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Mayur Gori - May 1, 2020 - 2 comments



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Palaces, Mansion or Forts are all beyond luxury these days. You have to be ultra super duper rich to be able to live in them. Why am I talking about this? You and I, we both know that today we get so small spaces to live in for such a hefty amount. But let that space be any small space, we still call it “A HOME” – And no matter how small it maybe we want it to look as much bigger as it can, with all the best designs, colors and furniture’s we can use.

It gets really tricky, and there’s usually at least one room in our homes that needs a helping hand to look and feel larger than it already is – which room are you thinking about right now?!

My only aim of writing this article is to help you guys achieve that with the room you were thinking about. Allow me to share few tricks that can help you make your room look bigger. Follow along and keep that focus steady.

So – without further ado, here it is – hope you enjoy!…

My favorite tips from this (and of my own as well!) are as follows: –

#1 – Use Multi-Functional Furniture:

Convertible Furniture. GPD. INterior Designing. Home Decor.  Convertible Furniture. GPD. INterior Designing. Home Decor.  Convertible Furniture. GPD. INterior Designing. Home Decor.  Convertible Furniture. GPD. INterior Designing. Home Decor.

I love to make every item of furniture in a room work as hard as it can for me. Furniture is large and therefore takes up lots of room in a space, it’s only right that it does as much as possible to earn that position!

Why not look items that have hidden storage, or items that have double use such as a service counter that turns into a breakfast ledge or a coffee table that turns into a dining table?! – the list is endless, but you can find some great inventions in the shops now that will make the most of every square inch.

#2 – Airy Furniture’s Helps Your Floor Show:

One GREAT trick for making a room seem larger is to show as much of the floor as possible.

Simply-Zen-Furniture-island-GPD-InteriorDesigning.  Simply-Zen-Furniture-island-GPD-InteriorDesigning.

Our brain makes the assumption that more floor space means a bigger room. That’s science. So anything that lets you see more of the floor area works definitely in your favor. Having your furniture raised on legs (or even wall mounted) is a great way to make the room feel larger, because your eye can see all the way to the edge of the room, rather than being stopped by the edge of the furniture item.

“Leggy” furniture also tends to look less bulky which helps to make the room look less crowded.

Things that work really well for this are bathroom cabinets, sinks, chests of drawers and beds – but any furniture will make a difference.

#3 – Use The Same Floor Throughout:

If you have different flooring from room to room, the eye stops at the doorway.

This is because there is a clear line between the rooms, and so it stops the room there when you are looking around.

If, however, you have the same floor throughout, then the eye won’t stop short at the door. It will keep going and the room will automatically feel larger as a result.

#4 –

#5 – Keep It Clutter Free:


Of course I would mention clutter!

The more bits and bobs you have around the room, the less spacious it will feel.

Let the room breathe, and only have what you really need to have on show.

Usually less is very definitely more in a smaller room…

#6 –

  Furniture-GPD-Interior Designing-Home Decor



Similar to windows, mirrors help to make a small room look bigger by expanding what you see. Take advantage of the view and the natural light.

If you can also reflect the light from a chandelier or other light fixture in the mirror, you’ll get a double impact…more of a view and more light in the room.

We glued mirrors on to the front of a wardrobe door in this bedroom where it does double duty.

It Expands the vision of the room and helps a person get ready.

#7 – Hang Curtains Close to the Ceiling

GPD-Interior Designing-Home Decor-Curtain

Hanging curtains close to the ceiling makes the walls and windows look taller.

In a small space, increasing the “volume” by making the ceiling feel higher will also help to make the room feel bigger.

I use this trick in pretty much every project @ GPD. I think the curtains look better this way even in larger rooms.

#8 – Make Windows A Focal Point

GPD-Interior Desgning-Home Decor-Curtains-Couch

Lots of windows make a room feel bigger because the view through the window gets included in the room space.

Not all rooms have such dramatic windows as this loft, but make sure the ones you do have are part of the focal point.

In this case, the windows are pretty dramatic on their own, but the large silver curved floor lamp repeats the same shape and draws even more attention to them.

I hope these tips have helped you think about what you could do to the smaller rooms in your home to make them feel more spacious and if you have any tips of your own to add then please leave a comment below – thanks in advance!

Let your space BREATH! 🙂

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