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Art And Innovative Thinking Always Leads To Wonders.

Mayur Gori - February 18, 2020 - 1 comment

Innovative thinking always leads to wonders.




“An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.”
– James Whistler.

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An artist, and a creative person’s life is always filled with challenges, and battles. Though, not with the world, but within themselves. A true artist always strives to be better than whatever he was yesterday perfecting his art. That is their whole life pursuit I feel. Isn’t that so?

I always have this urge to satisfy my own hunger of creativity which in fact never gets satisfied or fulfilled. I always want to deliver my best than what I have delivered last.

Art Is A Battle Within, And Not outside.

I came across with this exciting adventure of designing a display studio while my battle was on with myself. Plans and drawings were made and designing was almost final. If I were to give you a brief vision or an idea to imagine this studio. Then, imagine a place which is competently filled with artistic work either handmade or machine made. But, it is always going to be crowded with an art and only art.

Working for such a lovely temple of arts, one had to think about any possible art which could be hanged or displayed here. When things were almost through my inner self realized something in the midst of creative chaos, that I have forgotten to make a provision for the canvas painting display. (Imagine the chaos now going withing myself.)

You Are Paid For Your Art, And Not For What You Know.

Hanging them simply on the wall was the least i would do. I would rather display them in an artistic way with an art hanging on it. Now the display studio I was designing, was a small space than an average size of any design studio. And, it was indeed a challenge to make space for many arts to put it on display.

When we spoke to client, the words that we got back did sound like this “provide a particular area for the painting display.” Now imagine providing a space for painting in an already small space. Yeah! It is even difficult to imagine but I had to take this up. Because, that is what we do and get paid for. isn’t it ?

I had to think beyond of an artist mind. I had to think like an artist but act like a designer. So this both different personality got together and well they got me a solution for it too. They still haunt me sometime though for being so mean to them. Though they have always been my rescuer who served me with the best of the answers to my any problems.

Now the challenge was to come up with something that wasn’t just a wild thought or an idea. But, a display for those art babies which give them their own kingdom to hang proudly in their glory and maintaining the pride of the space as well.

Geometry concept into interior design project. art

As you can see I have created a wooden frame which creates ‘L’ shape room which allows users to roam into that ‘L’ shape space and have a private moment with the art and admire the craftsmanship too.

Question rose in clients mind that how one will use this frame structure to display their paintings? And I was kind of excited sensing their curiosity to be honest. keeping them curious gave me a different high. Though, i wasn’t planning to keep them in the dark. But hey! little curiosity wouldn’t kill the cat.

It took me one night, 3 cup of coffee and a lot of determination to create this master piece. One might wonder why night? But, if you are an artist I am pretty sure you didn’t think that. Right? We all are night owls. Hopefully!

When sun rose from its bed all bright and shiny it elevated the whole feel of it and that is how this master piece was born with intent of brightening up its purpose of displaying those painting.

It took lot of patience and determination to create this wonder than just hard work. When you determine about making changes, something does changes within you.

Successful designer requires patience and persistence. Know why?

I have put a lot of thoughts and efforts as a team to create this masterpiece and I hope you like the effort and the thought behind it. If you’ve anything to ask or to suggest please feel free to do so. I am all ears.

Until then keep Designing and keep creating.

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