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Second Home Or A Clinic

  • Date: October 1, 2015

  • Client: Dr. Vijeta

  • Location: Ghatkopar, Mumbai

  • Duration: 45 Days


01. Intro

The Start

Well known doctor wanted to spread her services and wanted to come to town and settle there. We had to give her something which gives her a feeling of home in a different town than she used to live and operate from earlier.

02. The Brief

Client's Brief

She was renting a place so it was obvious that we produced designs which were modular and can be dismantle and then taken away when needed. So when she decides to shift some place else, she doesn’t have to spend twice to make the same thing again.

03. Client's Testimonial

What Do They Say?

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04. Usage

The Utility Of Design

With the regular material we tried to create a homely environment for her so that she feels comfortable in her own space and work her full potential without any worry.