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Room Design, Space Concerns And Much More. All Common Questions Answered.

Mayur Gori - October 21, 2020 - 0 comments

Commonly Asked Interior Design Questions Answered.




Room Design, Space Concerns And Much More. All Common Questions Answered. GPD. Home Decor. Design Blogs

Room Design, Space Concerns And Much More. All Common Questions Answered.

One of the best thing I like about being an interior designer is that, we do lot of other things apart from just designing someone’s space. We solve all the problems one facing in that particular given space. We make sure that we answer all their queries and make it as easy as to understand.

There are millions of questions asked by all the clients. And as I mentioned we have to answer them all with patience. But these are some common questions asked by almost every client. If you see them from a designers point of view you may find it silly, but when you’re investing your hard earned money you’d understand the need of it.

Let’s start shooting those questions down. Shall we?

a) Is it sensible enough to introduce two wooden texture in one room?

A. Absolutely! With a proper use of both the textures, you can definitely introduce two wooden textures inside one room. And No they won’t create any chaos for sure. I know it can be a little challenging, but not an impossible thing to pull off.

If you have a bigger space then you can use the dark textured wood more than the lighter one. But if you have a small space to work with i’d suggest you use more of the lighter textured and the less of the darker one. It will keep the space look neat and clutter free.

b) Is there a perfect paint color for a home?

Yes there is. There are two kinds of paint that are used majorly in Interior Designing. Oil based and water based. Both have different characteristics. I can tell you few important ones. Oil based colors give you shinier surfaces and they are glossy and reflect more lights. But they have a strong odour as they use thinner for the application.

Whereas water colors give you matt finishes which does not reflect light as much as oil based paints. Water based paints are odourless or have very less amount of odour. Water based paints can be applied on the previously oil painted wall.

c) Can I mix different metal finishes in a room?

The basic requirement of any metal inside a home-space or a workspace is, its safety doors and gates, maybe the handrails of a staircase, and the window treatment. So mostly it has either been out or went unnoticed.


Metallica brings life, and sparkle, and fun to any room! They can be shiny, dull, burnished, brushed, hammered, polished, antiqued, sandblasted, burnished and glazed. Finishes can be satin, dry brushed, rusted, oil-rubbed, chemically enhanced and more!

d) Does my art have to match the furnishing in my room?

This question itself answered the problem. Art is something which never has to match with anything. The meaning of keeping an art means keeping something which is unique and different. You never make an art to match with anything else, and that is the beauty of it.

You put the art only because you liked it, and you can relate to it. It sort of reminds us about who we are, and what do we like.

e) Should all the walls in my home needs to have the same color?

Yes you can, but only if you are a person who is boring or lazy. One color in an entire house creates monotony. So either you are boring or you were lazy enough to not select any other colors.

Add colors to your life while you can. You are at least going to keep it for the next couple of years. Try new colors. Who knows that new color will bring lots of new things in your life. Isn’t it?

f) When you design a room, what is the most important Interior Design advice you give?

I would never advice anything really. I can give out suggestions and many of them. But I will give you the most important one, is that always focus on your planning first. Focusing only on design will get you in trouble, deep deep trouble.


Planning gives you clarity of what to have and what not to have. What is essential to have and what isn’t. Make sure you plan first before starting your Interior Design project.

g) What is the most important factor when designing a room?

Before designing any room you must consider the factor of usability of the room. Who will use the room and what are likes and dislikes of the person who’s going to use that room. Standards are used when end user isn’t specific. But when designing a room specially for a particular end user, you must consider the factor of usability of that person.

h) How do I decide between wood, vitrified tile, carpets and other flooring option?

Best thing you can do is research. How? Talk to your neighbors who are living before you. Ask them what they have used in their home, and are they happy with it or no. Research about the weather as it plays the major role too. All these things will help you decide which option to choose from and why.

i) What should be the scale of my furniture?

Scale of the furniture should not only be considered as per one person. You must consider all the aspects of a particular furniture piece. Who is going to use it and for what purpose. Other than these you need to make sure that any scale that you choose helps you achieve the goal of ergonomics too.

If you bought a sofa you liked a lot, but after keeping it into its place nothing else can be kept in that space is a wrong design strategy. That’s a big NO NO! Shouldn’t be that way. You entire house should be in song with each other.

j) Should I decide paint first or last?

Last. Period. Why? Because paints come in thousands of shades and tones. You will always have a chance to change it as painting is something you do at the end of the project, and not at the beginning of the project. So always decide your paints at the end.

k) What is the perfect size of a rug?

Perfect size of any rug is the size which isn’t too big or too small. If you want to put the rug in a dining area make sure to use the size of the entire dining table including of the chair. Many people use a bit bigger than their dining table allowing only two legs of chair on the rug. It’s a CRIME against decor. Please never do that.

If you are planning to put a rug in you living area make sure your sofa and your center table are all part of it. That will create a harmony in the room.

l) Why my room still feels dark even after putting so much lights?

Putting a lot of lights doesn’t give you perfect amount of illumination, but putting a perfect light does. Using an accent light instead of using a task light will not suffice. You must first decide the purpose and then select the light. Use colors that reflects light and not absorbs light. That will help the place brighten up too. Use surfaces that reflect lights. Like Mirrors, glasses etc.

m) I want to have an art in my bedroom, but I am not sure where and how much is enough?

If you want to put an art in you bedroom my suggestion would be to put a huge wall art which reflects who you are. We may not understand but this kind of art plays a major role in our day to day behaviour. You are going to see that art piece the time you wake up and the time you go to bed. Make sure you have perfectly scaled as per your love for that art, but be sure to not clutter it with other art pieces.

n) What is the best piece of advice one should consider if they have small space?

Designing a small space is always a challenge. Whether you decide to do it on your own or you hire an Interior Designer to do it. What we can do is use the space smartly. Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to go for convertible furniture only. You just have to be smart enough to know your requirement and how to fit them all and still have clutter free house.

My suggestion would be to use the wall space, have a neutral & subtle color palette. Have your units floating and not touching the floor. Why? It creates an illusion of more space showing the more of the floor space. Try to use more negative space. Take your time to build your small space as you’re not going change it again and again.

o) Is it okay to have my home designed as per what is in trend?

Unless you have lot of money which allows you change it every time as per the trend changes, then please be my guest. If you go as per what is in trend, your home will look like just about everyone else’s. You may live in that space, but that space won’t live in you.

Your home should be nothing more than a reflection of you. That is why we call it our home. Make sense? Trends come and go but what is you will remain with you forever.

I have tried to take the high road and have answered them as per what Interior Design means to me. You may think that this is my work, but if I were to tell you honestly, I’d say it is something I always wanted to do. To help other people build their space which they can call their own home.

If you have any question other than these, you feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you with anything related to #InteriorDesigning. You know where to contact us.

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