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A Stylish Kitchen

  • Date: January 31, 2016

  • Client: A2M2 Kitchen: Mr. Mayank/Mihir Sanghani

  • Location: Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

  • Duration: 30 days


01. Intro

The Start

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Project which needed some friendly advices and a friendly approach as well. A place which could not have been possible just with skilled labour but it needed a magic wand of friend to turn it into a youthful and lively food joint.

02. The Brief

Client's Brief

Being a start-up they had to make sure that they don’t spend huge amount of money on making the place look richer than their food. We had to work accordingly and decided a specific budget and we pulled it off into that fixed budget.

03. Client's Testimonial

What Do They Say?

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04. Usage

The Utility Of Design

We knew that we had to use something limited but elegant. So we went for some classy materials where their purpose was to attract and used regular materials where no richness was required. Working with both of we manage to do it on time.