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Find Your Niche In Life As An Interior Designer.

Mayur Gori - April 10, 2020 - 3 comments

How to find your niche in life as an interior designer?


We can all agree that we are all unique in our own ways. Nobody could and can replace us but a lot of people these days trying to fit in, like live the exact same life others are leading. Isn’t it? We all struggle to find our talent, purpose, strength and moreover our happiness and joy. But, as they say nothing is worth having comes easy. To be honest no one can really teach us about how to be different. But, to find that niche one must follow footsteps of others who could find theirs.


In our lives we always want to know about others. What they are? Who they are? And how did they get where they are? But, very few of us make efforts in knowing our own self. You might claim that you know yourself but to remind you if that was the truth then you and me we both wouldn’t be here. But don’t worry there is nothing wrong in this. We’ve all been there. We always want to know everyone else but not ourselves, why not try to know ourselves for a change?


1. Be a keen observer.

You know how you still remember certain things from your childhood days and even though you try shake them hard you still can’t get rid even an inch of that memory? Ever wondered why? It is because you paid an utmost attention to that incident. It was your keen, focused and unwavering observation that helped you paint a picture of that memory so deep inside you that it now stays with you. So after even so many years passed by and you still cannot forget? Then imagine if you put that observation and focus to use what would it do? Wonders I presume?


2. Be conscious of your day.

Lot of people these days are talking about consciousness. But, very few are aware of what consciousness actually is. To put it into simplest words “consciousness is nothing but you being conscious of your every action.” Even while you’re breathing. You know you’re breathing but you’re never conscious of it. Isn’t it? So, if you be conscious of your actions you can manipulate your outcomes.


3. Focus on your likes and dislikes.

Your likes and dislikes play a major role in your life. You’re more likely to produce things which you like and avoid the ones you dislike. Get to know them and if required list them down. This pattern of likes and dislikes will reflect almost in everything related to your life. Your friends, your work, your thoughts, the movies that you see and the people that you follow. All of this will help you take inspiration and design great things.


4. Always know what pumps your adrenaline.

There are lot of things that pumps ones adrenaline, but what are those things that completely depends on each individual. For some people it can be adventures, for some it might be challenges. But how does it help one find their niche? Of course it does. Because adrenaline increases your heart rate and maximizes oxygen primarily to your brain. And when your brain works faster it helps you think more clearly and vividly. And when you see things clearly you start to produce things which keeps that adrenaline rush going.


5. Your social media content says a lot about you.

Keep track of what you post online and more of what you like on social platforms. That says lot about you and how you see world around you. That definitely is a good way to know your interest and it will help you find your core behavior. This will eventually help you find your strength.


6. Get to know yourself.

Knowing others may or may not benefit you but knowing your own self will help you in many ways along the way. Before designing something for someone you get to know them first. Isn’t it? Same way you must know yourself first to know that what kind of designs, patterns, colors etc. you like to deliver after that you will be able to gain the confidence to design much efficiently.


There is always someone out there somewhere wanting to hire the exact same kind of work/services you render.  An Interior Designer for their place to get designed by. Like every Eve has Adam, same way every seeker has a benefactor. To reach out to your potential imaginary client who is already looking out for you, you must know what that client is seeking from you and what is that client thinks you are good at? You must find your niche, your strength to be precise.

What to Start Before You Start? Know More!

We know it is difficult than how easy it might sound. But, we have studied people who could find their niche in life and we have tried to share them with you. We hope that you work hard enough towards finding your specialty and we hope that you may discover it soon. Do write in to us when you find it and if you take any longer do not worry and keep looking.


Happy hunting!


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