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15 ultimate Interior Decor Hacks

HACKS! Who doesn’t like’em? If a one hour job can be finished within 20 minutes with the same result applying a super hack saving 40minutes of time, then who wouldn’t like that? Hold your horses though. The hacks that I am about to give you still needs that 20 minutes of efforts.

There is no hack or a backdoor to reduce that 20 minutes down to 10, or make it even more easier than that. I hope we both agree there or we might have some problems moving ahead.

Hacks are like those friend which may not meet you everyday, but when they meet they make sure they make up for the entire time they missed out with you. They come, and literally sweep the ground off of your feet just like that.

Mostly these hacks are either produced by an extremely talented and disciplined person or someone like me, who is too lazy to do stuff, and somehow find a way to finish them early. I hope you are not the later one. :p

These hacks will not just help you stay tidy, but they promise to keep you safe, clean, joyful and much much more.

I have synchronized top 15 Interior Decor hacks that will change your life, and make your Interior space more breathable too. Do not forget to give me a cheer if any of them make a difference to your life. Let’s begin then. . .


Top 15 Interior Decor Hacks

  1. De-clutter Your Countertops
  2. Use shelves In Your Home
  3. Hide Those Electronic Cords
  4. Tagged Storage bins
  5. Have a Collage Wall
  6. First Impression
  7. Go minimal
  8. You Can Have A Junk Drawer Though
  9. Keep Things Tidy
  10. Let There Be Some Linen
  11. Go Paperless
  12. Labeled Pantry
  13. Use Huge Art Pieces
  14. Throw Away Throw Pillows
  15. Smaller The Better


♣ 1 De-Clutter Your Countertops:

Wondering? Even after doing a thorough de-cluttering of your home it still looks messy? It is all because of your messy countertop. How?

Countertops are usually places which have wider surfaces, and they are the most visible spaces to your eyes. Keep them messy and unorganized and see your space turn into misery pretty soon.

To see the difference first try to develop a habit of keeping things back to their already assigned places. If you develop this habit you will never need and quick fix or hacks ever in your life for sure. But if you’re exactly like me then I’d suggest you start with your countertops first.

This will result in satisfaction and motivate you to keep it that way.

♣ 2 Use Shelves In Your Home:

Shelves are space saving, easy to access and they add great deal of your personality to it. Although they add appeal to your space, but with that they add function.

Shelving forces you to keep it organized because of its nature. The best thing about shelves are they come in wide range of material and sizes. You can exactly have a particular shelf for a specific requirement. Metal, wood, plastic and so on.

They help you add elements on the wall and it makes the space and wall look complete. They need not be always filled with stuff, but they shouldn’t be empty either.

♣ 3 Cable Cable Everywhere:

Often you have seen and definitely experienced too that our electrical cords are always hanging out. You may get tired but they never seem to get tired of hanging. You try your best to ignore them too, but one soon enough they give you the pain that no one else can give you.

That pain is untying them all to get the one cord out. I know it still hurts.

So now you have to decide whether you want to continue with this pain or do something about it. If you chose to live with it, I wish you luck. You will need it. And if you have decide to change, I still wish you luck with some joy too.

These are some ingenious ways #DIY to hide them.

♣ 4 TAG, TAG And TAG Your Bins:

Okay! So if possible have all the bins replaced and have them uniform. Why? This is more of a design hack that creates uniformity inside a particular space. But if that is not possible, it is still okay. I have got one more trick up my sleeves to share.

Tag your bins. Just tag’em! I know this one is very much possible and doable. This will help you create a habit in you to throw your laundry into a laundry bin, and your books into the bin of books.

When you are in a hurry chances are there, that you might throw each one of them into different bins. You may not realize then, but when you do it is going to be too late to say, or do anything about it.

With this one hack you develop not one or two but three things. Symmetry, neatness and discipline.

♣ 5 Wall Of Fame:

This one is tricky but super fun and thrill when done. Having a picture all around house makes a space look cluttered. Instead have them hanged on a wall in an organized fashion.

This will create an impactful wall and by organizing them into a perfect way creates a pattern.

