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INDOOR PLANTS – An Interior Space That Breaths.

Mayur Gori - August 15, 2020 - 0 comments

INDOOR PLANTS – An Interior Space That Breaths.

Indoor Plants. Help your interior space to breathe. GPD. Interior Design.

Indoor Plant And Houseplants.

First let us discuss why plants? Either Indoor or outdoor. . .

As we all know the first and most important thing about plants are that they absorb the carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which us humans and other animals breath to stay alive and awesome. But this awesomeness is only possible if we have enough plants and greens to produce oxygen.
These days it is very difficult to find green cover not around you but on this planet. Again thanks to us and our evolution in infrastructure. And the green cover we have left, we like to call it wild forest where wilderness thrives.

That is not enough. . .

There are lot of other things which are entitled with plants. They are not just a source of our oxygen and fresh air. You’d be surprised to know that they provide us with food too. Food that we and other animals eat to survive. Nothing is more saddening than to come with drives that spread awareness of how much important plants and trees are.
Apart from providing us with our basic need of physical well-being and survival plants have other things to offer too for our emotional and psychological well-being. And they are. . .
Plants boost our mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. They even help reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue etc. They have lot of important medicinal values in them too. (I hope you’ve heard about homemade remedies.) They are nothing but a medicine made at home from variety of plants and herbs.

What are Indoor plants ?

Indoor plants are also called as Houseplants. . .

A houseplants is a plant that grows indoor in spaces like homes and offices. Some may use them as a decorative purpose but yet they have a psychological effect too.

Indoor plants purifies the air inside our spaces. A 1989 study conducted by NASA found that certain houseplants improve the air quality in the room by filtering out harmful toxins and pollutants, like formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. Try keeping a ficus, which can remove pollutants from furniture or carpet.

Siam Garden Plantvlant Ficus Elastica Rubber Fig Indoor Live Plant

Product : Amazon

Siam Garden Plantvlant Ficus Elastica Rubber Fig Indoor Live Plant

Cost : 345.00/- Rs. 

Indoor plants are as beneficial as any outdoor plant. But reason of them being called an indoor plant or a houseplant is that they can survive without sun and water for a longer period of time. Some indoor plants may require water once a week and some indoor plants  may require sun only once a week.

How does Indoor Plants help us?

Indoor plants produce clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen. Add life to a sterile office, give privacy and reduce noise levels. It also helps us boost our mental wellbeing. (You may have often heard people talk about nature walk.) It is indeed helpful. 

When you have indoor plants in your space they will require some nurturing and care. That is one more added quality in your list. You will learn to be careful and empathetic more.

Now we know what are Indoor Plants and what are its benefits. It’s time now we discover plants who can be good for your indoor space. 

Let’s begin then. . .

There are numerous indoor plants available but whenever you plan to get one for yourself you must know the significance of that particular plant.

1 → Peace Lily

Indoor Plants. Interior Design. Home Decor. GPD

The peace lily has shown an ability to remove many toxins, making it highly effective as a supplement for your home’s air filtration system. You can keep this plant at high corners and in shade. Water this plant weekly and it will purify the air for years.


Ugaoo Peace Lily Plant with Self Watering Pot (Spathiphyllum Sensation)

Cost : 325.00/- Rs.


2 → Devil’s Ivy

This plant is one the plant which thrives even more when in direct contact with sunlight. It being popular choice for a house plant because its ability to eliminate and filter lot of harmful air pollutants. This is a must have indoor plant.


Rolling Nature Good Luck Air Purifying Live Golden Money Plant in White Square Aroez Ceramic Pot

Cost : 399.00/- Rs.


3 → Red-Edged Dracaena

This plant produces red berries and white flowers. So, it not only looks interesting, it helps filter air and needs minimal care. Keep the soil slightly moist and you’ll have an interesting plant that filters your air for years.

NASA identified this plant for its ability to filter numerous airborne particles, including benzene, trichloroethylene, and xylene.


Rolling Nature Air Purifying Red Edged Dracaena Marginata Plant in Brown Drip Glazed Pitcher Ceramic Pot.

