manner. It adds extra pressure when you’re already feeling the pressure of stress. So, don’t “should” yourself. Instead, after a task is finished or a situation is done with, simply move on and don’t look back.

Do All Things With Intention // For myself, I have always tied intentionality and prioritizing well together. They go hand-in-hand, especially in times of high stress. To do all things with intention is to do all things with purpose. I find that when I get back to focusing on completing a task or figuring out a situation with intention, rather than panic, I can easily find balance and meaning again.

Be Patient With Yourself // When life is busy and I’m under a lot of stress, I tend to stray to the side of being nasty to myself. It’s something I’m working really hard on changing. Choosing to be patient with yourself isn’t easy but choose to look at it as a positive challenge. Give yourself room to grow during the busy seasons because yes, they are times of growth. Provide yourself room to breathe. Give yourself an overabundance of grace.

I understand this is easier said than done. 😉 But, it does get easier the more you practice it. Consistency is the essential key to success in anything that you do or wish to achieve.

Do let us know if you have some pointers to use this time wisely. Not necessary to be related to interior Designing. It could be anything. In times like these we can help each other and fight such pandemic.

You can even subscribe to our newsletter. Take Care!

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