This will help the space look neat, tidy and clean.

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♣ 6 First Impression:

This one is a deal breaker. Like every other thing in our lives this too has similar impact of first impression to our home spaces. Your entry way gives the first impression of what to expect from your house to your guest. Make sure it makes a statement.

Try having a good fresh fragrances at the entry. Smell of freshness adds extra point to your neatness. Do not forget the witty Doormats. 😉

♣ 7 Go Minimal:

I will never get tired of saying this again and again, by not going minimal on this at all. This is the best way to stay tidy and de-cluttered.

By minimal I didn’t mean to just throw away everything that you see inside your space. NO! By minimal I meant throw away things that are not useful to you, and make sure you stop overbuying.

This will help you stay content first and will definitely go long way into keeping your space tidy and free of any unnecessary junk.

♣ 8 Drawer Filled With Junk:

Everyone is messy in their lives. Some are outwards and some of us are inwards. The ones who are inward I will need a new blog for them but right now I can talk about the ones who are outwardly messy.

Do not tell anyone if you want, but you too can have a junk drawer. What does this junk drawer do? This drawer lets you keep your things which are precious to you or the things that you cannot let go of. You can have it in there.

♣ 9 Keep Things Tidy:

I know I know this is something even your mom have been telling you since your childhood. But I promise, your MUM didn’t ask me to tell you this. HONESTLY!

But if you’d have listened to her back then, then you wouldn’t be here. Instead you’d be writing something about hacks and I’d be reading it. Right? You still can do that though. Keep at it!

Try to keep it tidy. If you take something, try to put it back at its place. When you finish it, replace it. If its a garbage, trash it.

♣ 10 Let There Be Linen:

Linen is something which just doesn’t give you good airflow, but it provides comfort. Linen is the kind of material which makes things look royal when you wrap them with it.

Try having linen sheets and pillow covers for your bedroom. Have an open shelves for them so they remind you of how essential they are. This will help you determine about the ones which aren’t that essential.

♣ 11 Go Paperless:

I know this is something we all need to address ourselves in our life. Its a subject of concern. We might not had this opportunity few years back, but we have it now.

We can opt for digital version of our bills and do our bit to save this planet. Save companies form tearing those trees off the ground. This will not make any difference to your life, but it will make a huge impact on our Eco system.

That is not it. If you have less bills and paper to manage it would help you de-clutter less of the mess. It saves time too other than just PLANET!

♣ 12 Labeled Pantry:

First and foremost advantage of labeling is that you will save lot of time when you’re in the pantry and when you aren’t. Anyone who is going to use the pantry in your absence will not have call you again and again and ask for the ingredients that he or she may require.

It keeps things organized and it eases the stress of reorganizing too.

♣ 13 Huge Art Pieces:

Earlier we talked about having a wall where you have collage pictures. But you mostly do that to your living room wall. Having only a huge art piece on a wall creates drama. Which is required mostly inside your bedroom.

Try to place a huge art on any wall of your bedroom to create that drama inside a room. It rids the feeling of clutter too. Find a balance between both and go for it.

♣ 14 Throw Away Throw Pillows:

Too many flat pillow may create drama but they inevitably create clutter too. Having only two bigger pillow not only gives the feeling of more space but they are comfortable too. It gives the feeling of clean and serene.

Decor is not only about making things beautiful, it is about making them comfortable too.

♣ 15 Smaller The Better:

Being into this industry I have often seen people using larger than life plants inside their houses stating I love nature. First I never get this love which they have for plants which is growing inside their house. After it has grown too much they get rid of it saying its to big. SHAME!

Is this what you call love for nature?

Instead have small planters. They do not occupy much space and works exactly the way bigger ones work. Try having different plants for different purpose, but please get rid of those huge plants which are not suitable for Interior space.


I hope my top 15 list of ultimate Interior Decor hacks help you find a balanced decor of your own, and help you lead a healthy, neat and tidy life ahead. If you have anything to share or if you have a hack of your own please write in to us. We’d love to hear them.

Keep in touch! Take Care

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