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Library/Bookshelf And Its Relationship With Your Home.

Mayur Gori - April 15, 2020 - 0 comments

Why One Must Have A Library Or A Bookshelf In Their Home?

These days we all live in tiny box. And some don’t even like to call it a home as they are as tiny as compared to a match box. Though some live by choice some without choice or by force. I live in a tiny house too. I have one bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two library or you can call it bookshelves.

Yes I do have two closet but they are also filled with books which I couldn’t fit on my library shelves.

But, as you know this article isn’t about what I have and what I don’t have. In fact this is about why one must have a library or a bookshelf in their home at first place. Trust me I am not going to bore you with space saving ideas all along. Though it is a part of it, but a tiny one. Same as our homes theses days. Total Cliché!

Having a bookshelf or a library in your home or a room for that matter, speaks lot about who you are as a person. Though nobody is judging. The quote above makes you really read it twice to get to the depth of it. If you haven’t, I’d suggest you read it once again for me and soak into it.

Allow me to explain my experience to you, about how having a library/bookshelf in my room changed my daily routine and overall approach towards life in general.

1) Decor, Charm And A Gateway To Wisdom.

Lets agree that empty walls are boring and paintings are expensive. Though even books are expensive, but if you buy from book sales, book by kilos, used bookstores, and library sales, it will take a little longer for you to go broke. It is about reading the newness of the book and not the newness of the cover. Isn’t it?

Minimalist-books-interior-design-residential-design. art. Library GPD Minimalist-vase-books-room-design-interior-designing-minimal-art

Vase, Books & Television. Project Living Minimalist.

And once you have a bookshelf or a library you can add many things to go along with it. As you can see in our Interior Design project how we have utilized a space of the bookshelf with other decor and household objects. It does add that extra charm to the room and creates a personality trait for you as well. And that brings us to our second benefit of having a library in our home.

2) Every Bookshelf And A Library Tells A story.

The types of books you read say a lot about who you are as a person, but that doesn’t go with your bookshelf or to be more direct bookshelves. I bet! More than an entire home or a bedroom, a bookshelf is a piece of furniture that reveals someone’s interests, or how organized they tend to be. A bookshelf is a reflection of a person that occupies that space.

Get to know yours. What kind of books that you like to read or would like to read in future. How well do you keep them after reading it. Do you give it away to needy or do you just give it away to a friend. (Honestly I don’t have a heart to give it to a friend as I know it is never coming back.) But, I do have donated few books for a good cause. So don’t judge me. Your bookshelf and a library showcases not just the collection of your books but it showcases how organized you are.

I was never a bookworm but a wise person suggested that many of your lives answer are hidden in the books. The very thought interested in me and since then my bookshelf has grown with me. The design, colors and materials of my bookshelf or I’d say library reflects lot about me. Every bookshelf is different and unique, which I think is sort of awesome.

Click HERE! To know What Are The Different Types Of Library & Bookshelves And What It Reflects About A Person.

3) Endless Supply Of Entertainment.

Bookshelves are the endless supply for your entertainment. One must have a diverse bookshelf at their disposal. Why? You never know which sentence or which paragraph will hit you or it may motivate you. It could be from any book. But if you don’t give it a shot you may never know. Correct me if I am wrong.

I have many types of books in my bookshelf/library. Spiritual, Inspirational and motivational, Best sellers, Physics, Sci-fi, Autobiographies, Religious and some about disciplining your life. You know why? Because they all help me get through different times. I may not enjoy reading an inspirational book when I am feeling a bit low. So I’d rather read an autobiography of a person who speaks about his battle with himself and how he fought through it. Understood? It keeps you hooked.

4) Abundance Of Knowledge.

think and grow rich

P.C from FearlessMotivation.

If you are anything like me then you may also wonder, whenever you visit a lawyer or even see them in a movie, The wall behind their desk and that huge chair is always filled with books. The entire wall is their library and sometime I feel they over do it by putting books on all the walls. It’s like you’ve entered into a library. But I hate to pop that bubble of wonder for you.

Those are the books that help them reach where they are in their life. That knowledge locked into those books helped them gain the abundance of knowledge to win the cases they take. I personally feel they are the perfect example of people who learn from others and others mistakes. Imagine those 300 pages that consist someones years of research and hard-work. And you get to experience it in exchange of something very less compared to the insight it provides. I feel privileged to have read all the books and I am grateful & thankful to each and every author of those books.

5) Develop An Organizational Skill.

Among all the points that have been stated above this one is my favorite. Because this one teaches me a skill, which I hated the most in my life. Just like you. “ORGANIZATION

Having my own library has taught me to be organized each day. By organization I do not mean just organizing my books. But my life too. It has helped me keep my journal, my daily To-Do list and my personal diary almost handy. Now I don’t have to look for them everywhere like I used to. Now they have place assigned into my bookshelf. Earlier I used to miss my journal entries, any task from my daily task list and what not. Only because I didn’t have them close to me always. So i got an excuses to just overlook them.

Whereas now I have no reason or will to ignore them. Instead, now I have assigned them their own place and time as well. I take out few minutes each day from my daily routine to make sure I fill those empty pages of my diary and journal. And it had helped me in a very different way. It has not just helped me de-clutter the space around me, but it has helped me de-clutter my thoughts, my mind and make peace with it.

I could come up with a few more reasons, but I think these are enough start off the thought of having a bookshelf/library well. Do let us know about your thoughts of having your own bookshelf/ library. I’d love to add them into my list above!

Buying and decorating the living room or a bedroom with a bookshelf requires a lot of consideration. So choose the one that matches the decor of the space and that provide enough space to showcase books and items. While surfing online on furniture stores make sure that you thoroughly read the product description and then only made the purchase. And if you do not want to go through all that trouble you can always contact us and we will help you choose a perfect bookshelf for your space.

Thank you for stopping by!

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