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Interior Designing – Key To A Joyous Career.

Mayur Gori - February 19, 2020 - 1 comment

“Perks of being/becoming an interior designer.”

I have always seen people complaining about their work life since my childhood. Mostly no one was too happy about their jobs. In fact, they hate it. I observed them closely, each day. Very early in my life I decided that I am never going to be one of them. All the observation and my determination of not being among the crowd led me everywhere and every place possible. After trying a lot of things in my life and failing in them have taught me lessons and from there finally my hunt came to an end at interior designing.

Not that I was not good with other jobs but I didn’t feel fulfilled. My journey has always been a roller coaster ride and trust me I always wanted it to be that way. When you’re on that ride you know you are safe but not completely. And a tiny bit of fear is always there. Isn’t it? This feeling gives me a sensation of being alive and thriving. After getting deep into Interior Designing I realized a storm of sudden growth in the quality of my life.

What kind of perks Interior Designing gives me is way beyond to put it into words. But, I will definitely try. So that one can understand the magnitude of it. Though, experienced only through an individual.


By independence I did not mean any specific independence like financial, emotional or physical. But, all kinds of independence. Yes! It is definitely a perk to be independent financially. That is there. But, I am independent for my choices that I make today. I choose and decide for myself and no one else does. Hence, I became a decision maker for myself. I learnt to take this power under my control. And, it helps me in my personal and professional life too.


“To live an extraordinary life one must have a vision.”

If you can envision yourself and your story, you’re one of the most joyful person on  this planet earth. To create great designs you must have an eye to visualize things which is not visible to the naked eye. Stepping into the design world taught me to visualize. I can foresee my designs.


In life we all have that one trademark signature skill which no one else has it. Right? You know why? Because that is what separates us from the rest. It’s not that very few are gifted with skills but we all are. We just need to find it and then enhance it and learn to leave mark on the way. If you turn back even after 20 years and look at those things created or invented by you, it would definitely take you to that time and flash the entire story behind it. Because, that is a piece of you and nobody can take that from you. Nobody!

Know Why patience is the road to become a successful  Interior Designer.


Once again, putting it bluntly. Money gives you growth and expansion. No denying that. But, the kind of expansion I am trying to explain here is completely different than what usually we think. I meet a lot of new people because of this job. Because of being observant I observe them all. Sometimes I kind of feel like I am a psychic. Really! Because of this I grew in every aspect of my life and my power of intellectual, communication, creativity and everything is always on high. So it lets me grasp every useful information every day.


“The man who moves mountain begins by carrying a small stones.”
– By Confucius.

I learnt to start fresh. I was and I am always being pushed for more by my own grit. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for interior designing. It gave me confidence to be different. Think Different and do not fear change. Ever! Today most people are afraid of changes. Change scares them.


I never wanted to live with a tag and specially of an employee. I always took that word as form of a  slavery but in good way. Very few organizations respect and care for their employees. Accepting the fact early in life led me to become my own boss. This allows me to be answerable only to myself and I will be the only responsible person of the consequences of that. I am grateful to Interior Designing that it gave me an identity through which i help others to create theirs.

The journey so far has been filled with fun, thrill, challenge and tiny bits of fame and so on. Like I said “A roller coaster.” Many more experiences that needs to be discovered and explore yet. And they will be definitely shared and if you have anything to share of your designing journey you’re more than welcome. I am waiting to hear them all!

Thank you for stopping by!
Creative day!

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