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Quotes That Resonates With Interior Designers.

Mayur Gori - May 19, 2020 - 2 comments

16 Quotes That Resonates With Interior Designers.

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Quotes are the way of saying things so effectively in a sentence or a two or even in few words. The words that are spoken by a person which defines lot of things in a deeper sense and on point.

We have collected few of them here and tried to define them and relate it with Interior Designing. How they can help you boost your creativity and help you grow into a field of Interior Design.

Let’s begin and explore the world of quotes that inspires us, and take us closer to our goal of becoming great at what we do, and what we wish to achieve through that.

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♠ Use Your Imagination.

Inspirational good morning quotes. Interior Design Quotes.

First and foremost thing a creative person and a designer requires qualifying as one is “IMAGINATION.” Without it we are as good as nothing. What sets a creative person apart, is the power of imagination. It’s that power which helps us create things, that are not yet introduced to the world we live in.

Use your imagination to its maximum potential, and you will be able to turn all your imagination into reality one day.

♠ E X E R C I S E .

Inspirational good morning quotes. Interior Design Quotes.

You may think that how does quotes like these are even related to Interior Design? But I’d like to expose this myth. Apart from all the physical benefits of exercising, it plays major role in your mental health too.  Exercise can improve brain function and protect memory and thinking skills.

In humans, exercise increases the size of the hippocampus and improves memory. Suzuki thinks that this growth in the hippocampus could be good for creativity too, since research shows that the ability to imagine the future and to think creatively also depends on this region.

Exercising on a regular basis may thus act as a cognitive enhancer promoting creativity in inexpensive and healthy ways,’ study researcher Lorenza Colzato, a cognitive psychology at Leiden University in the Netherlands, said in a statement.”

♠ M O T I V A T I O N ?

Inspirational good morning quotes. Interior Design Quotes.

We all have a tendency to always look for things outside of us. For solutions to our problems, advice on designing and suggestions on planning etc. But the fact of the matter is, it is already within us. We have been designed that way. To adapt and evolve. Exactly how the quotes describe.

Next time when you feel stuck or lost or you want an advice on something try this. Go to a place where nobody would disturb you. Turn off all your devices and just close your eyes and start to breath. DEEPLY! After few breaths, ask yourself a question you were looking for an answer to,

and you shall receive an answer.

This may sound ridiculous at first, but once you become self–reliance, gradually you will receive all the answers to your questions.

♠ Success Is A Journey.

Inspirational good morning quotes. Interior Design Quotes.

What is success to you? Money? Health? Fame? Whatever maybe success for you, but none of them can be achieved overnight. Everything has a process and each one of us has to go through it and grow though it.

The sooner you learn that “Nothing worth having comes easy in life“, the sooner you will understand that, it is about going through the whole process to reach to your destination.

Fall in love with the process of each and every project that you do, and feel the joy of it all.

♠ Take The Road Less Traveled.

Roads that are less traveled maybe difficult to walk on, but they definitely take you some place less explored too. Try to walk the difficult road to explore less visited. Its the wise thing to do.

If you keep designing the same designs, with the same methods, and with the same attitude then, I am afraid to tell you the results, and the outcome of your efforts will not be any different than the earlier. Try new and different things. Challenge yourself to get new and better results than previous ones.

It may scare us in the beginning, but so did our first walk. But you and I both didn’t give up on that. Did we?

♠ Be You !

Inspirational good morning quotes. Interior Design Quotes.

If you try to be like everybody else, then you become part of the crowd. But if you be yourself, then you may become a purpose for the crowd. Be yourself, cause everybody else is already taken.

Bring your own persona in your designs, methods, the way you work and see the magic unfold. Right people will follow. Originality is very rare and tempting.

No man was ever great by IMITATION.

♠ Make It Go Away.

Inspirational good morning quotes. Interior Design Quotes.

If I were to give a second name to Interior Designers, I’d call them “A Problem Solver.” Our core job is to solve the problems of our clients they face in their space. It’s our only duty to make the space functional, and beautiful just by using our imagination, and skill of solving problems.

It is not our designs that get us the reward and recognition. It is our decision making ability when a problem surfaces. The way we handle those problems and how quickly we come up with a solution, and how smart is the solution does the job.

Whenever any problem surfaces, be brave and battle it out. You gain two things. One is the “Solution” and the second is “Lesson.”

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♠ Remain In The Game.

