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How did I begin with an interior design career?

No Institute can teach an individual how to design. It is a skill which is developed by an individual through his/her own experiences. However while becoming an interior designer there are few steps which you can follow, to begin with, as just being good with designs doesn’t get your work and you’ll agree too that without a buyer our services are no good. So to get people to hire you as their designer, our experience suggests that being thorough with the following steps will not only get you your share of bread but also your share of satisfaction of work.

  • It’s a career that sees no limits or boundaries.

Being just good with drawings or even great with colours doesn’t get you the desired work you’ve been dreaming of. Interior designing is a career which has no limitations or boundaries attached to it. One must set themselves free of any bondage. Because you never know what kind of client you’re going to deal with in future. If you set limits you will have to suffer in future. You must be clear about your vision but do not limit yourself.

  • Find your focus:

Finding your focus will help you stay away from the fuss and will help you save a lot of time. We know you have a question to ask. Allow us to elaborate. Suppose you have been brushing your teeth with your right hand, if we ask you to do it with your eyes closed we bet you will still be able to brush your teeth the exact same way you’ve been brushing all your life. Right? It’s because the right hand has a habit of it and now it remembers the pattern. You need to find your strength in design business as well. How does it help? It helps you gain immense knowledge in that aspect and let you become a master of it. So when people approach you for the design service they will know that what your mastery is.

  • Getting started:

You’ve spent a good amount of time in finding your strength and that says you are ready to pursue this career, obviously! So, to get you started you would require a few things in your possession. Don’t stress! The great thing about interior designing is it doesn’t demand any humongous investment to start off with. But, you will have to make a small contribution which will pay off in future.

Things you would require to get yourself started;

  • Get yourself an up-to-date computer. ( no high-end machine is required.)
  • Get the Basic software installed in your computers. (AutoCad, 3D software, photoshop etc.)
  • Get your business cards printed for yourself and make sure they are highly creative.
  • Get yourself a good portfolio. It can be physical or digital. We know your next question! What should I put into that portfolio? What if I am yet to find a project? Any person will appoint you for your designs and for that you don’t need projects. Right?
  • Last but definitely not the least. Get your documents ready. (Services you offer, Charges for those services, contracts-bond Etc.)


  • How to Charge?

In life, we all want to earn our share of bread and butter. And everything comes at a specific cost. There are particular charges for everything in this world. Do you know why? So that people know what they are buying and how much they need to pay for it. Same way if you won’t let your clients know how much do you charge for your services and the job, I guess they will never know your secret number. So start by listing down the services you are willing to offer and charges for those services. It keeps clarity between you and your client. If you have that ready then the client would know what services they are willing to get it from you as per their budget or will.

List of services you can offer and charge accordingly:

  • Design Consultation.
  • Colour consultation.
  • Designing + supervision.
  • Designing + execution.
  • Complete project.


  • Get it all on paper:

Once your deal is fixed and what services you are going to provide as per Client’s requirements, then comes the most important thing to do before starting a project. Don’t be too excited about starting a project and forget this most important step in haste. If you ignore this then this might lead to the biggest stress of your life. Getting a contract signed by a client will be an assurance that you will get paid for the services you are going to render to them and it is a bond between a designer and a client. Be professional about this and get your contract include each and every detail and it is readable. Nothing fancy is required here. You can get it made by any lawyer you may know or appoint one for this job. This contract will make you a better designer as well. How? You will be bind to deliver what you have mentioned in the contract and that fulfilling commitment will keep you motivated.

  • How to present it to a new Client?

Your project is complete and you have been referred by your existing clients. Now what? Would you show them the same presentation as you showed them to your recent Client? Big no!

Stay updated. Finishing an on-site work doesn’t mean you’re done. There is lot more to do and to name a few.

  • Take photographs of your work.
  • Make your client fill a feedback form for you.
  • Make a separate project analysis file. Note down things which needs improvements and which area needs more attention.

These things will help you keep track of your growth and it will make you look professional to your future clients as well.

  • How to grow your client list?

Come on! Who doesn’t like to grow? That was the first reason you’ve started this journey. Isn’t it? But, what one should do to determine that they are going to get more business and grow as a respected interior designer?

No sweat! We’ve got you covered. There are no special tricks or hidden mantra to get more business. You did a pretty great job in your last project, you took photographs, feedback’s, testimony’s everything but what would you do to generate leads apart from references your clients provide? There are a few simple things you can do to up your game.

  • Be socially connected. Talk to people, friends and family and let them know what you do. These methods are free of cost and yet very effective.
  • Invest some money into getting yourself an attractive website. It will get your business for sure.
  • Organise events related to interior design or attend events which has anything to do with interior design. Expose yourself.
  • You can always write about your experiences related to interior designing through blog posts and let other people and fellow interior designers learn through your experiences.

Being consistent in what you do can get you at your highest peak and can help you earn your share of respect into the big designers League. Once you start doing the right things People and other designers will start recognising you and they might want to associate with you. We hope that you make it a wonderful designer and we would soon hear your success story.

I hope this blog was able to give you insights to better your job as an Interior Designer and teach you a few new things as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

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