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Space Design Mistakes You See Others Are Making While Designing?

Mayur Gori - March 20, 2020 - 1 comment

Mistakes you see others making in their home?

Hey there! I have come to tell you something today. We are all humans, I mean obviously, otherwise I would not be writing this and you definitely couldn’t read. So you agree right? Good, thanks for the support there. So being a human we have a lot of advantages from the other species on this planet and not from space. So don’t you think we should be bit more responsible towards those advantages which we have? We do right?

Don’t stress though. I have not come here to ask you to do something out of your comfort zone. You can be sure of that. Instead, I have come to share something which will make your life a bit more comfortable than it already is. And, that you can be sure of. Now, being a designer I can only share things related to interior designing. Correct? Because, it is my own experiences I’d be talking about, as that way you’d know I am not lying.

There are few things I have noticed lately because of me being into this profession. People are using the space completely inaccurately. If the space was designed by a layman then it could be understood. But, after few research and background checks of those spaces, it came to my understanding that designers were involved in designing those spaces.

Often designers emphasis more on the looks and aesthetic of the space than its functionality. They forget the sole aim of the designing. And, that is to make the space functional and easy to move around. Even after spending precious time of our lives into studying interior designing, we forget those teachings when we start our own practice. This is definitely not a wrong thing to do. But, one must at least not forget the basics of it. I am not trying to blame anyone here as this is a mistake which can be easily rectified. You just have to shift your focus from just being aesthetic to being functional too.

First allow me throw some lights on the major mistakes committed by people in their space while designing.


Using too many furniture:

In a specific room there are some necessary furniture that needs to be there. Agreed! But, only if you have that much space or you have brains to design it in such a way that it doesn’t occupy much of the space and justifies its existence too. By filling the space with lots of furniture can only make the space look rich and royal isn’t the right way to do it. Let the room have some space to breath.

Introducing too many colors:

There are at least three members in every house on an average. Suppose three of them like different colors so would you paint the entire home with all three colors to make them happy? No right? Use colors effectively. Incorporate the choice of colors into design, furniture, upholstery, rugs and artifacts. I am not saying use only one color. I am saying use them all but before using them, you use your brains and put your skills and talent to use. You can always play with colors. Just make the play interesting and fun with different objects.

Not using the right thing:

There are lot of materials easily available in market today which are cheap and attractive at the same time. But they don’t come with any user manual. Am I right? I am not saying not to use them. I am saying know where and when to use them. Just because they are attractive it doesn’t have to be used everywhere and anywhere. Know its wear & tear, and then use them. This might consume your time on research but it will save you a lot of embarrassment in future.

Saving too much space:

I know I have mentioned earlier using too much space is incorrect way to design. But, not using at all is the worst way to do it. Using correct amount of space for each stage is necessary. Everything in the room should speak to each other without making any noise.

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I hope next time when you plan to do your home these tips will help you. Do not worry if you find yourself making those mistakes. You’re not alone. We’ve all been there and done that. We make mistakes first and then we learn through our mistakes. Lessons for life! You can also take a referral from my blog about “How to design your space like an interior designer?” And if you anything that could help us learn from it do not forget to write to us and share with us so we can all learn from it and make our future design as accurate as possible. Let’s focus on being a better from what we were yesterday.

Write to us about your experience of designing your home or any other space that you may wish to.

Keep designing, keep evolving!



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