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Design Mistake – Top 7 Interior Design Mistake And How To Fix Them.

Mayur Gori - September 8, 2020 - 1 comment

7 Top Interior Design Mistakes In Interior Design. How To Fix Them?

top 7 interior design mistake and how to fix them. GPD. Home Decor

These are top 7 Interior Design mistake and not Decor.

Mistakes! I mean who doesn’t know about them? We started making mistake(s) since we were kids but the best thing about mistake is that you discover lot of undiscovered territory about yourself and the subject you’ve been working on.

I know this may sound cliche, but it is as true as gold. I have often heard people saying what can you gain by committing mistake(s)? What good can come out of from all the stumbling & falling? I have only one simple answer for them and that is make one  yourself and you will understand.

Mistakes are just like nightmares. They never stay with us forever. The moment you open your eyes it just vanishes like a coward. . .

Anyway, enough about mistake(s) in general. Let’s explore about what we actually came here for.

Top 7 Interior Design mistakes and how to fix them. . . 

Mistakes committed in your personal life has consequences too but that are limited only to you or to your immediate family. But mistake(s) committed in Interior Design, has enormous impact on many lives, directly and indirectly.

You might lose just a job or two, or you may lose a career. But for the users it might be about losing their entire savings & hard earned money. How would you feel about that? Not just only as a professional, but even as a human being?

Think about it. . .

Think about it next time, and ask yourself “whether my designing skills are making my client’s life easy and comfortable, or is it making it more complicated, and miserable?” If your answer is the later one I suggest you think of a new career. Like NOW! And if not then stick with me here.

Below are some of the most basic, yet most ignored trivia about Interior Design. 

1) Not Thinking About The Ergonomics.

First and most important thing that’s required to make something functional for the user of that space or a product for that matter, requires proper ergonomics. Ergo! it is crucial that you do not skip this part. And if you do you may have to pay a hefty price later.

What ergonomics does is that it makes your space user friendly. It makes the Interior Design comfortable, efficient, functional and aesthetically pleasing and all at the same time. When all this criterias are met you call it a perfect design.

All the best designers in the world became best by following steps that helped them decrease the chances of falling into a trap of mistake. 


2) Not Planning & Researching.

This may sound like some geeky thing but it isn’t. I believe this is the step that makes you fall in love with the process of entire designing. This step lets your imagination flow in all the direction and inspire a new design that turn out to be wonder.

Even an athlete needs planning. A runner don’t just start running on the track on the day of the competition. He plans his run, his diet, his training and many other stuff, and in this process of planning he finds his bests, and then goes out with that planning.

You may think of yourself as a best of the designer, but even the best ones need proper planning to succeed. 


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3) No Brainstorming & Concept Designing.

After you’ve done planning that resonates with the ergonomics of the space, what would you do next? You start building a concept and an idea that falls under all the criterias. And then you design.

If I were to suggest you I’d say keep it as simple as possible. Simple design doesn’t mean not using enough. But it means that whatever you use, use efficiently. DOn’t make things too complicated. Specially if you are designing where you expect lot of human traffic.

I know creative minds have a vivid sense of imagination that almost takes them to places, but that doesnt help your client.


4) Not Explaining Enough.

This is an ice breaker. The easiness of your entire interior design project depends on this. If you pull this off nicely then you are a perfect example of being a creative genius.

You’ve done all the hard work, you met all the possible requirements of your client and build a wonderful design concept but you think that would be enough if your client does not gets it? Your entire effort just goes waste. Don’t let that happen.

Remember the time you were learning designing? Someone made it easy for you to be able to understand it. Make that much easy for your clients too. 


5) No Consideration for Revision.

In the life of a creative person there comes time when he thinks himself as the only best and that is when things starts to get ugly. Confidence turns into an overconfidence, kindness turns into arrogance and so on.

Often people forget or better not to go back and revise everything at least once as they think whatever they’ve created contains the right answers, and has the perfect plan that will fall into its place. Sorry to burst your bubble filled with overconfidence here. This will someday hit you so hard in the face that you might end up not having one.

Revising may eat up your time, but don’t you think it will make sure everything has been taken care of so you don’t lose a face whatsoever? 




6) Not Having Plan Of Execution.

Often my designs look so pretty on paper that I get lost in them. but does that mean that is the way they were supposed to be? No right? You’ve done so much, and came so far to be lazy now. Just one more step & you will be the closest a person can get to a breathtaking win.

Best thing is that you have everything one needs to plan their things out. you have your concept ready. you’ve done your research and have done the planning of the space. You’ve explained your designs to your client and you’ve done the revision as well. What does that all tell you?

That you go for it and you are already there. Focus on the bigger price now and let the reality unfold before your eyes. 


7) Completion.

I don’t think I have anything else to say to here. If you have come this far I think you deserve a win for yourself. It shows that you want this as much as your client wants it. For you it is more than money, more than just some project. For you it is your project. It will always be associated with your name.

Now you gotta decide whether to make changes to get the projects up and running ot let them roll o n autopilot. Choice is completely yours. 

I have had fun sharing these with you as I have grown being focused on these pure basic elements of Interior Design. There are other tiny little things that you need to take care of. But I am sure that if you  can figure this out you can deal with them later with as much ease as possible.

If you think there is some method that makes your Interior Design project less stressful and more joyful please care to share with us and with the world. We would love to hear your thoughts too.


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