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Money Saving Tips – How To Redo Your Home Without Spending A Bomb?

Mayur Gori - August 28, 2020 - 0 comments

Re–Decorate Your Home, If You Have A Tight Budget With These Hacks  And Tips.

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Money Saving Ideas.

See it is not always about just saving money and looking out for hacks and tips to do so. Sometime it is a sensible option to opt for.

You may have enough money to redecorate your entire home but there might be few furniture pieces that has some story, and deeper connection that you just don’t want it to let them go. They might remind you about someone, or it can be a gift from someone special. You know what I mean.

For all those reasons, and to save the love that you have for them, and for your space we will discover few hacks that can help us redo our place without actually having to spend much. Let me warn you though, that you will definitely save butt load of money, but you still have to give enough time to reach your goal.

There are no free lunches in the world. . .

You will have to invest some extra time if you’re willing to save money, and if money isn’t your concern still you will have to. Why? Because trust me it is going to be fun. Other than FUN it will be adventurous and a trip to memory lane down.

You will thank me later for suggesting you to walk this path. You will! 

Without a further ado let us begin. . .

Before starting anything else you must start to give a thought about your style. What style your home should reflect as it is your home. So define your style first, and take elements of inspiration from that style, and then do the space planning.

If you think you cannot do the space planning as good as the professionals do, then you can hire a space planner who can help you achieve your goal and that shouldn’t cost fortune. Once you’re through with these basic requirements then follow the hacks and tips that we’re going to explore.

♠ Start With Inexpensive Changes:

Let me help you make a list of things which fall under this category.

  • Rugs
  • Linens & Pillows
  • Door & Drawer knobs, Handles.

These are the things which are available in wide range and they are not that expensive too. By changing them or just updating them will make a huge difference in how they look and perform. Through spending very little you get a significant amount of change you require in redecorating your home.

Please consider to make a list of their quantity, and appropriate sizes according to each room and purpose of that room. 

♠ Let There Be Paints:

Paints are the easiest way to change the entire look and feel of the room for very minimum cost. They wouldn’t cost a fortune and will give the maximum effect.

If you were to take my opinion I’d suggest you to go for a neutral color palette as it is the safest bet. Neutral color palette plays really well with all the colors that may or may not be already available. If you have a furniture that is darker in shade then it would definitely go with neutral color theme.

By neutral color I clearly do not mean that paint the whole house in beige color. Explore different color schemes too.   

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♠ Update Your Arts Or Make Your Own:

If you are looking forward to increase your art collection in budget it is going to be little difficult. So my suggestion is to make your own. Two things to gain out of this. One you save lots of money, and other one is that you learn to let your inner child out.

There is an added bonus too that come with it. Whenever you enter a room and see an art you made it for yourself hanging there, it sends a sense of pride and connection throughout your body. You see your house as a home made by you.

There are so many DIY videos are available on Pinterest and other platforms that can guide you through the entire process of making arts at home.  

♠ Thrift It To Save More:

Too many stores and places are there today for this kind of stuff. You can find them online too. They’re maybe on social media platforms too. Search for them , and once you find them get in touch with them with your requirement. See if they can help you find stuff you like.

Nobody is asking here to pick up any junk that is available to you. The moment you see certain furniture pieces you will notice it talking back to you. Grab it NOW! Either you can paint them with the leftover paint or you can spend $20 To $40 for the repainting them.

Go for it. This will give you good update in very less. Worth it!

♠ Reuse or Repurpose:

There are no rules that says that all the things have to perform in certain way. That is what ROBOTS do. Creativity never comes with a regulations. You can always mix and match.

If you have an old furniture that needs refurbishment or you found a piece of furniture that you liked and want to use it you can do that too. Try using them with the existing one with some modifications.

Makeover will give them a new look with a sense of history with a mixture of modernity. 

♠ Update The Light Fixture:

These may be small in numbers, but they adds a great value to your 5th wall which is your ceiling. We often overlook our ceiling but trust me it plays an important role when come to home decor.

You can add an accent color or a wallpaper in the ceiling. This will take minimum cost and will add a whole new dimension to your home. Even after spending lot of money people are somehow scared to touch the ceiling and often keep it white and kinda empty.

Try replacing light fixtures with something more dramatic and filled with elegance

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♠ Introduce Paper In Your Interior:

Paper are the cheapest thing you can use into redecorating your house. There is so much you can do with papers that you may not have imagined yet. Yes you can make them by yourself. No outsourcing is needed. It is all homemade and available with easy guidance.

You can make rainbow paper wall art or you can create a geometric wall pattern if you want to feel more manly. Choice is yours completely. But there are variety of options available.

You know the best part. You save money so it allows you to keep changing the art periodically too. Think about it. 

I hope this ideas of going minimal and much less expensive will help you Re–decorate your house on a tight budget. Though, this will not just save you money but they are all effective enough to make your house look expensive by spending too less for it.

These tips are not just for those who wants to do redecorate their house in budget. But this can be used by anyone who is willing to be smart and want to be creative while learning new skills and saving some bucks along with it.

It’s the cheapest college ever. Trust me!

If you have something that helped you save some bucks and looked fabulous inside your space, then feel free to share with us and with the world too. Until next time. . .

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