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Often seen few Interior Designers + bloggers whose pockets are filled with full of thousands of followers, they get the maximum clicks and comments on their posts and blogs. Whereas others just fizzle out or get lost and swallowed up in just few months and become an afterlife?One may wonder, that they might have hired the best virtual assistant for their digital presence. Isn’t it? Or they might have the best photographer to take the best pictures of their projects, and they have a team working 24/7 online to mark their presence? But the truth is, that they are here to stay, and they have a plan of action to fulfill that dream.

After 5 years growing my business and since 1 year online, I have learned that it isn’t necessary to do all the things. But, you gotta do lot of them. Publishing new blogs + social content is obviously important, but in order to boost blogs traffic and turn those readers into clicks, customers, and clients, there are a few tasks that are 100 percent necessary.

Here are 7 habits that helped me gain traffic from 0 to 4k in a month and still growing my online presence each day. . . Let’s begin. . .

1 → Have Clarity And Purpose:

Today everyone is talking about purpose and clarity of vision in life. So I am not going to bore with that. But, the excitement of increasing graph of the follower’s day by day, writing blogs and the thrill of doing the work will only keep you motivated for a longer period.

If you want to be successful Interior Designer + blogger you must have a strong purpose and clarity of how you will achieve that. The sense of purpose will help you get over your procrastination. Even after you fail it will help you get back up and push even harder the next time. It’s our purpose that keeps us continuously improving and excited to learn more. And it’s our purpose and clarity that drives us to connect with our audience and help them see the bigger picture of work we’re doing.

Purpose boils down to: Who (think of a specific person) are you helping? What are you helping them accomplish? And what part of your story drives you to want to help them?

Not defining your purpose can make it easy to skip sending your weekly email or writing blogs, because you won’t have a clear vision of who is reading on the other end. I know from experience that the days I produce the best emails and the best blogs are when I have listened to the challenges of my audience and am creating something to help them with a specific issue.

2 → Provide Value Each Day:

Every individual has started their journey from ground zero. All the massive success that we see they have acquired over the period of time with their efforts and relentless behavior to reach their goals. And for that they appear EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. They do something each day that brings them closer to their goal. They send emails, post videos, publish blogs, post to social media, answer questions, and leave comments because they understand the importance of staying in touch with their audience.

The more you show up in front of your audience, the more reliable they think of you when they need advice, suggestions and help.

How many times people have asked me for suggestions in open groups or have personally emailed me for a random design or blogs related thing. How do you come up with a design idea? or How do you get a topic to write blogs? and on and on and on. They could have googled that information and they might have, but they thought of me as a reliable source of information.

3 → Have A Plan In Advance:

I have almost blogs lined up to get published for next 30 days. It is not my good fortune that I am ahead of time, but in order to show up every day and stay on top of providing a continuous stream of content, I have a plan to plan in advance.

Coming up with blogs title a night before is not going to be enough. This might work for few times if you’re highly concerned. This will make it far too easy to skip days, as you wont have any idea on what to post. Once this cycle starts you may stop blogging for weeks or months at a time.

I plan my blog posts in advance quarterly. 1st month I write the blogs on the topics that I have thought of the previous month. 2nd month I plan to post my blogs and schedule them for the next three months. I make sure that my blogs are published at least twice a week. 3rd month is the time to do my research for the coming quarter and the analysis of the ongoing quarter.

Good thing is, that almost all the social media accounts now come with the option of scheduling your post. This makes it easy to schedule your posts. Assign a day in a week for social media content and on the assigned day you can schedule your posts, articles or blogs for next 15 days or 30 days. This makes the work easy and saves you lots of time.

4 → Do Track Everything:

Tracking helps to see how much you’re progressing and how fast or slow you’re growing. Seeing results over a period of weeks or months will give you a clear YES or NO on whether the strategies you’re using to grow your online presence are actually working.

These days all the social media accounts come with their in built stats if you have a business account. The give you the stats of how your account is performing and even your individual post. Take advantage of this and compare your performance. Get to know how much traffic you get each month from Pinterest vs. Twitter? get to know how your social media traffic has grown or shrunk over the past 6 months.

For tracking all of this info in one spot will allow you to see how your blogs and/or business is running and which strategies are making the biggest impact. You can do all of that here on ahrefs.com And if you haven’t put all your stats into ONE spreadsheet yet…prepare to have your mind blown, my friend.

Ahrefs site explorer

5 → Always Step Out To Find An Inspiration:

Thanks to these social media apps that makes it look like one must be glued to their computer screen to reach rapid success for their online presence.

Truth is bit different than the reality. Successful bloggers and business owners take time to experience things that will help them generate more content ideas, be a better resource, and improve skills related to their niche.

Yes that means you can party on this weekend if not on weekdays. And for all the weekend. Give your digital eye a break every once in a while and step out to find the content outside for your next blogs or a post.

6 → Always Think Of Long Term:

Many of us think of life week by week or day by day. Which is good but not entirely. When it comes to a successful online presence have a bigger vision for what you want to create. It’s not about the one post going live this week; it’s about how those blogs will look like next year, and the next year, or in 10 years.

I know the idea of a 10-year vision might sound ridiculous, when we are all just trying to get through the workday. But having a long-term plan will help you course correct as you go, it will always help you point in a right direction.

If you have not yet started your online presence then Click Here! to know Digital Marketing Easy Starter Tips for An Interior Designer.

7 → Keep Learning:

Improving your own skills should be your first priority. Anything we share via our blog posts and our social media content is being watched by someone everyday. It will bring change in someones life and it may solve someones problem consciously or unconsciously.  To keep this sharing knowledge game strong, take time each week (yes, WEEK!) to learn. Whether it’s listening to a podcast, working through an online class, or reading a few chapters of a book.

You may allot a specific time for learning new things. But if I were to suggest, then do it at hours that goes waste in a day. For example while traveling, while you exercise or while bathing. My personal favorite way to do this is to listen to a podcast while I eat breakfast each morning. Not only does this give me new ideas for things to test in my own business, but it also starts my morning on a positive + motivating note. Win-win!

People with a successful online presence know what skills they lack and they invest the time and money to get better. It could be anything. Photography or Photoshop, Videography or video editing, content writing etc.

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