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Ultimate Guide To Redecorating And Redesigning The Room/Home.




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                                  Ultimate Guide To Redecorating And Redesigning The Room/Home.

Have you ever attempted to done the same thing twice only to know that it ended up with result same as the first one? Do not worry! You’re not alone. We all have been there sometime. But whenever it comes to redecorating the room or a house I have always ended up with a different result each time. How?

I follow the basic concept of redecorating, which is to resolve the issues that you are facing. That is why someone would redecorate. Isn’t it? There’s something missing, and you don’t feel that it works so we opt for redecorating.

If you’re among those who ended up with almost an identical results, stress no more. I can save you all that time, effort and energy – not to mention money.

Let’s make sure that it never happens again and how you can be sure of that. Shall we?

The answer. . . !

Most of the time we are so focused on the look of the room, that we miss the other crucial thing to think about…

A home or the room should provide you with comfort & safety first, and it should reflect your style, and who you are. It’s that simple really!

Allow me to explain what I am trying to tell you here. The cloths we wear, the food that we eat should be comfortable for us. Any changes in that, and you start to feel uncomfortable. Agreed?

You never cook dinner for afternoon, and same goes with the lunch, and breakfast. Do you? Hope not! Same with the cloths. We wear cloths which are comfortable to us. Their color, look and feel of the fabric.

You feel better and more at ease when your clothes suit you, both in terms of their look and feel, and what you will be doing in them.

It’s exactly the same with your home.

What may look great may not actually work for you as a space – and that therefore makes the style irrelevant to some extent.

They have to work together.

→ Formula No. #1


Function should always come first when redecorating a space

I am not denying that your home cannot look stylish and beautiful. It definitely can and it should. But if it is only stylish and beautiful and doesn’t serve its main purpose of being functional you call it a failed design. We invest our time and energy and resources into something which will give us the sweet fruits in return and not the bitter one.

Let me enlighten you with some questions that you could ask yourself before you plan to redesign your space. This will help you conclude your need, decor and functionality of the space you’re planning to redecorate. It will then help you go through the process smoothly and swiftly.

  • What you need from the room that you’re planning to redecorate? (main purpose of that room)
  • Figure out whether the available space will be enough for the requirement of the room? (you cannot turn a living room space into your bedroom and vise versa)
  • Does that room need to do something new? (office/bedroom)
  • Is the layout of the room right?
  • Will you have space left for storage? (we all need a storage space)
  • Is there enough light? (Natural and artificial)
  • Are there enough seats to have guests? (if you expect guest at your place)
  • Does everything that is in the room make sense being there? (need I say more?)

It is simply a case of making sure the room works for what you are doing in it – or what you plan to do in it.

Once you ensure the functionality of the room first, then you can go on to the next part which is style and decor. If you do it this way you will feel happier in the space because not only will it look great, but it will work well for you as well.

Only after looking at the essential part of redecorating and that is function and core purpose of the room should you then add your personality and style to the space as well (back to the clothes analogy – you always wear what you feel comfortable in. But, you can accessorize your outfit with different accessories. Shoes, hat or a cap, belt etc.)


→ Formula No. #2


This is the formula which is discovered by an individual. It completely depends on the kind of person you are. One may think that it isn’t as important as the first one. But let me remind you, redesigning is about getting a second chance for redefining yourself. Grab it with both hands and you will this time end up with the best result.

Now how do you define your style? I say why not ask your wardrobe again? Your wardrobe tells you many thing about your style. The color of cloths you like wearing, the textures and patterns you like, last but not the least your style of cloths defines your style. You wouldn’t fail!

For some extra knowledge ask yourself these questions given below:

  • What type of furniture do you love? (wood, metal, glass, plastic)
  • Types of styles and genres you like? (vintage, modern, rustic, industrial  etc…)
  • What is the general feeling you want to get when you walk into your home? (calm, energizing, minimal etc…)
  • What art makes you happy? (this is important)
  • What makes you smile? (why wouldn’t you)

Your home should always reflect about the people who lives in there. This will make your home “A home.” Otherwise you are just creating a space which might be beautiful to look at, but doesn’t have any relation or connection with the people who live in there.

So, next time when you plan to redecorate your room or your home, don’t rush in finishing up soon. think about the function and purpose of each room. Once you figure out this then move on to adding your own style and decor to it. You will no doubt feel happier and more comfortable in the space as a result.

Happy Redesigning & Redecorating!

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