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Business Truth About Creative Business That No One Shares.

Mayur Gori - November 20, 2020 - 11 comments

What Are The Creative Business Truth That No One Talks About And Why?




Truth no one talks about creative business. GPD. Interior Design. Home Decor.

Truth No One Talks About Creative Business.

I believe all the creative business minds have their own kind of battles going on within them before they embark on their journey. But from outside, they all fight with these two common enemies. Those are!

Too many ideas and thoughts, but no business sense whatsoever.

I still remember talking to my elder brother about having a zero clue when I was starting my Interior Design Business, back in 2013. And I had just finished my diploma course in Interior Designing few months prior to that.

But, all the documentation process felt like a bonkers to me. And I thought to myself that I must have an IQ of an executive or a business background. Or those friends with big pockets or a bigger contact list. Right?

Being a creative person I have a gift of imagination. And, in this situation my imagination ran super wild. All I could think was some bigger problems which didn’t even exist at that time.

Should I make a Website? Holy S*&%, do I even know how to make one? Surviving through my school years in math wasn’t enough? Do I need to visit a lawyer or a consultant? But I have heard they charge bomb, and I am just starting.

Approaching people directly seems a good idea. But do I have projects to show them?

While all that I envisioned in those days appeared to be an entangled torment in my life. I told myself that you need this and you’re doing it. What’s more, if others can do it then unquestionably I could do it too. Be that as it may, I approached everything slowly and carefully in light of the fact that my mind couldn’t deal with an excess of progress immediately.

Now that I think back, I’ve been doing business for seven years. But the s@^# that I have to deal with today is no match for the sh@$ I was worried seven years back. And I just wish that is what I stressed over at this point.

Be that as it may, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t learn my lessons and took risk. Along these lines, here’s the unpolished truth about the stuff to grow a creative business.


The 7 Dirty Words No One Talks About.

 1. A Business Can Be Scrappy. But, Success Comes To Those Who Work:

Starting a new business will require you to “figure things out as you go.” Most successful companies today started out very scrappy, and from scratch.

The number one lesson that I have learned as an entrepreneur, is every single time that I put in work, I get a proportional amount of results and successes from that work.  The more work that I put in, the more success that occurs in my life, the more happy coincidences occur, and the more I realize that I achieve.

2. Plans Aren’t The Most Important Thing:

You cannot plan everything and know that everything will just workout as you’ve planned. Yes planning is required, but that’s not it. If you keep planning and thing may shift according to situation then your plan may not work at that time. Be adaptable instead and flexible enough so that you can be prepared for any contingencies.

3. How To Set Goals? Hard Work Pays:

Goals keep you accountable, as well as align everyone on your team. The last thing you want as a business owner is for your team to have different motivations that contradict (or compete with) one another. Learn to set your core goal as organization and work towards the same goal as a team. (Each day)

4. Marketing In The 21st Century. Sales Is An Important Skill To Learn:

Learning a skill of marketing will not just help you grow your business, but it will help you convey your ideas, products and services across your potential client. This just doesn’t help you learn to “sell,” but lets you present yourself in such way that will make people interested in listening to you, and that is an essential skill not just as an entrepreneur, but in life too.

5. How To Be Creative? Plan, Set, Repeat:

Like the above skill of marketing this one cannot be taught by anyone. It is an individual pursuit. It mainly being beyond average. Stepping out of that comfort zone. Giving a unique perspective to any problems. And to do that, one must have clear goal. Plan on how you want to deliver your creativity, set methods to achieve them, and keep repeating until you master it.

6. Consistency And Frequency Are Your Best Friends:

If you aren’t consistent and frequent about your pursuit to success, it is going to be extremely difficult for you to achieve the things that you want to achieve in your life. Know that they are your best friends and they play a huge role in your success and taking you ahead in life.

7. Risk-taking. Success Is Ever Evolving:

Running a business means failing, a lot. Entrepreneurship is about taking risk. It involves thinking outside the box and creating an unconventional path. And walking on this path, will lead you to your journey of success.


You have to face challenges.

No business endures except if you face challenges. Some of the time the risk is involved in beginning the business while in other occasions, it implies rotating when you see the market moving.

There’s not much stability, or security about developing your own business. The biggest challenge of all is that you have to be realistic. But we creative people are bit different. Who am I lying to. Creatives are hell different than the rest. They hate being realistic. We like to be in our own world, where there is no stress of any kind. Whereas real world sucks at times or most of the times.

Starting your own creative business will not get you returns even for lease and nourishment, however you can still fix this. I began my Interior Design business after I almost tried seven other types of career choices and failed miserably. No one was with me at that time to support my idea of pursuing this career for very obvious reasons. But this time I had made up my mind and I knew I could do this.

I am not suggesting that you do the same. Quit what you’re doing and get on with it and start making consistent money out of it. No! That occurs once in a while. You need an arrangement for how you will acquire consistent income until your business is getting a cash flow.

You might have to work extra hours. Overtime. You might want to take up two jobs, so that you know at least your basic survival is taken care of. Having your own business might sound very glamorous and it is but only if you put the hard work it demands. and most of us aren’t willing to put that to test.

You will have to spend incalculable (unpaid) hours taking the necessary steps to make it fruitful. When you recognize that business building is a genuine effort, you can move your mentality. You will experience many obstacles en route, however on the off chance that you truly have faith in your business, you’re prepared for the test.

Fear is always going to be there. But you have to make your own agreement with it.

I face some fear each day in my business. Many times fear sips in so deep that it gets hold of you entirely and that leads to judgments, judgments of doubt, anxiety and incompetence.

Most creative people are loners and introverts. What we create is way too personal to us and revealing its process and method always beats us hard. I imagine the hardest part after any project completion is to share our soul with the world.

