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Headboard And The Importance Of It In Your Room.

Mayur Gori - April 21, 2020 - 0 comments

A Head Behind A Headboard.

A-head-behind-a-headboard-and-importance-of-it-in-your-room. GPD. Interior Designing

I feel so proud to be able to experience the both with and without feeling of a “Headboard.”

For many years I have lived without a headboard. I have never thought of it as a necessary piece of furniture. Definitely it was before I turned into an Interior Designer. But, I didn’t just realize the importance of a headboard only because I was an Interior Designer now or that I learned from my teachers at design institute told me to. Nah!
In fact, this experience is my own personal experience of a headboard.
Headboard-part-2. Interior Desining. GPD
Before & After
This is how my bedroom wall look to earlier when I didn’t have a headboard. To be blunt I didn’t want a headboard. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford a headboard headboard but the lack of knowledge and exposure to headboard was as good as zero. But, gradually I realized why one must have a headboard and the importance of it.
Allow me to share my experience and what I have learnt about having headboard and what happens when you don’t have one.
I hope you don’t sleep over it.

It Completes The Room.

Being an interior designer I am automatically inclined towords the technical, design and the decor aspect of it by default. So it definitely plays a major role as per decor is concerned. It completes the look and feel of the room. If you don’t have a headboard your entire wall looks empty and incomplete. It is kinda unpleasant to look at to put it bluntly.
It does completes the decor of the room and it does represents about your personality too.

Saves You From Embarrassment.

Yeah! Been there. Done that. Stains of your head and hair oil, your fingerprints etc etc. They provide key to a thief or a scientist to either use it against you by using your bio metrics to rob you or use your DNA to clone you. Either way you loose. And 50 shades of your wall. Do you really want me to get start over that or even comment? I hope not.
Save yourself from the embarrassment please. And yes it does save you your hard earned money too for which you worked you A*% off. How? The paint that you use to cover your embarrassment under it costs a good amount of money. And you can be saved from getting kicked out of your own bedroom while the paint work is happening. But, if you have a headboard, you can save yourself from lot of that trouble and can invest that time and money to better use.

It Helps You Save Time & Headache.

Once I dropped a penny and it was cool. Because, I did not need it. who needs penny these day anyway? And I moved on. Ignoring the fact that my bed must be angry or maybe hungry and it ate my penny today. Tomorrow it might need something else. And guess what I did. It ate my cellphone. I definitely cannot move on from that nor can you. And it is very very difficult to get it out from the jaw of that dark hole.
I had to go through all sorts of trouble to get it out. And things like these are like an ultimate punishment to you. It happens exactly when you’re running late. (I know it happened with you too.) Been there too. Phew! But now I don’t have to worry about that incident happening anymore. PEACE! All thanks to my wonderful headboard.
Click HERE! To know more about the types of headboard. A-Lavish-Living. Headboard. GPD. Interior Designing

Comfort Is The Endgame.

Why do we call it a bedroom? Any clue? I’ll tell you. Bedroom is called room with a bed. Where we sleep to rest obviously. Keep naughty thoughts away for a while. So you agree that it is about comfort. Right?
“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.”
Anthony Burgess
Headboard is a piece of furniture which definitely adds to that comfort i am referring to. Our entire goal of having headboard is comfort and rest of the things are just mere benefits that comes along with it.

Need Not Be Expensive.

Whenever we talk about comfort we often think of it as something expensive or difficult to acquire. Isn’t it? But trust me, being an Interior Designer and being pretty good at what I do I can guarantee you that a headboard need not be expensive at all. There are so many wide ranges are available in the market to choose from.
Headboard comes in various shapes and sizes and they come in different kinds of materials, textures, comfort and different kind of look and different kinds of patterns.Feel free to research for your headboard and finalize the one you are comfortable with.

It Is A Luxury, But A Necessary One.

It being a luxury makes it even more of a necessity. How? Are you really willing to go through all the trouble I have been and overlook the fact and ignore? Mostly when you refurbish, redesign or you design your home or your room, headboard might add less than a percent in your budget. But it repays you with various things in return. Which are comfort, luxury and saves you a lot of embarrassment. Then why wouldn’t you have a headboard? If you have any strong reason please care to let the world know about it as we can’t wait to hear it.
I might have exaggerated a bit here. But whatever I have said, it’s completely my own experience of having and not having a headboard. And i have tried to share it with you guys. I was also very ignorant at first about having a headboard but now when I have it, I could really lay down and even sit upright on my bed and sleep peacefully.
I forgot to mention the best thing. Yes it doesn’t let my pillow fall off from the bed. And you know how annoying and irritating that could be.
If you need any help with the design, material or have any other queries or confusions regarding choosing a right headboard for yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help you.
Thank you for sleeping by! Oh sorry, stopping by! 🙂

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