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Become A Professional Interior Designer Without Going to Design School.

Mayur Gori - July 6, 2020 - 2 comments

Become A Professional Interior Designer Without Going to Design School.

Become a professional interior designer without going to design school. Interior Design. GPD

I know you maybe wondering how is it possible to learn something without even going to school. I totally get that, and trust me I am not judging you for that. Because I too was there where you are right now. I thought the same way.

Many thanks to that wise human being and my friend, who burst this bubble out for me and changed the way I thought of learning. 

You know what did he say? He said “Learning doesn’t require any school, it requires teacher” Now if you think hard you may get the whole point, but if you didn’t, no sweat.

Teacher never means only in the form of a human. In fact anything that teaches you any kind of lesson, becomes your teacher. As in, it taught you that lesson. Agreed? So now you’d agree too that, it need not be always in the form of a human.

Now why I am saying all this, is because this one thought changed my whole perspective about learning something or anything for that matter. So I thought of sharing this with you so that you get some clarity as I did.

After that encounter with my dear friend, I never mixed learning and school or institute together. Since then I knew, if you really want to learn something, then the only thing you require is your intention of learning. Real INTENT!

So with that true intent you can become a professional Interior Designer like me or the one you admire. I wouldn’t lie about me starting my design career with taking an admission in design school, but back then I wasn’t aware with learning without school concept. I did my best, and became the student of the year for consecutive two years.

But now when I look back it makes me realize that how I was the only deserving person for this award. Yeah you guessed it correctly there. INTENT! And that’s how the concept of true intentions started getting clearer in my mind and then in my life.

Now allow me to reveal the secret how you can learn Interior Design without actually going to school.

We live in an ERA where everything is possible with a right intent. Yeah I know, enough of this intent business.

After finishing my Design school curriculum, I wanted to advance in my computer 3D drawing skill. I now knew that I don’t have to look for another school to do my advance course. So whom did I turn to? Nah! not my friend. He is just a person who expands your horizon. You have to find the way to scale that horizon.

So I started digging. Internet, books, libraries and there I was with an answer after a few weeks. It took me a bit longer than it should have, but I wanted to be thorough.

Answer : YouTube!

YouTube is a platform where you learn quicker than any other format or platform of learning. Why? Because it help you cover almost all the dimension of learning and it lets you play and pause as you follow along. It help you learn at your own speed without any sense of judgement. Nobody judges you there. NOBODY!

The best part of learning from YouTube is after all the classes that you took, you do not have to give any kind of test. Great deal isn’t it? It is kind of a school that we used to picture in our childhood where we don’t have to give test for any subjects.

Though there are several types of other platforms where you can learn from professionals directly. But YouTube is the one which is informative enough and pocket friendly. If you are like me just starting out and you do not have enough money to invest YouTube is definitely your thing.

It took me month and a half to learn the advance 3D designs but today no professional can say that I am no good and have learnt it by myself.

If you want to go more deeper and want more detailed session you can opt for these online platforms where they charge you according to the skill that you want to learn. Here you learn more in detail. More specific version of learning.

I learnt my Vray lessons from channels like :

I am very grateful to these people who are willing to share their knowledge with people like you and me who are really willing to learn, and expand their horizon.  I hope I have been able to encourage you if not convince you to look for platforms where you get to learn, and get to save few bucks as well.

Imagine next time you get to order coffee and the COOKIE from that saved bucks on your next date with your love. Tempting!  isn’t it?

See you around. If want me to share anything from my design journey which you feel can help you do let me know in the comment section or you can always write in to me. I’d be happy to help and serve.

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