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Place Of Creation. Come Find Yours Today.

Mayur Gori - July 20, 2020 - 0 comments

∴ Story Of How To Find Your Own Space Of CREATIVITY ∴

P.C. : Gus*

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Hi there! It’s me. A place which is an inspiration behind writing this article for you about finding your that only place of creation. I am simply honored to be a part of this motivation.

In life everyone has their one place where they just be, and find all kinds of ideas, solutions, peace, and the feeling of oneness. A BOND! This is a kind of place which is  very necessary in our lives and a must have.

Being that place of inspiration, and motivation for someone for fat too long, I have realized, that nothing actually ever dies in this world. We all comeback in other shapes and forms. But we definitely come back.

For humans there maybe lot of non-living things that exists in this world. But in reality, there isn’t any. Though it is possible that few sees all the lights, glamour, glitter, and shine of the world. Some may get to live in palaces, and mansions, and some may never get to live even on the streets. Such a SHAME!

But if you are among the realized one, then don’t forget, nothing’s ever actually dead. So don’t lose hope if you haven’t found your that one place of creation. Your hope isn’t actually dead. REMEMBER?

Just keep looking. Who knows it might be around you, and you haven’t realized it yet? Though you can try few ways that can help you enhance your search to find your space like it helped a person found me, and who is inspired to write an article about it.

Just follow along and you will be just fine. . .


◊ Don’t Get Choosy.

If you keep restricting yourself from exploring all the aspects, and possibilities, then you’re not giving yourself a chance to go all in. Don’t think much, do not try to diversify things and just dive in whatever and all that you’ve got and you shall achieve everything that you want from that place.
Always feel free to explore, and be compatible with anything and everything. Your place must be around you, but you haven’t let yourself experience the joy of it. Let go!

◊ Expensive Comes With An Expense.

Something expensive doesn’t always have to be expensive in terms of only money. There are many things in this world which are so expensive, and valuable, yet money will never be able to buy or overpower them. EVER!
Your values, your peace, manners & health, beliefs, morals and etiquette are something which even money cannot buy even after being so powerful.
Willing to be expensive with those kinds of things, and you shall get all your expenses reimbursed.
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◊ Make Sure It’s Personal.

It’s not necessary that only a chair, a desk or a cabin can only be that place of creation. That is so highly unlikely. One of my friends gets all his ideas, when he is in the bathroom. BEAT THAT!
Again, this is up to every individual. Now maybe I am (a chair) can be that place for this person, but it may or may not be for you. You must find that personal connection with that space or a place or a furniture piece.
An important thing is, that place should talk to you. Whenever you have any question or a doubt in your mind, just by being into that space gets you all the answers.
Did you remember any already?

◊ Be Willing And Flexible.

Once you have found that place, or space, you must then be willing to share it with others, and be flexible to let others use it. You may ask why? That is my place to be, why should I share it with anyone else?
Remember we are all in this together? We are all trying to figure out our own place to be peaceful, and productive? If you won’t let someone else discover theirs, do you think you’re doing justice to that place or that person?
Be willing to share it with others and flexible enough. Remember we all want to help and remind each other, that our place of creativity can be just around somewhere. Allow others to EXPLORE! 

◊ Have Courage To Protect That Place.

Sharing with others is different and letting someone destroy it for you is way too different. Get to know the difference and be prepared to protect your only place of creativity. Stand tall when someone tries to put you and that place down.
You meet people along the way, who are always willing to put others down, to talk them out of things they love, and they might even be-shame you. But stay courageous enough to protect the connection between you, and that place. Make sure it is never broken.
Never bother about what people might say. If you feel a deeper connection with that place, and feel that, that is the place for you, fight for it, and it shall protect you always.
I hope that I could be of some help to you in finding out your that one place, and can inspire you to write to me, like I could inspire this person to write about me. Hope to hear from you soon.
I too get bored sometime when I am alone. Once you find yours please introduce that place with me so I can too have friends of my own. And to those who have already found theirs please email me so I can start my new life with my own friends.
Thank you for visiting and staying this long. See you soon!

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