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Decor Is A Way To Feel Happier Inside Your Space.

Mayur Gori - October 27, 2020 - 0 comments

It’s Easy To Feel Happier At Home!




Decor is a way to feel happier inside your space. GPD. Home Decor. Interior Designing.

Feel Happier Inside Your Space.

By using the psychology of Interior Design & Decor, we can easily become more comfortable in our home or a workspace. Small changes into our color palette, layout of our space, and fabrics & upholstery can easily improve our mood and evoke positive feelings.

Ready to learn how? Let’s go then!

Psychology is a part of every interior design, so keep your favorite feelings in mind while you are designing. Tap into your inner Interior Designer with these helpful tips for creating positive feelings for yourself, family, and guests.

Understanding what is evoked psychologically by color, texture, shapes:

  • Do you know what colors make you feel energized, happy? These are the ones that should dominate your home.
  • Do you know what tactile sensations make you feel good? Are you a texture person? A hard surfaces person?
  • What places make you feel at home? The ocean? The beach? The woods? Why? How is your home reflecting these colors, textures, and themes?

In Environmental Interiors, authors argue that human beings experience their environments in five ways:

  1. Through the senses—sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell.
  2. Through time and by movement through space.
  3. Through reasoning or thought, memory or imagination.
  4. Through emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant.
  5. Through anticipation or expectation.

Tuning in your exterior to your interior:

  • Is your life chaotic and confusing? If so, you may need spaces that reflect calm and a lack of clutter.
  • Is your life routinized, do you feel psychologically stuck? You may want your home to be more eclectic.

Look around. Is your home a reflection of someone else’s taste or a generic taste based on market analysis? Is your home a psychologically comfortable space? Take the steps to answer these questions with a “yes.” Decorating to make your home a psychological comfort zone is not a luxury; it is core to your well-being.

♦ Can Decor Affect Your Mood?

Haven’t you noticed how your mood suddenly takes a u–turn as soon as you enter into a wonderful room? This mood swings can be either for better or for worse, depending on its design & decor. When it comes to your home or a workspace, the decor and the design should work in tandem. They both should make you feel happy that you’re inside that space, and it should encourage positivity to flow smoothly throughout the entire space.

You spend most of your time either in your home or in your workspace. They both shouldn’t make you feel tired or unhappy in anyway. Like we discussed earlier, if your home has things that reflects who you are, it will surely make you visit it again and again whenever you think of your happy place.

♥ Makes Your Space Sing In Harmony.

With the correct tools and clarity about your wants from the particular room, you can create a song that will not just sing, but will sing in a harmony. Your home or even your workspace may require material things to achieve that harmony, and while in the pursuit of achieving that harmony with design & decor, you will have an intangible benefits for your mental health in future.

Once you’ve achieved the flow of good energy inside your space, your room will have a joyous environment that you cannot escape easily. Your energies will start to dance on that song and the harmony.

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♣ Creates A Great First Impression.

When you look at something for the first time it leaves an impression on you & your mind, and that directly affects your judgment. Agreed? Visualization affects our judgment the most from the other five senses that we have. This is when decor swoops in. Decor is nothing more but a play of visualization. 

There is a thin line between an empty table and a cluttered one. And that thin line is Decor. Decor occupies more space only to enhance the beauty of the existing space. Next time when you see two spaces a lot different than each other, don’t forget to figure out what was it that made you experience the difference, and how it made you feel about the space. Maybe that would tell you something about your taste too.

♠ Lets You Be Who You Are.

Great thing about decor is that it technically earns the place in the room. I know art is never supposed to be understood, but you still relate to different kinds of things. You feel the connection. And that is the beauty of it.

With a dash of art, creativity and some thoughts you get a piece that sort of belongs to you. It’s like a piece of you. Imagine having these pieces throughout your space that reminds you of who you are everyday. It may sound creepy to you now, but when you have it you’ll understand the depth of it. I am hoping you’d already know that.

♦ Keeps You Positive And Energized.

You may see decor as more of a materialistic thing, but I see it more like a spiritual thing. It does stimulates our spiritual side. Design & Decor are a thing which are pretty huge in our life, and they sometime does cost fortune. But they always bring more to the table than just beautifying the room.

Of course! beautiful things are interestingly positive to look at. And wherever positivity flows, good vibrations follows. This entire things then creates an energy that spreads throughout our entire space spreading the warm and joyful energy.

I am hoping that this will encourage you to consider decorating as a part of your next project. If you have anything you’d like me or my team to elaborate on please feel free to get in touch with us. And if you have anything to add to this again feel free to do so. 

We all learn from each other and that’s how we grow and become wiser. Until next time!


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