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How To Get In Trouble With Interior Design Project?

Mayur Gori - April 18, 2020 - 1 comment

How To Get In Trouble With Interior Design Project?


We all make mistakes in our lives at some point of time. Right? And that’s what makes us human. Isn’t it? Some of us are innocent enough to forget about those mistakes. Whereas some of us wants to correct them and learn our lesson from it. Become wiser and trouble free human being.

There is no eraser available in life to wipe our mistakes off and correct them. But the good thing is you can work on those flaws that you may discover through that failure and work on them. Make sure you do not repeat them again and be precise enough and take a lifelong lesson through it.

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To be honest I have also committed many mistakes in my life so as you, or maybe even more. There is no shame in admitting. Though, the one mistake that I regret the most was the recent one. And that mistake still haunts me, troubles me at night. It really does. This happened while I was working on an Interior Design project and I’d love to share it with you people the lesson that I learned from it.

It did showcase my lethargic approach towards my responsibilities in work and in my personal life as well, and there I was, in deep deep trouble. For a while, I didn’t realize where I was headed until it all went haywire and made my life ridiculously miserable. Thinking about that time does make me bit upset and sends chills down my spine. But as I mentioned earlier, if we choose to grow by our own mistakes then that can lead us to one of our biggest lesson in life. It sure happened for me and it can happen to any of you.

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So you might wonder that what made my life miserable and trouble-some. What did I do so wrong that it was so hard to get out of? Well, I committed a mistake which should have been my ultimate weapon. But it backfired. I went on with this project unplanned. In Interior Design projects, planning doesn’t mean just laying the layout on paper but it is more about executing what is on paper for real. Yeah! Imagine. But to my surprise I forgot that part and it cost me tremendous trouble.

Mistakes do destroy many things in our lives and it did occur to me when it happened. Though getting out of it was hell of a journey. Let’s keep that for some other time. But, my inner drive kept pushing me to be better and it did not let me quit easily. I wasn’t going to either.

There are these few things you can do honestly and with your heart to get into trouble like I did. Though, I hope you opt for the opposite instead.

1. Think Like A Boss Than Just Being One.

Once you start acting like you’re the only boss around here then understand that boss has to go through lot of trouble and have to make tough decisions to become a boss. If you only want the easy things then greatest things will be as good as nothing to you. Take charge and live up to them.

2. Go on Autopilot.

Trouble is always created by our own self. So if you wish to have a miserable life, go on autopilot. Give controls of your life to someone else and you shall receive all the troubles in your life without even asking for them. Yes! you can.

3. Stop Communicating.

It is always wise to find out than to assume something. If you live in your own assumptions, then you will have to face many surprises in life and trust me you wouldn’t like any of those surprises. Start communicating with client, workers and you shall not receive any shocking surprises to go through.

4. Stop Giving ‘F’ To A Clock And Calendar.

The bad news is time flies. But, the good news is you are the pilot of your flight. If you plan things well in advance you will never have to worry about losing too much time and if there are any changes to be made you have enough time to do so. Keep track of your progress and be ready with the further planning required well in advance.

5. Give Up. Simple!

If you want trouble to stay with you forever, then you must stay with that and give up on finding solutions. Give up on planning; give up on standing up again after you fall. But, if you wish to change your situations you must start with yourself. Make few positive changes and you won’t have to give up on your dreams, peace, happiness and joy. You won’t.

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I know it is too difficult to stay positive than just saying that you are. But, that is what hit me in the face. I realized what I was missing. My only mistake was, I was unplanned and it was a nightmare for me. A trouble in the face of chaos.

Do write to us about your experiences with something which have caused you big time trouble in your work or maybe in your personal life. We would love to hear from you and we shall take lessons from your mistakes and make sure we are cautious of them in future.

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