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Inspiration To Design An Attractive “Distraction.”

Mayur Gori - March 27, 2020 - 2 comments

Design Distraction Which Is An “ATTRACTION.”

When distraction leads to attraction, it is not a distraction anymore.”

— Mayur Gori

Hi there. We’ve always heard people crying over their weakness and that is, they get distracted too often in their lives and how they want to overcome their distractions. Well there are few distractions in the world which are either already there or created by us with the intent of attracting people which ultimately gets labelled as ‘Sweet Attractions’. They say ‘all that glitter is not gold’ agreed! But, all that distracts us, is not a distraction. In fact, it turns into an Inspiration.

Well, we as an artistic people are always mysterious in our own way. Aren’t we? So, we always try to feed some challenges to serve our hunger of being a good designer/creator. To name one, we have something really amazing and fascinating to show you along. So, brace yourself.

We have designed a partition which in technical terms can be called as a “Distraction.” But, beautifully designed to attract people and grab their attention.

First, let’s talk about the inspiration behind the concept of creating this partition.

The Brief:

The client we were working with at the time of this project was very skeptical about spending too much money to have a creative and innovative partition for his yoga + dance studio. So he suggested that we should come up with something which serves the purpose yet does not look like “only” a partition and above of all it should ultimately fit into our sweet little budget. We bet you’ve heard that line a million times if you’re into design industry. So here was the obvious challenge which we always look for to feed our hunger. How could we let it slip away through our hands? So we happily accepted and asked client to grant us a few days’ time to come up with something effective and which fits under all their criteria.

The Struggle, Inspiration & Success:

A day passed but we had nothing really concrete that attracts or even interests or which can be “THE ONE.” We did all sorts of research, did brainstorming and looked everywhere possible for some inspiration. In search of an inspiration, We forgot to look inward, turn within and kept looking outward. but thanks to our head designer for coming to our rescue. And then it hit us in the face. Our head designer saw his mother doing something with sewing machine. You know how they say “Inspiration hits you when you least expect it to.” Wildest thought ran over and that was his “inner self screaming.” Please go do something with those threads. Will you? And voila! There it was our inspiration standing right in front of our eyes.

He then mentions “I borrowed one of the roll of that thread and started looking at it like a crazy person and finally after giving it a good amount of thoughts and time, I came up with this distracted yet inspiring attraction.”

DSC_0811-Copy. GPD. Inspiration. Thread

We call it a “Jharokha Darshan.” It’s the term used here in India for the partition. Which is see-through yet allows the person to look beyond its existence till certain range.

green-pen-decor-cover-image-04 Temperature. Inspiration. GPD

The next challenge was what should be its size, shape, and color and how durable & sustainable it is to actually make it. And, use it as a partition? This was the time when we had to call a team meeting.

yoga-studio-06. Inspiration. GPD. Interior Design

So with the help of our teamwork we came to a conclusion and that way this amazing, elegant and skillful design was born.

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It did serve its main purpose and enhanced the beauty of the studio at the same time. And, the best part about this design is, it’s easily movable with no extra labor or skill required. Any person (adult) can lift it and shift & adjust it accordingly.

yoga-studio-02. GPD. Pink. Inspiration       Thread Partition. GPD. Interior Design

We as a team enjoy working for difficult challenges that designing throws at us and it was definitely one of them. And, it left us all in Awe! When it turned out so magical. It looked refreshing, unique and mesmerizing.

Please do let us know what you think about this design distraction which is an attraction. Hence, it was created with the purpose of distraction between two spaces.

Thanks for stopping by. Later!

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