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Arts And Essentials Of Styling Your Room.

Mayur Gori - March 4, 2020 - 1 comment

Arts of Styling Your Room And The Essentials To Complete The Job.

The perfect addition to any space or a room would be styling. Hands down! Styling these days have gone on a different level altogether. It’s a profession. A profession filled with arts, artifacts, vases and much more. But, it isn’t just about buying those arts and art pieces and just placing them inside a space or a room. A professional who is styling a space, has to keep lot of other aspects of styling in mind. Different styles these days – modern and contemporary, Scandinavian and even antique / statement arts styling are becoming extremely popular.

Being into this profession I have come across many arts and artifacts. Some of them are available almost at every decor shop and some, Phew! you had to literally fight for it to get your hands over it. Doing that was no less than a hand fight. I still have those scars left on my memories. Deep scars! (sarcasm) 

Today, one of the hardest parts of designing new pieces of furniture or designing a room, is knowing exactly how to style them. What kind of arts would go with the feel of the room, or which vase might go with the design and the theme of the room. Lets dive deep into the six main areas of styling a room and give you the best advice and top tips on how to style them like a professional.

Don’t you worry though. I have took a little extra ounce pain and those scars to write this down so that you won’t have to fight. Yes! You can thank me later. Let’s begin.

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Convertible Coffee Table.

1. Styling A Room Is Like Solving A Puzzle:

First thing first. Styling a room isn’t a joke. Imagine those arts that you buy for styling your room. Now Imagine the effort that had been put into making those arts a success so they deserve to be brought home. Now, if you don’t use them accordingly and just hang them or put those arts anywhere. Do you think did you do the justice for all those efforts? I hope you nodded left to right. It’s a puzzle that you solve. And once you do, you will feel AWESOME!

Minimalist-books-interior-design-residential-design. art

Bookshelf filled with Artifacts.

2. Follow A theme While Styling Your Room:

Whenever you go out you look 3548 times in your mirror before you leave your room. And on the way to your destination 586 times more. Isn’t it? Why do you do that? Because you want to look perfect and not look funny in public. So if that room helps you look your best each time you go out and be so selfless. Don’t you think you have a tiny mini responsibilities to make that room look perfect as you are? Sparked a light? I hope it did. It is far better to keep the styling simple, elegant yet relevant to you as a person (or family). And let the magic unfold before your eyes.

3. Edit Your Space Quite literally And Not Virtually:

In the world of technology we may have many apps and software’s to edit our pictures, videos, arts and even your space too. But, my personal suggestion would be to do it actually and not virtually. Let there be many high end software available, but what our eyes can see and perceive I don’t think any software would do the same for us. This way you gain the skill of decision making too. You’d be more precise in what feels right to you and what doesn’t.  Always trust your gut more than anything else, when you are styling your room.


Vase, Books & Televison.

4. Styling Is Completing Your Space:

You woke up today and your to do list asked you to go for a shopping. Shopping arts and artifacts for your room that you’re going to use for styling. You reach a store and to your surprise, you find the sale is going on. You just hit a Jackpot!  Ta-DA. Now you can buy everything two. Sorry to break your bubble. Puff! You aren’t going to do that. You are still going to buy the arts and artifacts that you require to style your room and not something which is cheaper, because of the sale. Please, read the second point out loud to yourself once again.


Living Room Filled With Arts & Artifacts.

5. Tools Are As Important As The Arts & Artifacts:

As a matter of fact, you have almost covered every aspect of styling but one. Execution of styling, arts and placements of it. And to do that, you will require some tools. Also, get into your work pants and pull out your tool kit. If you don’t have one, that sale might have helped you save good money which you can invest into a tool kit. Yes you can (Pro Tip.) Now that’s called a Sm-art move and matured one too. Make a list of tools you’d require for the arts you want to style your room with.


6. Once Finished All Should Be in Symmetry:

Ah! My favorite word when it comes to Interior Design, Interior Styling And Arts!! Symmetry and the arts of creating a balance. Not only is this important for rooms as a whole, but this is equally so for the furniture and styling of them too.

We take comfort in the symmetries we find in life because they suggest a design where there is none.     

Nicole Krauss

Hence, as the quote suggests, not just arts but everything in our life seems complete and in harmony if its in symmetry. Make sure to achieve that with styling your room. With the artifacts and arts you use and display.


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