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Geometry Is No More Boring And Made More Interesting.

Geometry-is-always-fun in interior design project.

Geometry is supposed to be very boring as we all know. Very few amongst us liked geometry as a subject and the ones who liked geometry we called them ‘NERDS.’ Isn’t it? Geometry was no more boring when we discovered that it can be used actually in life. Doesn’t it feel great already? You can actually use it somewhere and not just waste the pages of your books. Being a designer we always tend to incorporate things into design and that inclusion can be done in interiors with geometry and to be very honest it is FUN. No kidding!

As a designer we all challenge ourselves to make all the boring things in the world look interesting even to a layman. So the client for whom we were designing the space wanted to have a studio which depicts his personality and his profession. To keep it short, he has a creative unit of CNC work which is done on varieties of materials.

The Beginning.

So the studio was being made for the display of his work and his vision. So we had to come up with something which meets both the ends and we came up with this geometric concept. Which creates a curious design which always longs for more. Because, display studios are never designed to be the same. They must be the deal cracker and speak for themselves.

Chandras-Art-Studio. Geometry concept, interior designing.

Geometry into Design.

Well another day has passed and i didn’t use algebra.

With the help of a little geometry and design, we created this wonder to be called as “the curious geometry.” We still remember what our client said at the time of the completion and that was ‘if someone who could pull this out. It has to be you guys.’ Such an honour to even know that.

Geometry concept into interior design project.

Geometric Shape all around.

Without geometry life is pointless.

It took us a little longer than what we’ve anticipated. But, the outcome delighted us all. It was worth the wait. Isn’t it? I would like to correct my words back to ‘now I love geometry’ instead of ‘I hate geometry.’ If geometry was made this easy back then in our school days, world would have been so amazing and different today.

concept of geometry in interior design project.

Burnt wood, stacked patterns and more.

Do share us your tell, views and your inspirations for any concept in design or somewhere in your life math have changed your perspective and you might have had a very unique experience. We would be waiting to hear them all. Great day!

Keep in Touch. Later!

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