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Key – Find Your Lock Instead Of Finding A Key.

Mayur Gori - August 3, 2020 - 0 comments

Find Your Lock Instead Of Finding A Key!


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“If you have the key you can unlock the lock. But only if you know which lock to open.”

Have you ever wondered that maybe we were all been looking in a wrong direction? Even for once? We were so busy looking for our key/solution that we completely overlooked our lock/situations.

Have you ever wondered how did we end up here? What got us into the situation we are in right now? NO! Right?

You might have often used this lines or maybe heard people kept on repeating. “I am having a bad day, its my bad luck I suppose, today is just not my day, my horoscope warned me about this, and blah blah blah and some more blah. And the blame game begins.

Stop for a second or two and think. Think even harder on this one and now. Without your consent or will is it possible that you can fall into any trap and then get stuck into any troubled situation? Please don’t say yes!

Truth is . . .

It is always convenient to put blames on others, and feel kind of secured in your own world. But in reality, you know that who is the problem(lock) and who has the key to resolve(unlock) this problem. Once you start taking responsibilities of your own life situations, and stop the blame game, reality will start to reveal itself moment by moment.

Once you start looking at the situations(lock) with deep intent, you will have your answers that would help you use the correct key which will fit into that lock to unlock it. You know how sometimes when you look at certain locks, you instantly have an image of its key in your mind. That’s your gut. Hold on to that.

The lock of our own–self has been long ignored, and neglected. The saddening part about this is, just because the world we live in has always asked us to focus on finding the key.

Whenever you go out to a store to buy a lock, you always ask for lock and key. They’re both part of each other. Both of them are never separate. Same way our problems and our solutions are always part of each other. They’re both incomplete without the other.


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Imagine if you had a key which is made out of gold. . .

But would that mean that the lock also has to be made of gold? Kill me if you said yes! Because you’re going to have some serious problems in life. Why? Because there can be a key made out of gold, but the lock? BIG NO! As gold isn’t the strongest metal, and the sole purpose of any lock is to provide safety which clearly gold metal lock do not provide.

Let me put this out for you in as simple possible way as I can. . .

Design key Problem. Interior Deisgn. GPD

P.C : QuoteFancy

Do you have any problem understanding that ?

If you change the direction of your thinking and start to think the other way around, then you would sense an opportunity in every problematic situations as well. Every problem is just another opportunity waiting to get unlocked. If you can sense that you will find a key/solution to that lock/problem just go for it.

Trust your gut feeling and your instinct. Most of the times they’re true. They are your actual inner voice.

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See you around.


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