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What to Start Before You Start An Interior Design Project?

Mayur Gori - February 26, 2020 - 1 comment

What to Start Before You Start An Interior Design Project?

How many times did this happens in your life, that you planned something, but you never really planned about how to go about the original plan/project and work towards progress? To give you an example, suppose your goal was to lose 10 pounds (4.54 kg) and you planned on how to lose 10 pounds (4.54 kg) of weight in desired amount of time. Correct? But, did you plan about how will you execute that plan? Like your diet, your workout routine, your sleep schedule. You didn’t. Right? And then you complain that you aren’t getting desired results.

Now how making a plan for your plans, before you start any project can help? This helps tremendously well and it keeps you motivated and focused too. Technically, you become inclusive in the process. I had this weird habit of pushing things on tomorrow and to my surprise that tomorrow never came. And, it always postponed onto tomorrow. Starting before you start, is as important as the process itself.

It is like a kick-start to the project and to your process. A motionless or a still car has everything in it while it is immobile. But, it doesn’t start moving by itself. Does it? It requires a key to get started. You need to have that key for your every project or for everything that you do in your life. If you do not have that key no matter how beautiful and attractive your car looks but it is going to be of no use.

Allow me to help you find that key which can help you kick-start your motor/project and get moving with your car /project. And, that too with ease. Like an AI (Artificial Intelligence) car.

Collect A to Z data:

We are always in a rush to finish things in hurry as if we are in some kind of race. And in that haste we always forget one thing or the other. That is why they say “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” Next time when you have project in hand, please try to gather all the details. Write those details down and make a checklist of it. Start doing things as per your checklist and you won’t miss a thing ever in your life again. And, that checklist might look something like below.

– Measurement layouts (Floor plan)

– Elevation measurements (columns, beams, window lintel, duct area, Sunk area. Etc.)

– Photographs of the project site. (Take picture of your project, so that even if you forget any detail (though you shouldn’t), your pictures will save you time to go and visit again. Later, you can have a before and after pictures as well. Make sure you take pictures from the correct angles and for each room.)

– Door positions and sizes. And so on.

Ask and you shall receive:

I hope that you know designing a project is not an easy job. It is a lengthy process which doesn’t just consume your time, but it consumes your energy and skills. So, before you start with your great plan of designing, ask questions to your clients, for whom you are designing a project. Make a list of questions related to designing. Why? Because, that will help you design more precisely and accurately.

To find a questionnaire that we use at Green Pen Decor, you can visit this link.

First things first:

Great design is not which is complex but which is simple yet sophisticated. How do you make complicated things simple? You lay a progressive plan which is simple. If you know what you’re working on, you know the plans too. One comes before two and two comes before three and so on. You just have to know your numbers that is all. So to be utterly honest, it will be as simple as the numbers itself.

Mistakes committed in your past regarding your work, take lessons from those mistakes and try not to repeat them. One of my major mistake while working on a project which I’d like to share was, I forgot to provide an air-condition drainage pipe before our flooring was being done. And, then I had to struggle to get it rectified. Knowing I cannot remove the flooring again. Always know your workflow and try avoiding conjunctions. If you don’t keep track of it, then it would start leaking. And, trust me it does. Real bad!

Pay a visit:

Once you are through with all the process of planning, taking pictures, making layouts of your ongoing project. Take all of it and pay a visit on your project site. Take photocopy of each and every detail, which needs to be addressed either to your client or to the workers. Explain all the details to your client as well as to your workers. And, then stick those detailed project photocopies on the respective places. Once they are on walls, everyone knows that when someone new or even an old person enters the picture, nobody needs to bother each other again and again to explain them. Those Photo copies and pictures should explain everything. It will not just save you time, but a lot of other headaches too.

Once you start working according to these plans on your project as we do, things will get far easier and fun for you. You would enjoy more at work and things will get eased out automatically in your project. Well it certainly did for us, and we know it would workout for you as well.

Anything that you might follow apart from these things and which helps you make your work life flow with ease and fun, please do share it with the world. After all we all learn from each other.

Thank you stopping by.

You seem nice. Let’s keep in touch!

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