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Mistakes – How Wrong Design Can Give You A Right Lesson?

Mayur Gori - July 30, 2020 - 3 comments

How Wrong Design Can Give You A Right Lesson?

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Doesn’t it sound funny to hear that “by doing something wrong, you can gain something good?” It does right? Trust me it’s for real.

Because . . !


We can only learn by making mistakes, and each mistake also teaches us two different kinds of lessons. What a bonus. Isn’t it? BTW, wouldn’t you wanna know what are the lessons that comes with the mistake that we make? Let’s hear them. . .

1. The first lesson is, that your approach to achieve your desired result wasn’t either enough, or maybe it wasn’t significant. Hence, you need to put more efforts to it.

2. Second one is, after learning the first lesson you learn to strive more and more towards finding a right approach for the result that you’re aiming for.

We remember geniuses for their achievements and success, but we do not remember them for their failures. Why? Because you hustle alone, but you share your success with others.

We remember Thomas Edison for his invention of a light bulb. But that invention wasn’t a success in the first go. After almost thousands of attempts, he managed to invent a light bulb. But he didn’t fail one thousand times, he just discovered a thousand ways a bulb cannot be made. Those thousands of attempt was his hustle, and the invention of the light bulb was his success that we all use and share today.

If back then he wanted, he could have given up maybe after the 100th trials or maybe after the second hundred. But he didn’t. Because after every failure, he learnt a new lesson, and found new ways to achieve what he was aiming for.

He evolved through the process and then evaluated.

Nobody is asking you here to fail as much as Thomas Edison in order to achieve your result. NO! But you must learn the lessons, that comes with the mistakes you make.

Allow me to introduce some of the most common mistakes that is being going around in the world of design by Interior Designers. And if you find yourself making any of them do not worry. We have all made mistakes in life. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Just own’em and grow.

a) Small house and big furniture. (furniture isn’t Interior Designing.)

b) Thinking of doing everything on your own.

c) Designing a space without having a basic understanding of clients wants, needs, likes & dislikes.

d) Focusing more on aesthetics than functionality.

e) Focusing only on furniture and not on the other elements of design.

f) No sense of ergonomics whatsoever.


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g) Putting too much emphasis on artificial lights, instead of focusing on the best use of natural lights.

h) Choosing wrong color for rooms. Each color has purpose and meaning. Get to know them.

i) Using same color into all the rooms. DISASTER!

j) Not giving importance to styling and decor.

k) Choosing upholstery without the knowledge of the fabric, texture and pattern.

l) finalizing a wall color first, and then deciding everything else. BIG NO NO!

These are some of the common mistakes committed by a non-designer and even by a designer. But do not worry about making mistakes or never be afraid of making one. If you always play it safe and shy away from making mistakes you will never learn the true lessons of life.

Always be conscious about what are the requirements of your client, and then what is it that you can add through your design skill to it. Keeping both the aspect in mind you add more value to the space.

Mistakes means you’re working towards something new and towards something which is not yet discovered. And in discovering that something new you may make few mistakes but those mistakes means that you’re progressing. You’re trying to get out of your comfort zone and trying to find a correct way of achieving that balance.

Commit to learn from your mistakes and then grow from it. My only advice here is, that you mustn’t repeat the same mistake twice as then it may not be called a mistake. It maybe a choice.

https://quotefancy.com/quote/249411/George-Augustus-Moore-A-winner-is-just-a-loser-who-tried-one-more-time. GPD. Interior Design Mistakes
” By making mistakes you find new ways of doing the same thing. In search of doing things correctly you find your own way of doing them.”

I hope this will help you be conscious about your approach towards designing in future. If there is anything that you’d like to share or say please feel free to get in touch with me or our team. We are all here to help each other grow.

Thank You For Stopping By!

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