Nobody has ever won every game they played. But nobody has ever won a game, by quitting either. You be in the game and play the game. In every game either you play or you get played.

You may not see your worth now, because you are comparing yourself with others. Stop comparing your game with others. They might have started with different agenda and rules. You make your own and keep playing them until you perfect them. And once you do, level up. And keep leveling up!

Change the game you are playing, but don’t let it change you.

♠ Make Things Happen.

There is a huge difference between letting things happen and making them happen. Letting them happen means you are on an autopilot. Making them happen means you are In–charge.

You have to decide whether you want things to happen by itself, or you want to make them happen for you the way yo want to. Designing is all about making the impossible happen, and that can only happen when one wants to win in any given situation.

You create your own fate. Eventually our habits determine where we reach in our lives.

♠ F O C U S !

Inspirational good morning quotes. Interior Design Quotes.

If a photographer doesn’t focus on the object, then the picture gets blurred or even distorted. And when he does focus, the same picture taken from the same angle becomes beautiful.

Our whole design journey is controlled by where we put our focus to. Our focus sets the tempo of our design and our thought process behind it.

If you keep your focus on bad, I am pretty sure the results will be bad. But if you focus on the good, the results will definitely be good.

♠ Once Is E N O U G H !

I have never fell in love and felt such a deep connection with quotes before reading this one. This one helps me keep it real and simple. We all have a one shot called “life” and we all want to do our best. Rather than doing our best do right, and you solve almost all the misery of your life.

If you keep this thought in your mind before starting a project you will understand that the opportunity you get with every new project is a one time opportunity. If you mess this one up you may mess up many projects to come through this one. Keep it simple, real and authentic.

Not just life, but in your life, if everything is done right, it is going to be enough for sure.

♠ Left Vs Right.

Inspirational good morning quotes. Interior Design Quotes.

Even the brain says that creative people are the right ones. Enlightening right? This left vs right brain exposes many truth about how person thinks and operates. We as creative people generally use our right side of the brain.

If you tend to be more creative or artistic, you’re thought to be rightbrained. This theory is based on the fact that the brain’s two hemispheres function differently. This first came to light in the 1960s, thanks to the research of psycho-biologist and Nobel Prize winner Roger W. Sperry.

Even the brain agrees with us. Creative minds are always right.

♠ TOO Much And TOO Little.

With the power of imagination we develop one more thing and that is feeling. When we imagine something, feeling that imagination makes it feel more real to us. Its very sad that people these days turn their backs from feelings.

When you put your feelings and imagination to work you create something real and rare. Our job is to imagine the designs but mix them with the feelings of people who are going to use that space. Make sure in your next project you put both to work without thinking much. .

Feeling is a secret.

♠ Never. Become.

If you think that just by inheriting the business and the name from your parents or from your elders will give you your own individual identity then you are more than just wrong. You are terribly wrong.

If this was the case then many would have been sitting on the thrones.Even the king has many sons but only one gets to be the king. And that is the one who deserves it.

To become the best you have to be the best and defeat the best. 

♠ Skilled Sailor!

Inspirational good morning quotes. Interior Design Quotes.

If you got everything spoon fed then what do you think how far would you go? What will happen after the hand that holds the spoon is not there anymore? ever thought of that?

The ship is always safe at the harbor, but it isn’t made to be on the shore. You will face difficulties in life and you must. That is the time you test your resilience. It determines how bad you want it to work.

Keep digging for that extra breath, that extra tolerance and that will to go one more mile.

♠ Don’t Give Up !

Need I say more? All i can say is that you’ve come this far and now don’t you dare give up. Don’t give up on you and your dreams yet. I never said that it is going to be easy, but what is the fun if there is no spice? It would be all bland then. Monotonous and boring.

Ask for more difficulties and challenges in life. It will bring out the best in you. And when you will get through that difficult time, you will see yourself grown from that difficult and challenging times.

Keep fighting and keep the tempo up. But don’t you dare give up.

We hope that these quotes inspires you to do more, grind more and help you reach your destiny. We promise that, this ain’t going to be the smooth ride, but it will definitely be the thrilling one for sure. Read these quotes, refer these quotes whenever you like. Morning after you wake up, before going to bed. Make sure you do read them before you start with any new project.

Do share quotes that resonates with you and helped you uplift your spirit. And do let us know your favorite from the above list as well. Cheers!

Keep Inspiring and keep motivating!

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