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MINIMALISM – A New Lifestyle That Is Beyond Just A Design Trend.

Mayur Gori - August 12, 2020 - 1 comment

MINIMALISM – A New Lifestyle That Is Beyond Just A Design Trend.

minimalism.-A-new-lifestyle-that-is-beyond-any-design-trend. Interior Designing. GPD

This lockdown may have forced us to lock ourselves inside our own houses. But it sure have taught us to think about many things that were there from the start but was running in the background. And the core thing about those thoughts is MINIMALISM.

Minimalism. It isn’t something that you need to live with only two pairs of cloths, one pair of shoes and a small room to sleep into. NO!

When you call a person or his lifestyle minimalist, what it describe is that they lead a very simple life. Minimalism is about living with less. Less doesn’t mean having less than what you need. But having only things that you actually need.

Minimalism is about living significantly. . .

This includes less financial burden (loans, mortgages, unnecessary expenses etc.) The philosophy behind minimalism is that you get rid of excess stuff and live your life through your own experience rather than only possessing things.

Already thinking about Minimalism. . . ? Let us help you get started. . .

  • Choose Quality Over Quantity.
  • Stand Out.
  • Use Less But Function More.
  • Keep It Simple Yet Significant.
  • Use The View.
  • Focus On Space Planning.
  • Allow Natural Light To Flow.
  • Colors Are A Huge Give Away.


◊ Choose Quality Over Quantity:

We know you may have heard this a billion times now, but did you just listen or did something about it too? 

Why choose quality over quantity is that quality will not just last longer but it will save your cost over maintenance and repair. I agree that quality products may be costlier than the average product that are available in the market. But those extra bucks that you spend on them will rip you the benefits. 

Quality furniture, fabrics and upholstery, flooring that is stainless and doesn’t turn pale after few months. 


minimalism.-A-new-lifestyle-that-is-beyond-any-design-trend. Interior Designing. GPD◊ Stand Out:

When you have too much to look for in one place, chances are that you won’t enjoy anything entirely. but when you have a focal point in a space it bring the attention directly to the focal point. It is one of the principle of design too. 

Too much detail can ruin the fun of the space and it can make the space look shrunk and contracted. Have lesser detailing, but then make sure to have significant detailing in what less that you have. 

It’s a misconception that says it is costlier to make a stand out piece. You don’t have to make something which is approved by world as a stand out piece. It needs only your approval. 

It has to be a stand out piece only to yourself and that is the only thing that matters. 



◊ Use Less But Function more:

Having less doesn’t mean that you make lesser than what you require. You make things such a way that they fulfil the need of the space and yet do not occupy much space. 

I know this is a task that might take more time to get build than the usual design. But you make your home only once. (at least in a decade) Make sure you give enough time on planning on how to use less but more functional things. 


◊ Keep It Simple:

You made a stand out design which is using less space and yet providing more function. But does that mean it has to be complicated? Answer to that is that it is an individual choice. If one like his surrounding to be a bit complex they can definitely have it. No body is Judging here.

But when you keep things simple, it adds a best functional value to it as it can be used by any one without any specific guidelines to it.


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◊ Use The View:

In achieving privacy for your space do not overlook on the view the space provides. Though these days getting a nice view is like finding a needle in a haystack. But if you are privileged enough with the view make sure to use it and not cover it. 

Try to use the view to your own advantage by including it into your living space. It will surely add a different dimension to your space and will bring more liveliness into the space. 


◊ Focus On Space Planning:

Before finalising anything for your space, you must focus on your space planning. It is not just essential but a must do thing. This will give you clear idea about your space and will help you fit your requirements inside that space. 

This may look tiring or even boring to people as us being too impatient. But trust me if you miss this step you may regret of not doing it at the first place. If you think you’re not good at this hire an interior designer to do it for you.

Interior Designers are not just paid for their extreme ability of designing but their acute sense of planning too. Have at it. 


◊ Allow Natural Light To Flow:

This is not just about the right design or aesthetic of the space. But it is necessary to have natural lights flow inside any space. It helps us track our day and it has significant impact on our body as well.

Exposure to natural light helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, improves our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, helps us to focus, enables us to get more done, and even makes us happier. Ensuring we get enough of this vital resource is key to our physical and psychological wellbeing.


◊ Colors Are A Huge Give Away:

Artists and interior designers have long believed that color can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions. “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” the artist Pablo Picasso once remarked. …

Certain colors have been associated with increased blood pressure, increased metabolism, and eyestrain. Color theory is a serious subject. 

You do not have to worry about what’s in trend. That shouldn’t be your concern as colors have a huge impact on human beings. Specific colors can affect our emotions, moods and can stimulate certain senses. 


Nobody is asking us to stop spending and stop living our lives. We don’t need to do that in order to turn minimalist. Let me remind you again that minimalism is about possessing less physical things, burdens, debts and possessing more experiences.

The chaos that we see today around us has lot to do with us. We all led this world towards that chaos.

We humans are the specie who comes at the top of the food chain. Being at the top, we had a responsibility and duty to make this world a better place than it already was. Instead what we did? We invited many illnesses and diseases that exists today in the world.

It is time we build a better home for ourselves and a better environment for others to co-exist. . .

Lets us know what you think about minimalism and a minimalist lifestyle either in the comment section or you can contact us here.



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