At the point when we hit a grand slam, we’ll share that with the world, however meanwhile, we’re splendidly substance to stow away in the shadows communicating our inventive thoughts in our own specific manners since it’s unquestionably too crowded out there.

Include the duties of imparting your business to the world so you can really get paid? Damn. That can be considerably more challenging than the early morning alarm itself. What’s more, is that your fears are constantly dangling around your shoulders and you still have to make your peace with it. At that point you pull up your brave socks and do what you need to.

The more you collide with your fears and doubts, the more certainty you’ll discover to complete the task.

Like it or not you’re the BOSS.

Being a boss may not be your style or choice. However, you need to set aside the effort to wear your boss coat each damn day. You, the BOSS, are responsible for settling on the major choices about your organization, administering the activities, dealing with the assets and resources, and an individual who knows everything that a designer should know.

You need to set schedules for ordinary business errands, and if that implies putting it on your To-Do list until it turns into a habit, then please do it.

Whatever your personal goals are make sure you take project keeping those goals in mind. Even reject a project if you have to by keeping that ultimate goal of yours in mind.

Things just doesn’t end there though. As you grow you will have to hire people for help. So to make them easy to understand the process of the organization, start documenting your process, so it’s easier for anyone you hire to see how you like it done.

While you may not like being called BOSS, it being very bossy title, consider yourself anything you desire. Yet be the chief and never back down from taking up any responsibility and the consequences that will follow and how they will leave the impact on your organization and your people.

You need to realize what the hell that you’re selling.

If we don’t know what is that we’re offering, we won’t know who needs it. Isn’t it?

Being a creative person or a designer we get to sell an experience to people and not some gadget or a product. We are selling something which is intangible. It isn’t a product that we are selling, we are selling something which is more valuable than just a material possession.

On the off chance that your clients needed the simple, soulless designs, then they aren’t your client and you are not the designer. Hear me… You aren’t.

Until your offer or services do not serve your clients emotion as well as their physical requirement. You will never have cream customer list. These days everyone is searching and are okay with whatever gets them through the night. You must find your soul and niche.

You need to KNOW who your client is completely.

An excessive number of creatives think their client is an individual that is a specific age that lives anyplace on the planet. They aren’t.

The Fashion designer won’t market to the individuals who don’t wear designer cloths. The potter won’t offer to the individual who do not bother having a cup of coffee in a mug or a cup. and the speaker won’t market to the single man/woman.

Too many creatives are concerned that being specific will chock the clients flow. Whereas the truth of the matter is if you be specific you know your niche and that what gets you ahead.

You need to know who needs what you’re selling. That implies do the research. Make sense of what your client’s life resembles and how you can turn into a piece of their life. For what reason would they have to know what your identity is, and how might you carry an incentive to their life?

Snitches gets stitches.

Its their race and not yours. Know with whom you’re competing. Its a health habit. But do not become a spectator while observing your competitors.

Do your own kind of research, and see what information you can gather about the market, and proceed to the immediate next stage. Your next subsequent step should be developing your business, but if you get all sucked up in keeping both the eyes on your competitors, you’re not in the game. You become the game instead.

Know about your competitors moves but make sure you make yours first.

You need to advertise your inventive business.

It always been hard for me to market myself. Being an introvert, I never knew how to approach the idea of marketing myself.

But, then i realized I wanted to do this and I am in it to win it. Do whatever you have to do to sail your boat. Hire some professional if your pocket allows or maybe learn yourself the skill of marketing. I did the latter.

Advertising your business is the main way you can gain cash and popularity for your specialty. Be that as it may, showcasing doesn’t need to be always disgusting or shabby. Re frame what you thought promoting was and rather take a larger view at it as sharing your work.

Obviously, not all of them will love your work but who is the judge here? Do it for them, who loves and cherishes the stuff that you do, share for them.

What’s more is that don’t get hindered in the horse crap that the masters sell you. You don’t need to be on each stage, and you positively don’t have to feel compelled to turn into a slave machine working. Try every possible thing which get you front of people.

Know your purpose.

In life we may like many things but we cannot make career out of everything that we like. Agreed? So have a purpose that serves well to you and to others around you. If you follow your purpose then it will get you your bread and butter.

You may want to follow others to find your purpose but that doesn’t mean you copy their work. That isn’t going to help you either.

There is never an easy road to success in life. Take the high road and leave the trails. To be successful, requires lot of hard work, sweat, passion and lots and lots of self motivation to stick with it.

Every Business has to have boundaries.

In business there are people who to run over you, make your life miserable. You thought you trust them and then they break your trust.

These days, we don’t even let our dog take us for granted. Even though we have a relationship with them. Then why do we let our client take us for granted. Maintain professional status quo.

The money is never worth sacrificing your ethics and morals.

Numbers matter regardless of whether you Like the math or not.

Dealing with your business cash is so significant. Try not to blend your own and business reserves. Track how you bring in your cash. Pay your expenses regardless of whether you realize that the administration will squander it on some dumb thing.

You should likewise follow your business measurements like what number of supporters you have via web-based networking media, your business change rate, your salary, your site traffic, the hours you work… like track everything.

One, you’ll get intriguing data to direct you with regards to your business. Two, you’ll have the option to see your development and afterward feel glad about how far you’ve come.

To know how to go about your business. Click here!

Being a creative person and things that I had to go through my journey into this Interior Design Business, I wanted you to have an idea about what goes in and out. Because, whatever I have tried to convey here, has only one intention behind it. And that is, that you know about the mistakes I have committed and do not repeat them.

Glad to be of some help. Until next time!

Happy Creativity.

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