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Interior Residential

Living Minimalist.

  • Date: August 1, 2017

  • Client: Mr. & Mrs. Nanda

  • Tags:

    conceptual design, decor, Interior Design, living room, minimal, minimalist design

  • Location: Ghatkopar, Mumbai - India

  • Duration: 60 Days


Living Minimalist.

01. Intro

The Start

Living minimal always sounds very intriguing. And, specially when it is mixed into living design. This one is definitely very special to us. Not just because of the minimalist design of this room or the effort put behind designing this place. But, this room earlier used to be our head designers friends house. He moved out of country and then the place was occupied by a cute couple, their kid and a grandmother. Eventually it had to be made with extra ounce of love and compassion. Though, only a little!

02. The Brief

Client's Brief

They wanted a complete remodeling of the house. It was a place with limited furniture but those which occupied a lot of space. We had to do the complete opposite now. Make more furniture but with less space and more freedom to offer in the house.

03. Client's Testimonial

What Do They Say?

We were wanting someone that would be honest and helpful but not pushy and we definitely found all in team GDP. They were very helpful and honest with their suggestions and answering all of our questions. They did take their own time and helped us every step of the way. Definitely recommending.

— Mr. & Mrs. Nanda

04. Usage

The Utility Of Design

Our biggest success to make this project look more spacious is the use of white. We have tried to keep it simple & minimal and mostly white.  So, that the white gives an expansion to the space and helps the house look huge and wide. But to avoid the monotony we have used wooden texture on the furniture and playfully used a wall color on a single wall so it doesn’t look overdone.