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Inspire Others To Come Up With Brilliant Ideas. Know How!

Mayur Gori - June 12, 2020 - 0 comments

Ways To Inspire Others To Come Up With Brilliant Ideas.

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Don’t you feel sometime, if you had a magic wand with you, so that you can have a power to inspire a change in the face of the earth? Okay! If not earth at least things related to you? Per say your Interior Design company, and people who work for that company, and yes your loved ones too? We know you thought of it many times. Don’t lie.

What if you we tell you that there is not one, or two, but many magic wands available to inspire and motivate you and others along. But would you be willing to know, how to have them first and use them later?

If your answer is YES! please proceed. And if your answer is NO! Watch Netflix. (Your inspiration lies there.)

First you need to understand that “Great power comes with great responsibility” We hope you’ve come across this quote quite a few times by now. If not we’d suggest you read it again. To break the surprise it is hundred percent true.

See there is nothing in this world that cannot be achieved or conquered. Honestly! The only thing that matters is that, you must be willing to pay the price, and you shall have all the benefits that comes along with it.

Inspire Them. . .

We all must first have a Will and Vision to actually change something, which is greater than our own–self. To have a creative and inspire(d) environment we must employ creative culture, which emphasizes on other peoples passion and respects their talents too.

So how do you employ a creative culture that Inspire(s) and motivates others to believe in your companies goals, vision and passion?

Let’s dive in and discover those magic wands that we talked about earlier. Shall we?

→ Magic Wand No. #1

Have Right People Around You:

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.”

So meaningful and true. If you have the right kind of people around you, and by right we mean people who believe in your dreams and goals, and be as passionate as you are for your goals. Always have your faith in them, and walk together with them with one vision, and one day you will reach achieve your goal together. Be around those people who fan your flames.

→ Magic Wand No. #2

Have A Culture That Inspire And Supports The Passion Of Each Other:

“Finishing the job isn’t the right way. But finishing the job right away, is everything.”

Always promote your co-workers, colleagues and employees work, and never miss a chance to appreciate their work and efforts. A single gesture of appreciation motivates them to do even more in future, not because you asked them to, but because they know, how appreciative you are always for their efforts. Even if they have done something incorrectly they would not hesitate to come up to you, and discuss openly without having a fear of hiding the mistake. This creates immense amount of clarity among each other.

→ Magic Wand No. #3

Create Systems Of Rewards And Awards For Healthy Competition:

“If you continuously Compete with others, you become bitter. But if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better.”

Healthy competition is a competition, that is with yourself. Having a rewarding culture will motivate employees to get the best out of themselves. Why someone wouldn’t perform, or even try to get the best out of themselves, when they know that they are being recognized for efforts, and they are being awarded too for the same. Having an environment that is reward based to motivate and inspire them they would take the criticism also healthily.

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→ Magic Wand No. #4

Have A Brainstorming Session Before Getting Started:

“The man who moves mountains, begins by carrying small stones.”

By above statement what we are trying to convey is include everyone. Sit with your respective team. Include each and every member who comes under that hierarchy. Whenever you are involved in something, you feel wanted, and when you feel wanted you connect with it, and feel part of it. Before getting started with any new project or any work for that matter, you might want to have a brainstorming session with your entire team. Who knows you might get something really great out of those small stones.

→ Magic Wand No. #5

Have An Empathetic Culture:

“The man who has confidence in himself, gains the confidence of others.”

Suppose you had a bad day. How would you feel that day? The first thing you’d definitely want is, someone to be there to comfort you, and console you. Isn’t it? Be that person for your employees and colleagues, and they’d feel the same for you, and will return the favor. Help them build their lost confidence, because they had one bad day, or one bad moment. They shall gain confidence, and would do the same for their colleagues in futures. It’s called the chain reaction.

Now, didn’t we tell you that we have not one or two, but many magic wands in the store for you? Every company, firm or corporate is a culture in its own. Adapt a creative culture, and you will definitely inspire them to come up with brilliant and inspiring ideas to help you fulfill your vision and goals together.

Happy creation!

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