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How A Piece Of Furniture Changed My Whole Perspective Towards How I See Design.

Mayur Gori - July 16, 2020 - 4 comments

How A Piece Of Furniture Changed My Whole Perspective Towards How I See Design.

A-piece-of-furniture-that-changed-my-perspective-of-how-i-see-design. GPD. Interior Design. Home Decor.

A Piece Of Furniture That Changed The Way I See Design.

Since childhood, we’ve always been taught to learn and follow rules, ethics and certain methods invented by few geniuses without raising any questions or doubts. But, nobody ever told us or even tried to teach us beyond those rules and make some of our own along the way if needed.

There is a whole different world that exists outside of these rules. A world full of possibilities and new discoveries that still needs to be discovered. . .

It would be wrong, if I’d say I never followed any rules in my entire life. I was one of them too, but not anymore. I have stopped following them blindly. Why sudden change? Because by living that way I never felt fulfilled within. Something kept pinching and aching inside and wanting to be set free.

My heart wasn’t satisfied with what was being served, and it wanted more. What? I didn’t have any idea at that time. Maybe a CURIOSITY! And it surely did kill my cat one day when I decided that I had enough.

This sudden change into my behavior and approach towards life scared me at first to be honest. It wasn’t all pleasant at the start. But once I gulped down that bitter medicine, all my illness and sickness started to wear off. It felt like I was finally set free from the cocoon I was in. I was rejuvenated!

Like everything else in our lives, this too had its own kinda consequences waiting for me. This had more to do with others than me. Suddenly perception of people started to change and they started judging me for what I was trying to achieve.

Not wanting to follow anything in life blindly anymore, and question everything that is new to me did come with a price of judgments from my own. But I simply didn’t blame anyone, or judged anyone. This is what they’ve been taught to follow their whole life.

So here I was breaking almost all the stereotype, all the rules, and started writing my own. I literally broke free from all the shackles that were holding me back. People started to think I was going crazy. They even thought I may need psychiatrist evolution pretty soon.

You only get one life to live. This concept of afterlife, and previous life is nothing more than a bullshit assumption that we tell ourselves, and the world. Nobody actually knows nothing about it.

So whatever you want to do, I’d request you to please be a little courageous and do it in this life. Do not keep it hanging for anyone, or for any other lifetime.

Be the in-charge of your own life, and destiny. Whether it is right or wrong, true or untrue, good or bad. These are all just a different perspective of people. You must decide them for yourself by your own experience of life only.

After making this tiny roller-coaster like change into my life, it always led me to be all-in, in everything that I did and still do in my life.

Now you may wonder why am I telling you all this and how is it any relevant to anything with the piece of furniture that changed my perspective of design. Aren’t you?

Because recently when I was working on this piece of furniture, I encountered with a similar situation where I realized that there are lot of people who feel entangled and they too want to break free, but they do not know how? So I thought maybe sharing a live example of the situation, many of you who feel stuck can get out of it sooner.

This encountered happened when I finished designing this piece of furniture, and it was taking a shape to become a reality from just being a paper drawing.

I present my gratitude to CARTONLAB for such an inspiring piece of furniture. It wouldn’t have been possible without their design which is made out of a cardboard material. Apart from its beauty it is durable and useful. If you wish to have one for yourself you can purchase it here.

After seeing this wonderful design, I just wanted to challenge myself and was wanting to make the same design with a different material and I chose MDF.

This is how it all began. . .

Piece Of Furniture from cardboard furniture rest area architecture table chair design. lattice table chair design. Interior Deisgn. Home Decor. GPD


While we were onto this unique piece of furniture, we learned many things along the way in the process of making it. We started with a chair first. To make the first chair it took us 3 days of effort, trial and error, countless coffees and intense labored man hours.

After 3 days we were able to list down the deeper meaning of the things which we learned during the course of making, that I’d like to share it with you guys. Shall we?




This wonderful piece of furniture taught us to be passionate. It taught us to have intense and unwavering passion for the creation of life. If you’re passionate enough in life, then nothing is impossible to achieve.

If you’re passionate enough to pursue it, soon you will it unfolding before your eyes.

It was our sheer passion that drove us towards pursuing this creation and it kinda set the tempo for this crazy, complex yet mesmerizing journey of making a piece of furniture that was inspired from a piece of paper.



Any work in our life requires patience. With patience almost everything can be achieved in life. Let it be good or bad. We aren’t talking about intentions here.

After every test you have to wait for its result. And that wait requires patience. Giving a test isn’t easy but waiting for the result of that test is more difficult then the test itself.

We must wait and be patient for the process to take its place. Those 3 days of making that piece of chair was a test and the day 4 was the day where we would find out our result.

More than those 3 days the 4th day taught is to be patient.



We built, we failed. Then we got up and fell. We tried, we lost. Lost hope and were frustrated.

After trying almost everything, we learned several other ways of how you can not make that piece of furniture. But finally we made it. How?

Because we were determined enough to make that furniture a living reality. We wanted to build it not to prove anything to anyone else, but to make a point, that we know we can do anything if we put our heart to it and stay determine.

If the burning desire withing us weren’t determined and strong enough, we would have given up long back. And we never would have able to achieve what we achieved then.

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Everything that we do in our life has a particular process. If we follow the process we end up with a good result and outcome. If we fail to follow that process we might end up with an empty hands.

By process I do not mean that you have to follow some textbook process only. It can be your own customized version.

You may give same ingredients to 10 different people to make a soup. I bet 10 of them will make a soup which will taste entirely different than each other. Why? Because they all followed their own process of making a soup.

You make your own soup your way, but make sure you make it right or else nobody would want to even taste that soup.



To us success was not to finish the entire pieces of furniture. That was a bonus. For us, the success was to be able to make that first piece of chair. It was definitely not easy, but we didn’t rest until we got to the end result.

Success is not achieving what you intend to, but being able to walk the entire path successfully.

Our first piece of furniture which was the chair took 3 days, day & night. And rest of the furniture took only 2 days. Which includes another chair and a center table piece. We didn’t succeed when we made the entire piece of furniture. That was inevitable after our consistent effort to make it.

That first piece of chair revealed many new unknown methods to us that were foreign to us, and helped us discover the right ones too. Through the mixer of some new and old methods, we could then make it easy and simpler to make the entire range of furniture.


Our life is very similar to this piece of furniture. We learn, we grow and we succeed through these 5 deeper lessons that this furniture taught me. All it took from me was to have passion and some courage to pursue the dream of making it a reality. To be determine enough and have patience to it succeed.

I hope this may help you break the chains that are holding you back and set your inner self free to discover all the possibilities that are waiting for you to discover. Break free my friend and fly.

Until next time!


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  1. Dear Mayur Gori. Please receive all our respect for your work and all the passion you put on it, but there are a couple of things that should be said here. Our cardboard designs are not only “real, useful, durable and significant” but also original. Besides, there´s an quite significant difference between inspiration and copy that might be taking into account when publishing certain contents in a professional site. We are so happy you liked our designs. You can get a PDF installation file of our FACETA chair here: https://cartonlab.com/producto/silla-faceta/ Thanks for mentioning our studio. Best wishes and good luck.

    • Hi there! We had no intention to hurt anyone’s feeling there. Apologies for putting it out there like this. We thank you for bringing this into our attention. We hope No love has been lost between us. 🙂

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