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Designing your home or workspace can be painstaking, even if you have hired an interior Designer. It sure makes it less painful, but still hurts. But finding a Design Inspo isn’t. When you figure out what is it that you want your space to look like, even the thought of it works like an antidote to that pain.

Your home and your workspace is a place where you spend most of your time and you obviously want to feel great about that. No questions asked. So the best that place should offer you is, comfort and safety. That’s the basic requirement for anyone. Other than that what anyone wants is, that the space should reflect their personality in terms of style and decor.

As I mentioned earlier this is a process which is lengthy and painstaking and it does feel sometime like you are losing it all. As the work progresses more and more decisions come fall in your lap asking for your attention. What colors/style/ideas to use are so varied that you get overwhelmed and end up with something that doesn’t reflect you at all.

I just wanted to gather few of the best places, where you can find all the answers for the above problems. Some may sound very common, and some may feel bonkers. But I urge you to stick around.

I am sure that after looking at a few of these, you will start to know what you like and what you don’t like – and can make some plans to make your home or a workspace, exactly the way you want it.

Good luck, and I hope you find what you are looking for your next Interior Design Project. Get Inspired!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Design Inspiration #1


This may sound a bit old school to you, but trust me they are treasures. Now a days, they come with a specific agenda.

The best thing about Magazines is they already provide best design inspo available out there, as they have limited pages. They try to compile only the best, and with the best information on those designs. They also provide details of the products used, and where you can find them. So most of your headache vanishes right there.

You may find the best tips and hacks by best in the business by investing very little. It will go long way.


Design inspiration #2

Social Media:

As you must be well aware by now, that social media is the platform where you can find almost everything. If you can find love on these platform then you can be pretty sure of finding a design inspo too. You can find pretty much anything on it if you use correct keywords. More the specific better the results. It is all visual, mostly free and you have a facility of connecting with the source as well. If any doubt creeps up into your mind you can always contact the person and get your doubts answered.

You can even save them and make your on mood-board and magazines to make it more convenient for you. Pinterest offers such facility. Then there is Instagram and Facebook which are best known platform people are using these days.

If you are not using these platform yet, I’d suggest you make your accounts and get on with it.


Design inspiration #3


Products related to interior are always photographed to make it look perfect and fir for the part they are supposed to be playing. Go through the website of these products and you may find Design Inspo there as well.

Lot of hard work and precision goes in capturing those images and make them look perfect as they have to look convincing and make the sale. if you do not have time to visit the stores this can be your way of finding out the best style and design inspo for you.


Design inspiration #4

Friends And Family’s Home/Workspace:

You may find inspiration anywhere. There is not an exact place mention in the textbook where you can find an inspiration. Your Design Inspo can be anywhere. So the moment you plan to design your home or workspace keep your eyes open. Specially when you visit your friends and family.

People these days hire an Interior Designers for their Interiors, and I encourage everyone to do the same. Else designers like us will go jobless. :p

So yes next time you are having a cup of coffee with a friend or you have family gather at your aunt’s, take a look around and really work out what you love about where you are sitting – what works for you?

I’m talking about getting design inspo and not copying. There’s a difference!


Design inspiration #5


Our holidays can be an eye opener for us. When you visit a new place, you encounter new experiences. viz new culture, new design, new colors and combinations, new ways of doing things etc. Who knows you may get inspired in their culture, and you may wanna bring back their culture into your home/workspace.

This will make your space very personal to you in regards design and functionality of your space. So next time you go away really take in what you see. Take pictures, lots of them. Try to get the authentic art pieces too if you plan to design it their way. That will add an extra touch of that place to your space.

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Design inspiration #6

Show Homes:

Today everyone wants to create an ultimate user experience for their product. Architects and builders have took it a little farther. They hire designers to create a show flat for their buyers. So that they can see the how the real home might look like. They get the gist of it.

On a weekend when you go for you walk why not walk it to the nearest project and get the gist of the show flat for yourself. You will find a design inspo there as well.


Design inspiration #7


This the best place for me to find an inspiration. Hotel rooms are so thoughtfully planned as there are all kinds of guest are expected to pay a visit.

Mostly all of us like the feel of a hotel room. We all want to live in a hotel like boutique room. Minimal  yet satisfying and comfortable.

You’d be surprise to know that they spend lot of money in giving us the best of the comfort they can. So that you want to come again.

Why not use some of the tricks and design inspo they use to get the look you want in your own home.


Design inspiration #8

Books and art:

Not just books about interiors, but books and art in general can give you clues as to what you love to look at.

Use colors within art as a starting point for a design, or a theme from your favorite book – or even a picture within a book as inspiration.


Design inspiration #9

Your Own Personal Wardrobe:

We always wear something we feel comfortable in. Isn’t it? Our cloths and our personal style can tell us lot about ourselves. Dig in to that. Your personal design inspo.

Open your wardrobe and look at what you have in there – you may just find a great color scheme from it! (not to mention textures and fabric ideas as well)


Design inspiration #10


If you are anything like me, then I’d suggest you go out in nature. Looking for design inspo at other places may encourage you to copy little bit of it. But if you are a person who wants to have everything new, and unique. GO OUTSIDE!

Nature can never go wrong. It can inspire you in million ways. Colors of the seasons, Colors of the flowers, textures and many m any more.

If you are anything like me you’d want your home/workspace to be unique and matches to your personality. And if you want that kind of space designed you must go out in nature. It’s ENDLESS!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Like I mentioned earlier, anything and everything can inspire you. You just need to have an understanding of what is it that you like and what is it that you don’t like. Once you are able to differentiate between these two you can always have desired outcome of anything that you design in life.

ULTIMATE TIP – Try to create home/workspace which is unique to your needs and wants. Take inspiration but do not copy. That wont serve you well.

Creating space that resonates with our style and personality is the best way to go forward. And who knows your designed home or workspace can become design inspo for someone else in the future. Wouldn’t you like that?

You can even find Design Inspo at our Website Green Pen Decor (GPD)

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