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Trends 2020-21 – Post Pandemic Interior Design Trends

Mayur Gori - July 9, 2020 - 1 comment

Post Pandemic Interior Design Trends

Post-Pandemic-Interior-Design-Trends-2020-21. GPD. Home Decor. Design Trends.


Early this year something happened which changed not just humanity, but humility too. Above all people were being locked down into their homes. In reality we all started worrying what may lie ahead in our future. Panic struck everywhere.

After all some of us were worried about our survivals, our incomes and our work life. Whereas some of us were still working hard but still worried for our lives, well being and our families.

Although no one was spared. While some of us were affected physically and some of us were mentally. In other words it had sipped into our consciousness either through physical contact or through our poisoned thoughts. It was affecting us all. Future lay their unpredictable as always.

As time passed things started to get more and more clearer, and people started to live, adjust and adapt to this pandemic. People were now entering into a phase of realization. We all started realizing how far we’ve come, and now how far we were left behind.

Everyone was pretty keen to get out of this mess and chaos as soon as possible. After so long in the history of humanity this phase came where people were willing to collaborate. With each other for the better tomorrow, and it was for more than money. They all merged together, and came up with different ideas to survive post pandemic.

Here is our attempt to predict (after pandemic we don’t think you can ever be certain of anything in your lifetime) the future of Interior Design industry holds within itself post pandemic.

We have tried to come with design styles that are going to be considered more and chosen less. These design trends will be not just any trend, but they are going to make a huge difference in peoples life. The whole idea of designing a home or a workspace will take a spin upside down.

Now sustainability, durability and the functionality of the design will be in-charge. Now people will prefer health and wellness over beauty and luxury.

Here we present these 5 Interior Design trends and their reasons for trending post pandemic. . .

  1. Home Offices
  2. Touch-less and Contact-less Designs
  3. Home Gym And Fitness Areas
  4. Biophilic Designs
  5. Home Schools


♦ 1 Home Offices:

Post-Pandemic-Interior-Design-Trends-2020-21. Home Decor. Home Office. GPD

Let it be huge corporate or a small business. Today we are all working from home. (#WFH) We have all started living with this fact that this may go on for good amount of time in coming future.

When we started working from home we realized and analyzed the faults and discomfort that our home Interior Design has. The chair once you thought that looked so amazing to you, didn’t seem amazing anymore. Because sitting on that chair for longer period isn’t comfortable at all.

The dining table which once gathered family and friends at dinners has turned into our space of video conferences. It felt good at the start, but then it started giving backaches and ached shoulders. We know you cursed your designer for this or whoever designed it for you.

But nobody actually knew that you will have to use all those furniture for other purposes than its actual purpose. We got nobody to blame here. It is time we think it through and redesign our spaces according to our present and future requirements.

Home offices trends are going to be the new normal post pandemic trends. This gives us the sense of security and it allows us to be flexible in our work life too.


♦ 2 Touch-less and Contact-less Design:

Post-Pandemic-Interior-Design-Trends-2020-21. Home Decor. GPD

You might have seen different products are being introduced in the market saying touch-less door opener or cabinet openers. They are made out of brass so they are strong and they are preventive from the virus as well they say.

As time will go, many of these kinds of touch-less and contact-less designs will replace our old handles, locks etc. This is going to entirely change the way things used to work earlier.

Tech had its stake in Interior Design industry before the pandemic too. But now, it will have major stake. Why? Remember all this touch-less faucets, sensor enabled doors, automatic door closer? There is a huge possibility that the things which has the most human contact will be replaced by all these new tech design gadgets. 

If you’re a tech freak and love designing spaces with high-end techs, then it is time you invest in them. They are going to boom post pandemic for sure.


♦ 3 Home Gym And Fitness Areas:

Post-Pandemic-Interior-Design-Trends-2020-21. GPD. Home Decor.

This pandemic has been caused by a virus and that has forced people to adapt to keeping safe distance from other humans as this virus is very contagious. And in places like gyms, and fitness centers are the places that are most affected ones by it. Being a place of maximum contact between two humans.

We sweat at fitness centers, and that again creates the high possibility of someone may come in contact with the virus easily. After shutting down the gyms and fitness centers there is no hope to see them starting anytime soon as they are the most vulnerable places.

Shutting down gyms and fitness center has raised a new question among people is how do they keep fit? And in times like this virus, staying fit is our only best option. Any physical activity keeps our immunity stronger, and it keeps us fit and not to mention SANE too.

Hence after people knowing that staying fit can only save you from this virus attack, people who was giving all sorts of excuses for not going to the gym, now want to stay fit. But where do they go? They turned to their homes.

Moreover working out at a gym or a fitness center is a different thing, and working out at home is all together a different game. Additionally how do you if not match then at least find the way in between? That’s where we step in. “Interior Designers” Most of our clients would now want a home gym where they can do some physical activity.

A place which allows them to at least stretch their body, do a little yoga or some kind of body exercises. One may argue that it isn’t necessary. I would have agreed with you too before the pandemic hit us. But after this chaos, people would definitely want to stay as less as possible from another human contact.

This one is definitely trending even now. Home equipment’s are selling like crazy.


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♦ 4 Biophilic Designs:

Post-Pandemic-Interior-Design-Trending-2020-21. GPD. Home Decor. trending

This one is our most favorite. Why? It is of course unique and this is more like a way of living then just only design.

Biophilic design is a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions.

The importance Biophilic design is to support the health and welling of the space without having to actually add anything extra to a design. Different kinds of biophilic elements performs in a different way and their outcome is different. Resulting in stress reduction, cognitive functions etc.

Post pandemic introducing biophilic design into your home space or workspace is a way to go. It gives you the element and ambiance of designed space and with that it gives you the warmth of nature too. Which works both ways. It is good for your mental health and it is good for your physical health too.

Trends of Biophilic design is the way to the future.


♦ 5 Home Schools:

Post Pandemic Interior Design Trend 2020-21. Interior Designing. Home Decor. GPD

Kids are the only reason all the parents work harder than they should as they want to give them the life of utmost comfort. Although very few of us are privileged to get a chance to go the school and get educated. Many don’t get this chance at all.

After the pandemic the most vulnerable ones are the generations of our little ones. And they don’t even know how to protect themselves from this. As they are innocent and gullible too. We are the one who has to take care of them.

Introducing home school is one of many option that can be taken so that our kids don’t lose on their education. Home school concept isn’t as easy as it sounds. Kids are grumpy and jumpy all the time. Hence to keep them safe we have to give them their own space to be grumpy and jumpy.

Planning and designing home school will be a little challenging and equally important too, but sure will be a massive trend in near future.


So these are some of our research trends that will be on top of the list post pandemic. If you think of some other Interior Design trends that are going to be after this pandemic please feel free to share it with us and with the world.

Till then stay safe keep it clean. Take Care! 🙂

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