Cost : 799.00/- Rs.


4 → Snake Plant

Indoor Plants. Interior Design. Home Decor. GPD

This is one of the easiest plants to care for, requiring minimal attention and maintenance. Snake plant has grown favorite among indoor plant lovers because of its air purification ability as it does not require lot of experience or expertise in keeping plants.

This plant has lot of life and it does even well under low light setting. This unique quality helps this plant to stay alive even when you neglect to take care of it.


Leafy Tales Sansevieria Superba Air Purifier Live Plant in White Plastic Pot (Thailand Snake Plant) | NASA Indoor Plant

Cost : 485.00/- Rs.


5 → Aloe Vera


When you hear the word “aloe vera” the first thing that strikes in our mind is healthy. Isn’t it? It is true indeed. These plants grow fast and looks great inside a space. It purifies our air too.

These plants can even flower indoor, but they need to reach maturity first. To reach flowering stage, a strong source of light will be needed.


Root Us PlantCafe Aloe Vera Low Maintenance Indoor Air Medicinal Plant 5″

Cost : 338.00/- Rs. 


6 → Bamboo Palm

This is one of the top plants for filtering formaldehyde, a very common airborne particle in homes. If you wish to keep this plant inside your home you must find a place where the sunlight is strong. These plants can thrive in strong light.

Bigger is better is the concept that relates with this plant a lot. It being bigger in scale helps keep the air clean much more effectively. This plant can grow up till 12 feet. So you want to keep it nicely trimmed.


Ugaoo Air Purifying Bamboo Palm Plant with Self Watering Pot

Cost : 445.00/- Rs.


7 → English Ivy

Indoor Plants. Interior Design. Home Decor. GPD

This popular indoor can be highly effective for filtering benzene, formaldehyde, and other toxins from the air. Not just that but this plant reduces the amount of mold found in home.

With generous watering and direct sunlight, the English Ivy can help maintain a healthy home and remove any airborne particles.


HILLMART ™ Natural Live Cute Plant (Senecio Wax Leaf Ivy, English Ivy) with Hand Drawn Artistic Small Pot for Desktop, Live Plant

Cost : 330.00/- Rs.


8 → Spider Plant

Its thick white roots stores food and moisture which allows it to survive when you are less attentive. If you are new to indoor plants, and you want something that supplements your air purification, a spider plant should be at the top of your list. 

This plant can thrive in bright light or indirect sunlight and will grow shoots that eventually grow into separate spider plant. 


Rolling Nature Air Purifying Spider Plant in White Dew Bucket Ceramic Pot

Cost : 399.00/- Rs.


9 → Boston Fern

These plants are not recommended for casual planters. Although it being easy to grow and maintain if they stay well hydrated. But it needs check up on soil almost everyday. 

The Boston fern is equipped to not just filter the air within your home but it takes out the chemicals too, such as xylene and formaldehyde.


Ugaoo Green Fern Mini with Self Watering Pot

Cost : 345.00/- Rs. 


10 → Rubber Plant

Before the plan of purchasing this plant you must have a plan to provide a space for this plant to grow. Apart from having a shiny leaves this plants grows bigger just in few years. So until you are not ready with the place to spare to let it grow we recommend not to get this plant as your houseplant.

You must have to be mindful too if you have pets or children. As the sap of this plant is messy and irritant to the skin. 


Cosmos Nature Air Purifier Variegated Rubber Plant with Pot

Cost 449.00/- Rs. 


11 → Cactus And Succulents 

Biggest advantage in having a Cactus or Succulent is that it is a good way to bring more green inside a space. They can live into a harsh condition and yet blom. 

If you know that you won’t be able to give much attention and time to your indoor plants these are the perfect ones for you. 


CAPPL Cactus Lab – 6 in 1 Combo Live Cactus Plants

Cost : 1,099.00/- Rs.

If you have any question please feel free to ask us. Either in the comment section or you can always contact us via email or you can contact us on any of the social media platform available. 


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