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Designer That Are Best At What They Do. Know How To Identify Them?

Mayur Gori - February 24, 2020 - 0 comments

How To Identify The Best Interior Designer for your Space?

I have always took on the challenge of knowing my clients. What they want, what they desire more or what would they like in their interior designer. But, any of these questions are second in line. The very first question is how to know whether the designer that they have approached or want to approach is the best designer for their requirements. Isn’t it? Choosing the right interior designer for your space is always a tedious job. It takes much more than just your time.

Being in this business for more than 7 years and the dedication of delivering more has helped me learn few things. Any client who is looking for an interior designer searches for few qualities. Some of them are specific to their own requirements. And, some are common among each one of them.

Whatever is your specific requirement, make sure you choose the right one who provides you with the best service. I mean obviously! And at the same time offers a perfect design idea that tells your story to people who visit your space and within your budget and be pocket friendly.

Allow me to share these 7 qualities that you must look for in an interior designer to identify whether he or she is best in what they do or no.

let’s begin then.

Degree and qualification is just a paper trail.

Many will tell you, when you contact an interior designer ask for their qualifications. I mean really? Would that suffice your worry? Do you want to appoint him to deliver your job or do you want to offer him a job? Qualification and degree are just a paper. Rather, ask for some achievement certification, awards certifications that he may have achieved along the way. That will certainly prove how good he is.

Conversation over a coffee. Tell you lot about Designer.

Remember when you asked a girl out for a coffee? Ever wondered why coffee? Because that will give you time to talk. And when you talk in person, you get to know lot of thing about the person you are talking to. Their expressions, gestures and until some extent their behavior tells you lot about that person. I am not asking you to be judgmental here, but be observant.

Make list of questions. Question that gives clarity.

Once you have an idea about that interior designer you’re talking to. You start with your questions for some more elaborated research of finding your dream Interior Designer. Questions like;

  • Does he/she listen to you and ask questions about your unique lifestyle?
  • Does he/she try to persuade you just because “it looks good,” or because there is a real reason pertaining to your floor plan, budget, etc.?
  • Can he/she comfortably accomplish your goals within your budget?
  • Can he/she adapt to suit your style, schedule, and other needs?
  • Is he/she friendly and easy to reach by phone or email? You’ll be spending a lot of time talking, so you should get along with your designer. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy this process, which should be energizing and fun!

Ask for Designer’s Portfolio. Physical or Digital.

Next step should be a portfolio of the designer. Don’t get too excited just looking a the portfolio. Hold your horses and dig deeper.

The portfolio may look gorgeous and wow. But, if everything in the portfolio has similar design? Then it doesn’t serve your purpose. Which is to have a space designed uniquely and which looks different. Isn’t it the first thing why you are hiring a designer?

Instead, you look for some of the designs which matches your style and taste in that portfolio. Also look for designs that are different as per price points. Go ahead and ask for their project cost (Have at it). With an unlimited budget, not just an Interior Designer but a layman can too create fantastic portfolio images. However, it’s just as important that he or she can finish attractive designs for any given budget.

Check Credentials.

You liked the designer and his portfolio. Is that it? No it isn’t. How would you know that whatever he is saying is true? Do you have any proof other than him saying it is truth? You may not, but you can ask for the past clients contact details. So that you verify the genuineness and if whatever he is saying is true he may not say no to that.

Authenticity is the best assurance.

You took so much efforts to know him. You contacted his past clients and got good reviews about his work and his commitments. But, you’re still one step away from knowing his authenticity. How would you know whether those contact details were correct or no. They could be his friends covering up for him or her. Isn’t it? You might wonder who does that. But, trust me i have came across such incidents too, and they happen as well. So what should you do now? You may want to visit site or two where he has worked and get in touch with his clients in person. This will give you an authenticity certificate of the designer.

Last. Get to know what kind of services Designer can provide.

Many Interior Designers only provide specific services to their clients. You may want to know that what all services your Interior Designer provides. Will he/she provide only design consultation or more than that. Some are the services option that we provide at Green Pen Decor;

  • End-to-End Services– Design Options, Detailed designs, Delivery, installation and post-handover support.
  • Complete Portfolio of Offerings– Flooring, Ceiling, Furniture, Wall Decor, electrical and network cabling, HVAC, access control, soft furnishings, artifacts and everything in between.
  • Umpteen Design Solutions – From a minimalist interior that creates a pleasant workspace to the interior that makes a brand statement, GPD offer design for varied requirements and budgets.
  • Hassle- Free Management – From Delivery and contracting to complete project management,  GPD takes care of everything to ensure that the project flows smoothly from start to end and beyond.

Beside the qualification and work experience, check for the designer’s understanding of your requirements. I think the best designer is the one that can solve its client’s requirements. The one who ask for your opinion and ideas regarding the colors, liking and suggests accordingly. Most important is the cost efficiency.

If you want to know more about Interior Designer you can always contact us. Click Here!

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