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What Is Your Purpose Of Becoming An Interior Design(er)?

Mayur Gori - June 3, 2020 - 0 comments

What Is Your Purpose Of Becoming An Interior Designer?

“He Who Has A Why To Live For, Can Bear Almost Any How”

Whether you are an Interior Design(er) Or you are someone who sells hot dogs on the street. Nothing will matter you until you know your WHY? Why you must do something that you’re doing or why you are doing something at the first place? When you have answer to your why, Things get crystal in your mind and your vision gets razor sharp. It makes you feel passionate about your goal.

You can only find your true passion if you know your purpose, and that passion then becomes an important factor for you to achieve something extraordinary. Remember when you started to learn to ride a bike? The least thing bothered you back then was fear of falling. You know WHY? Because you were passionate to learn, how to ride a bike than falling off of the bike. You didn’t stop after you fell. You got up, dust your self up and tried again and again and again, until one day you no more had to fall whatsoever.

Any profession is just like riding a bike. You need to find your purpose and that purpose will take you to a greater heights. We will talk about Interior Design, as I am an Interior Design(er) and I can talk about the WHY’S that pushed me farther and farther in my journey into design world.

Let’s begin to figure the answer out of the WHY’S of Interior Design world that will help you set course of your journey.

→ #1 Is It Because Your Love For Art Or You are An Artist?

If you like re-setting your room or your parents room can be called a good skill but that doesn’t make you an Interior Designer. You might call yourself a decorator but designers don’t quite operate that way. Having love for an art is a different thing and creating one is whole lot different. Both are good, but both has a different place in society and perspective too.

Interior Design(ers) need to be creative and have a technical skill set. Our education, qualifications, and licenses, combined with the knowledge of life safety and budgets lead to design(ing) an inspiring space. … Interior spaces can make a difference in how life is experienced.

 → #2 Is It Because You Like Your Style Or Concerned About Theirs?

Interior designers lead a client to their goals and vision. It is always about the client’s style and not yours. If you are always trying to provide what you like, then the Interior space doesn’t feel like theirs. It is just a replication of your style and that isn’t Interior Design(ing).

Interior designers impact the lives of people in a given environment, whether meeting their needs in corporate spaces, restaurants, courthouses, fitness centers, or libraries. Interior spaces should speak about the person who owns it.

 → #3 Is It Because Of Predictability Or Surprises?

As time passes you may get comfortable with certain thing into designing. For an example, if you were to design a bedroom you know the things that completes a bedroom. A bed, end tables, Study, wardrobe and a dressing unit. Even a layman does. But again, it is our skill, qualification and technical knowledge that creates magic which surprises all.

A same piece of furniture can be designed in so many ways with so many other functions mesmerizes people, and that is why Interior Design(ers) are hired for. You never get paid for what you know, you get paid for what you do. We make difference in their life with our design.

 → #4 Is It Because Out Of Compulsion Or Is It Passion?

Often times I have seen people get into Interior Design industry is because of their parents or some of their relatives are into the same industry. Don’t do it. Just Don’t! Do it for the love for design. Make a difference in the world.

Help people find their perfect space in which they live, they breath. Do it out of passion to help them design a place which gives them the sense of satisfaction of being there and elevates their spirit. Our passion mixed with their desires gets the best results. And it does feel extraordinary. Don’t chase money, chase your passion.

 → #5 Is It Because You Want Recognition Or You Want Results?

Many of us do things, because we want recognition in life. Which isn’t have to be bad or a taboo. But it shouldn’t be only about that either. Recognition is a good thing, but appreciation and the satisfaction of achieving what you’ve desired for or aimed for is even more pleasurable.

Imagine the pleasure of seeing something gets created and built in front of your eyes which was on paper few weeks back. I still remember that feeling, when I first show my design hanging there on the wall exactly the way it was supposed to look. It was sketched out on paper just few weeks back. I was design STRUCK!

 → #6 Is It Because You Want To Support Yourself Or You Wish To Make A Difference?

Supporting your dreams and yourself is the first thing one should do. But, if those dreams support to make a difference in the world then nothing like it.When you make difference in the world, you make this world a better place. You leave a legacy behind for the generations to come.

Getting into Interior Design(ing) was a dream for me. A dream that will help others achieve their dreams. Isn’t it beautiful? People fulfill their dreams through you. With you helping and assisting them to reach their goal is the biggest dream I ever had. To be useful to others.

 → #7 Is It Because The Comfort Or The Challenges?

Interior Design(ing) is a very selective profession. You don’t have to follow any specific day schedule (though, its great if you do), You get to be your own boss. You make your own decisions. But, after a while you kind start to get comfortable with it and eventually very comfortable. And that’s gets you in trouble.

Instead of getting comfortable with the situation it offers , try to challenge yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to rush things or go nuts. Instead you can challenge your design skills to take it to next level. For your next project you can opt for go green challenge or  zero waste of material. Try it and challenge yourself.

 → #8 Is It Because Of The exploration Or Revelation?

This both term might sound familiar to you, but I have done my research on them to make it more clearer to you. Exploration means the action of exploring an unfamiliar area. Whereas Revelation means a surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others. To make it more clear, “exploration is for your own sake and revelation is for the world.”

When you explore something you may discover something and you then keep it to yourself. But, when you explore and discover and you reveal that to others that is called revelation. Discover something and then reveal it to the world so others can take advantage of the same. Write design blogs, vlogs etc. Share your wisdom of design world.

 → #9 Is It Because You Want To Earn Or Learn?

Every project that you take in Interior Design(ing) may not earn you huge bucks, but it will definitely teach you many lessons. One cannot learn those lessons even after paying hefty fees in colleges. Because, these are all practical knowledge that you can learn only out on the field, and not inside a four wall of a classroom.

Money may come and go, but knowledge once acquired will stay with you forever. You’ve got to decide whether you are in this for the money or the learning that you will gain along the way. Because it is priceless.

 → #10 Is It Because Of The Reputation Or Wisdom?

“Every reputed person may not be a wise one, but every wise person is a reputed one.”

Wisdom is a virtue that isn’t innate, but can only be acquired through experience. Anyone who is interested in trying new things and reflecting on the process has the ability to gain wisdom. By learning as much as you can, analyzing your experiences and putting your knowledge to the test, you can become a wiser person.

Unless you are here to run a marathon of design world, any answers to the questions above is a right one. But, if you have gotten into this profession of Interior Design or even thinking of pursuing it, I’d say all answers should be related to the latter one. If it isn’t, then you may not realize but you are plotting against sinking your own boat.

Later Mate!

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