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Why Imagination Plays An Important Role In Designing?

Mayur Gori - June 26, 2020 - 0 comments

“Why Imagination Plays An Important Role In Designing?”




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Imagination Plays An Important Role In Interior Design And Life.

A very creative artist and a man once said something about imagination.
“ Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso
What we see as normal today, was once impossible. Everything in this world today that surrounds us, was first imagined by a brilliant mind and soul, and then it got manifested into the real world. Someone dared to take the challenge, and turn it into an opportunity and made it happen.
Imagination plays an important role, not just into any artist’s life, but in any human life for that matter. We all have a power of imagination within us, and the only thing that stops us from having a vivid imagination is our own self, our own fears and anxieties. (what may happen?)
“The best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety.” — Deepak Chopra
But this isn’t just about you and me, or your neighbor next door. This is about almost every human life today.
Today we have almost all the resources that one could only have imagined is at our disposal, and most of it for free. Ever before in human history, no other generation ever had the comfort that we have today. But yet we are today, suffering from the sickness that we’d like to call an illness. Depression, anxiety, and paranoia.
We have been blessed with a human life, and if we aren’t using the power of our imagination it is nothing but a biggest loss to humanity.
And when an artist or a creative person doesn’t use his power of imagination, he starts imitating. An artist is always known for his work of art, and that identity is only earned through his own signature style. That style or an art form comes only through his own imagination.
You can call it the purest and unique form of perspective. It is the way an individual artist perceives this world and tries to express it thought his art. I don’t think anything can ever be as pure as this.
“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” — Albert Einstein
I am an Interior Designer and I can certainly tell you the importance of imagination and why is it so important for me to be able imagine and visualize. It definitely plays a huge role, especially into Interior Design profession. If being a creative person I cannot imagine my work, how else someone expect me to help my client visualize my designs, and explain them how it would turn out?
Being an imaginative person gives me an extra ounce of confidence, and it certainly gives me an edge over my workers, and over my clients.
If I were to be honest with you, then I’d say, only because of my power of imagination I am able to work through my projects smoothly, and earn my share of bread and butter.
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein
One may wonder, how is it any relevant to someone who isn’t a creative person? Answer to that curiosity is, it isn’t just limited to creative person only. As we discussed in the earlier part of this article, It is within all of us and it is been given us for a reason.
Allow me to share few of the other major aspects of my life where my imagination helps me get through my day better.
  • I don’t have to wait for things to happen.
  • It helps me take more correct decisions.
  • Never get surprised by the end result.
  • It boosts my excitement & productivity.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

#1 → I Don’t Have To Wait For Things To Happen:

There is dream and then there is imagination. Developing your imagination is something that allows you to dream of your choice.

Dreams are something that isn’t in our control, but imaginations are. They can be lucid. You select your own topic of imagination, and then you elaborate on that. So this way you can imagine what is it that going to happen or can happen. It is a mixture of your gut and intuition.

#2 → It Helps Me Take More Correct Decisions:

As we discussed in the first point. Imaginations are lucid and of our own choices. So when you have an option of choosing you obviously choose correct for you. I hope you do!

Choice is always between at least two things or objects or anything that is at least two or more. Most of the time it is between right or wrong, correct or incorrect. So this helps us to make a correct and a right choice between the two. I again hope that you choose the right.

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#3 → Never Get Surprised By The End Result.

I could not emphasis enough on this one. This helps me in almost every decision of my life. I know it may fall on a wrong side, but at least saves me from the shock. As having the liberty in imagining something, I choose to imagine both the scenarios.

Good or bad, excellent or worse. Having both the scenarios worked out in my mind helps me be more realistic to any given situations. I know you may think that it kills the fun and surprise, but again this is about individual choice.

#4 → It Boosts My Excitement & Productivity.

I have seen people killing fun and surprises, but not by imagining something, but because they didn’t imagine at all. It is about no excitement for life or anything in life for that matter.

When I started to use this power to my advantage, it started to boost my excitement even more. And when you are excited you are happy & thrilled, and you perform any task with joy. The joy doesn’t let you feel tired at all, and it bring the best out of you.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

I hope this may encourage you to start using the power of imagination. And I hope too that soon you will have things to share it with the world. Do not worry we aren’t going any where. You can come back soon and let us know the stories of your imagination.


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