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Living With Nature

  • Date: June 25, 2016

  • Client: Bhadra Residency: Mr. Rajesh Bhadra

  • Location: Ghatkopar, Mumbai

  • Duration: 60 Days


01. Intro

The Start

A 2BHK house which had to be finished in short time but with accuracy. Using the time well and planning things well in advance helped us to just go for it. And make that house and living home.

02. The Brief

Client's Brief

A clear instruction was given from our client and that was to keep it simple and lively. No use of too much material and to allow the space to breathe more.

03. Client's Testimonial

What Do They Say?

I have heard people complaining about their interior designers for asking them to go out of the box. I am glad our designer didn't bring any box along.

— Rajesh Bhadra


04. Usage

The Utility Of Design

Ceramic vitrified tiles and a combination of art and wood helped us achieve this result and we were pleased as it represented client’s likes into our designs.