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Illumination Is The New Innovation.

Mayur Gori - May 15, 2020 - 1 comment

Illumination Is The New Innovation.


“We would never know the meaning of darkness, if we don’t know what light is.”

                                             – Mayur Gori

We could all agree that sometimes things change so drastically and dramatically in our lives and in our profession. Right? Same sort of thing happened with illumination in last 4 to 5 years of time. Few years back or let’s say a decade back light fixtures were used for their core purpose and that was to illuminate the place which was filled with darkness. Isn’t it? Hence, people have started to take this subject way more seriously and from past few years things have been changed gradually. People have changed their perception towards the devices which projects or illuminates lights.

A huge shift in their use, looks, functionality and many other aspects has taken over. People today don’t just buy the lights but they invest in the complete package of the product. Interior designers and architects have started using different kinds of mood lights for different usages. Now we can fulfill any kinds of requirement without any hesitation. But, this wasn’t possible few years back and we can all agree to it.
Business of illumination has gone in a whole new dimension. They are not a thing anymore which one can simply ignore, when it comes to specially in Interior Designing. Now they play a vital role in Interior Designing. In this pursuit of changing the face of illumination we have tried some of our own creation to add one more dimension to this chapter of lights and illumination.
We truly believe, if you can customize the space into a reflection of the person and organization that space, according to the the persons likes and dislikes with the help of furniture, paints and decorative then why not light fixtures? Now you can include one more factor of illumination to it. Using the talent and their requirement, you can create your own set of fixtures of light and that too with ease. It is hassle free and requires no extra skill set.
We would like to share one of our attempt to create our own sets of illumination device that just don’t illuminate the space but lighten up the feel of the space too.
green-pen-decor-cover-image-03 GPD 
In these pictures, as you can see we have used medium density fiber board, which is known as MDF. With its raw feel and the vibrant color. Emphasizing more on lights and design attraction as well.
With the help of few basic tools and materials one can make this at their home. Without any extra skill set required. DIY (DO IT YOURSELF)  you can say.
Although, the most important thing is to focus on the safety and functionality first. To live up to that we’ve used LED bulbs and made sure that they don’t touch any surface and hang independently in their glory.
Bulbs tend to get heat up after a certain amount of time and there are chances that anything might go wrong. Just to make the piece look attractive isn’t the right way to do it. We shouldn’t forget the main goal is to make it functional and durable.
We have created many more of this kind of light fixtures. They are highly safe and sophisticated. The best thing about them is they are unique and made as per the requirement of the space. Keeping the main goal always as a priory. that us proper illumination and its functionality.
Stay tuned to find out more on these illumination innovation that have taken a new shift in design industry. It is not a question of hanging there and just illuminate. In addition, they now rather shine bright in the darkness and also enlighten us in the bright day light too with their design.
See you soon!
Till then keep the illumination shine bright!

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